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Opposed Rolls

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2010, 11:58
by The Keeper
I have copied this over from the discussion area on the private FB page.

RM2E has a lot of skills. Most often they conflict. Example, Stalk/Hide and Perception. I don't care for the rules in the Companion that cover that example and there are no other rules for opposed skill rolls – so I'm making one up.

If you are making a skill roll, resolve as normal, but subtract the skill bonus of your opponent who may be opposing you with a skill. Break 101 as normal, you succeed.
If both you and your opponent are engaged in this at the same time, both of you apply the bonus of the other person's skill as a negative to your skill roll.
One of you will fail. However, in instances where both of you succeed (rare) then the actual rolls will be compared. High roll wins.

I am going to implement this. But your comments are welcome and I will take anything you have to say in to consideration.