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Rolemaster 2nd Edition in Phoenix, AZ

Postby The Keeper » 20 Mar 2008, 13:43

I have also posted this in the Iron Crown forums. I was gaming with someone for a short while, but that fell through.

I'm looking for any gamers out there in the Phoenix area (or close to Phoenix). I play Rolemaster 2nd Edition and am interested in getting together with anyone that shares that interest or would like to. I'm comfortable with either running the game, or playing.

Some details:

I've been gaming since 1983 when I was 13. That makes me 37 now, so I am looking for anyone in the age range of 25+. I started playing Rolemaster in 1995. I moved to Arizona in 2000 and have found it very hard to find anyone out here who plays RM, let alone 2nd Edition.

I have played (and still play): Mechwarrior (2nd Edition), Shadowrun (1st Edition), LOT5R, Werewolf: The Apocolypse, Call of Cthulu, Spacemaster, AD&D (1st and 2nd Editions), D&D (d20), and probably some others I've forgotten about.

I don't have a group (one person would not game with me if I did not have a group), which is why I'm looking. I don't mind joining a group. I don't mind playing other games.

I'm married and I have a four-year old (and one on the way). I have no problems gaming with others who have kids. Kids are cool, but my wife has her hands full with the one we have, so other kids in the house while gaming is not possible.

Location: I'll go as far as Goodyear or Tempe. Scottsdale is negotiable, but Mesa is just too far. Play at my house or yours, doesn't matter.

Time: I'm only available on one day. Either a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. A timeframe is negotiable, but my preference is 6pm to 11pm. If I go any earlier I only get four hours and not five. Sunday evening is my preferred time.

If you are still with me and interested, send me an email at eyoungren@yahoo.com

I apologize if this post sounds arrogant or demanding, but I'm covering the issues I have had in the past and it's only fair to both of us that you and I both know things up front.


EDIT [10.22.2010]: Just updating this as I am still looking for players. I have been gaming via Skype with an old friend for some time now. Lately it seems to have tapered off for a variety of reasons. Another old friend has moved in to the area however and will be physically present to play at some point in time. Still, I'd like to add to this as if everything comes together it would still only be three people playing at once. If you are interested, email me. eyoungren@yahoo.com.
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