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Future Upgrades

PostPosted: 14 Sep 2010, 15:36
by The Keeper
The current version of these forums is 3.0.7-PL1 (as of Sept. 14th, 2010). I am bringing this up now because I would like to open discussion about the future of the forums once a new phpBB version is released. The next version is going to be a complete redesign of things from what I understand. As the transition from phpBB2 to phpBB3 was a complete and utter nightmare my natural inclination right now is to stay at this version. I've got a lot of mods installed and I'm pretty much sure that if I try to update to the new version whenever it might be released it's just going to hose everything.

So. Should we stay at this version or should I attempt conversion when the new version is released and hope that things work and that my mods will also have updates?

Re: Future Upgrades

PostPosted: 25 Jun 2013, 08:53
by The Keeper
Decision made. As of June 25, 2013 we will NOT be upgrading or updating. I have too much invested to lose it all (and it was work to get back what I have right now).

So…think of these forums as stuck in time. Just like we roleplay Rolemaster in a particular time and place, so shall these forums be.

That is all!