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OK. This particular setup is for yet another session that didn't happen. Sometime after Jeremy stopped showing up I had a talk with an acquaitance at church, David Peacock. It turns out that he had been an avid Magic: The Gathering fan when he was in high school, so we had some common ground. A couple of phone calls and he had agreed to game. But, I have not seen him in sometime.

Anyway, again. Whatever you can use you are free to take…

This scenario will start in 69-Z, at the village of Bryn. Bryn has been marked on one of my maps, but I do not believe it was ever used. It will be used here.
David’s character is a young member of the village. The wisdom of the town is an older herbalist (12th level) whose name is Naerin. She is 52 years old and has been the wisdom here in Bryn since she was 23. She is of the non-magical type of course, but her skill with herbs is very good. Naerin has a herbalist (13th level) friend in the mountains to the west of the village. His name is Ettman.
Another young member of the village is Wirt (1st level fighter). Naerin will call both Wirt and David to her in order for her to ask them to to a favor for her. David’s character knows of Wirt but has never really interacted with him.
Wirt and David are to journey west to see Ettman. They are to take a small package of herbs that Naerin has for them, give them to Ettman and then ask him for items on a list that Naerin gives them. They are then to return with those items. The journey is expected to take three days going and three days back.
This is the essential core of the adventure. Naerin has chosen them because she knows that both of them have explored to the west on their own “adventures” and the usual errand boys that she would send have gone north for other reasons.

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