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PostPosted: 31 Oct 2010, 13:31
by The Keeper
The following are some really horrible notes. Not sure what was going on when I wrote them, but they are very sparse. However, as usual if you can use anything, you are welcome to it.

Petzel Island

Matthew and Eric's Tests

This test will be signifigantly different then the one that Nander took. As they enter the small portal they will find themselves living the realization of their most intimate desire. As they go deeper into this waking dream they will notice a small portal waiting for them. If the player decides that his character's desire is to take the training more than this, allow the character a RR at his level, plus his SD bonus. If the character makes it he is able to enter the portal and return. If not that character is lost to the portal forever.

First Training

Natoth will be sending the party to a small islet to the southwest of the island. This is a short ten-minute trip by small sailboat. The party is looking for: Rud-tekma/h-J-6/Fruit
This small islet has a small beach and a thick jungle. There is a small, abandoned temple in the middle of the jungle. A small stream provides fresh-water from an underground spring (on the south side), culminating in a waterfall. The waterfall is inside a 75 foot crater.
The group has been told what they are looking for. They will be told to conduct their search for the bottom two herbs at the rim of the crater. The Rud-tekma can be found on a tree in the courtyard of the abandoned temple. They are to bring back as much as they can find and carry.
See accompanying notes for C&T.

Hethan the Imperial governor
Gillian the town
Wirt the town drunk
Pepin the town elder
Oswald the town healer
Grimm the town blacksmith