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Hello! My name is Erik Youngren. The Wandering Monk Rolemaster Forums are my site. Welcome!

About me
I started gaming in late 1983. I made up my own game and ran some of my school friends through this elaborate dungeon I had created with traps. It was fantastical, illogical and completely predictable but we had fun. At least, anyway, until characters started dying based solely on my say so. Eventually that kind of broke up and I was left wondering what else was out there. Well apparently a friend of mine had seen all this and in September of 1984, for my 14th birthday he bought me the old Basic D&D game (the red box). We had fun with that for a couple of years until late 1986 when I was in high school. I got started on FASA's 2nd Edition Mechwarrior. It was a great game and was how I met my best friend Matt Wines. We gamed MW straight for 6 years! Our characters were elite and most nothing could touch them. Eventually though that became a drive for me to try something else. Around 1990 I picked up FASA's 2nd Edition ShadowRun. I still love the concept of that game and think that it's mechanics were the best out of all the versions. Some will accuse it of being dice happy, but hey, I have a lot of dice!

In 1992, Matt and I started gaming with some younger kids and we both got AD&D campaigns started. I had to go buy the 2nd Edition hardcovers for AD&D and realized that this was a much different beast than the Basic Set had ever been. About two years later things kind of broke up with that group and Matt and I moved on to some friends he knew. That's when I found out about Rolemaster.

Rolemaster (2nd Edition) was everything I imagined AD&D could be. And it had been there the WHOLE TIME! I devoured the books and own every one (except for the NPC bios books and the Shadow World stuff (I have my own worlds).

About the Site
On May 26th, 2005 I purchased the wanderingmonk.net domain name for phpbb2 forums I intended to set up for my friends and I. Initially the focus was solely for communicating between my friends. However, most of my friends are predisposed to traditional forms of communication so after a few months of badgering I was only able to get my best friend to register. At that point I decided to turn the forums into a repository for my gaming material. Unfortunately, due to economic circumstances I was forced to let the wanderingmonk.net domain go in early 2006.

By 2008 I was ready to try running forums again, but discovered that phpBB had moved on to version 3. So, I set that up at a freehost I found which as it turns out was not such a great place. Around November of 2008 though I did find another freehost and put my forums up. I reposted all my old stuff, but as a repository it did not see much traffic. So, on July 4, 2010 in an attempt to generate more traffic and to manage my own place I purchased the rm2e.net domain name (at the time my old domain was still held by someone else). I transferred the forums and began to really work on them and made attempts to get noticed by the search engines. I also decided to focus not just on being an information repository for my game info, but also to be a community site for discussion of RPGs and Rolemaster in particular.

Over the last year we have joined the ICE Roleplaying Webring and the Rolemaster/MERP webring. I have placed us on Iron Crown's fan page and have signed up to use Google, Yahoo, and Bing's webmaster tools. We are also currently using Google Analytics and Stat Counter. I even at one point contacted the people at Brandwatch, which is a UK speciality social media search engine and gave them permission to deep scrap the site. I even managed to get back our old domain name wanderingmonk.net. That domain name is now an alias to this one so you can use both domains interchangeably.

Our focus is to provide the gaming community with resources they can use for their adventures or gaming benefit as well as being a place to relax and discuss ideas and topics of interest with others that enjoy gaming. It is our intent to do that by continually improving this site and integrating it with the constant change of the ever evolving social media culture.