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Levels of Deity

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Levels of Deity

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 31 May 2009, 14:29

This file was my first attempt at formalizing the different levels of the godhood that I had created. The idea was to organize what these gods were capable of and the limits of their authority. It is unfinished and by no means authoritive or complete.

Levels of Diety

Saint: This is the lowest level of diety in my game. A saint may only make actions on the behalf of his god. If those actions involve a player (see GodsGame file) approval must be sought from the god before any action can be taken. Saints are constricted to the boundaries placed upon them by their god. They cannot willfully act against their god or violate those boundaries. This means that some saints are “forced” into their activity. However, those that take this track are usually not saints for very long. No god wants his workers faking the work.
Saints are made by the church; one of the most powerful clerical abilities that the gods allow their churches to have. This is beatification, or cannonization. Most gods accept whom their church wishes to make saints. However, there have been cases where those wishes have been rejected. Evil gods tend to have more saints than the good gods.
Saints have the abilities of their god and may use them within the boundaries set upon them, or on their god’s approval. God-defined boundaries often limit the amount or use of power that is available to the saint. Some gods allow their churchs to define the boundaries for saints as long as those boundaries fall within their own. Thus, some saints may be less powerful and more hindered than they ordinarily would be. Many faiths are aware of this and use these boundaries to clearly define the different duties of their saints. Often this results in many saints, each having a different but less powerful aspect of the god. A balanced sainthood will represent the entire power of a god (but usually with less power-in totality). In many cases, some churchs have appealed to the entire sainthood for salvation or use of the power in total when their god has been unresponsive. Typically, these requests end in some sort of reproach by the sainthood, since to act where the god has not already chosen to do so would overstep the sainthood’s authority. However, there have been cases where a sainthood has acted in the stead of their god because that god was unable to do so himself.
Saints may also appear only in the form and manner of which their god dictates.
The power of the saints is directly porportional to the amount of worship, but only to the amount they are permitted to have . However, this power only enables them to perform their duties better and does not give them any leverage against their god as their god has the power to take their power away completely at any time! Further, they only receive about 25 percent of the worship directed at them. Their god gets the rest, although the worshiper may not have any awareness of this.

Godling: Godlings are a step above saints. They have their own unique abilities and powers, but with limitations. To a mortal, a godling is capable of minor miracles and wonders, but this same power is the basest of cheap tricks and charlatanry to the Eldar. Their power is not signifigant enough to challenge even the Demi-gods. Also, they are reliant on the gods that gave them this power, since it can be revoked by that same god at any time.
Their power is god-given and their actions are treated as being of their god. They are NOT worshipped, and are dependent on their god TRANSFERRING power to them. Consequently, they tend to follow the wishes of their god.
So what good are they?

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