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Host and Database Issues

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Host and Database Issues

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 14 Aug 2008, 12:27

Ok. If you have missed the forums, here's what happened.

Last week I find out that phpBB 3 has an update. 2 versions. So I backup the entire database and install the first update. Problems. So, I try installing the second update. No joy. So, I think okay, we'll just wipe and do a fresh install as I have the database backed up. So, now I'm having file deletion issues on a Friday. Allright, it will wait until Monday. Monday I come in and I can't connect. Turns out, my freehost was migrating it's servers. No connecting for a few days. Until the 13th of August to be exact. All of my files are gone. So, I decide, screw it I'll try the fresh install. Well, it's not taking files. I don't know where one of my subdomains went and other problems.

Ok, so I decide to create a test subdomain. Voila, a new folder in my root folder with an htdocs folder (which is what byethost uses). Hmmmmmm. So I delete the test subdomain and create an htdocs folder inside my root folder. I then upload files. Guess that was the problem, because it took. Delete the SQL database for the forums, create a new SQL database for the forums and now I can reinstall the forums. So, finally, it's all working so I go to restore my database. Problems. Now I can't login as site admin. Login as my other user. Can't logout. OK, see what phpbb.com has to say about this. Flush the cache and no joy. Allright, someone mentioned an update databse. That makes sense, considering I just updated from 3.0 to 3.0.2. Bam! It works. Everything back to semi-normal. As you can see my logo is gone, and I had to update my avatar and replace a PDF. But it's all working again.

Backup people! Wow, what a mess.....

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