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New Rolemaster

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2012, 09:13
by The Keeper
Iron Crown Enterprises has been working on a new edition of Rolemaster for a while. If you weren't aware, ICE was bought out some time in 2010-11. They have been going through an extensive reorganization. Part of that has been contacting the authors of many of the old books. The idea behind that is to reformat and reconcile at lot of the past gaming materials. In doing this, ICE has consolidated the various editions of the game into one master RM new edition.

Right now that edition is in beta testing. You can get free copys of the PDFs for play testing if you like. I cannot link to them here because part of the agreement is that you register on their site and go and download them yourself. That does require registering at their forums.

Go to and click on the link for their forums. Register (if you are not already a user). Once you register and login you will see the playtesting forum. The available PDFs for download will be in those forums.