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My view/resolution on unresolved/unplayed sessions

PostPosted: 10 May 2009, 11:18
by The Keeper
I was asked by my friend Matt once what the state of Kell was and what ultimately was the fate of former PCs and NPCs. It wasn't his question, but came from my other friend Dave and he was relaying it.

I had NEVER considered the question because in my mind anytime a session ends the scenario is simply frozen at that exact point. Real world time and distance from that playing point are irrelevant. You simply come back and pick up where you left off (if you play again). Which was one of the ideas behind my logging session notes – so I'd know where I had left off.

So, that was my answer. Now, the way I have designed my RPG world view, different timelines can occur. So it is entirely possible to repurpose old content and old characters and then go off in new directions and different paths. But the ONE ORIGINAL IS NOT ALTERED.

I don't belive in creating something for PCs (or the NPCs that the PCs care about), either good or bad that does not involve original input from the players or at least their permission/approval after asking.

So, until picked up, the last played sessions posted here are frozen in time (in that timeline).

Re: My view/resolution on unresolved/unplayed sessions

PostPosted: 20 Aug 2017, 12:09
by The Keeper
There is now one particular exception to this.

In light of events between me and a friend in November 2011, said friend's final character sheet sent to me stands as the de facto stats of that character at this time.

Whatever my old friend may or may not do with that character in other games is entirely his decision to make but in regards to my world(s) that character is now officially an NPC fully under my control.