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Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 06 Sep 2010, 13:41

At one point I had a file that I was using for keeping track of the various NPCs I had created and which campaign/adventure they were involved in. With the loss of my old PC I was only able to recover this file when I managed to salvage data off of old disks I had used to transport the files for printing.

Note that the level listings here refer to RM because I put this list together at that time.

Cast of Characters

Cyr Domains (3320):
Renna KethCountess, ruler of KethshireHumanFemale
CronanCouncilman, KethshireHumanMale
AllesyResident, KethshireHumanMale
ConnorResident, KethshireHumanMale
CamResident, KethshireHumanMale
SaedranResident, KethshireElfMale
RascelResident, KethshireElfMale
Eva MartaWisdom, KethshireHumanFemaleWitch
Dhara KinlochFormer Wisdom of AirdrieHumanFemaleWitchLvl: 6
Lenore HunterWisdom, Devon RideHumanFemaleWitch
d: 3324Graham FraserProphet of KellinaHuman Male
Carlina BurkeProprietor, Snow Goose KShireHumanFemale
Bridghet ConnelWisdom, Carrick CrossingHumanFemaleWitch
Serin BonnerWisdom, AirdrieHumanFemaleWitch
Cassandra McGregorFormer Wisdom, DerryHumanFemaleWitchLvl: 14
Arrith O'DaineWarlock of DerkaarHumanMaleWrclckLvl: 50
Wyndl RohrdaRanger of Synat, DuntreiHumanMaleRangerLvl: 2
Delane BochCleric of Kellina, PerthHumanMaleClericLvl: 3
Jarek RichterCleric of Kellina, PerthHumanMaleClericLvl: 5
Briat ThamesCleric of Kellina, PerthHumanMaleClericLvl: 4
Tyric QuinnCaptain, Kethshire GuardHumanMaleFighterLvl: 7

3 Male and 4 Female council members
7 Witches (Female) in Kethshire coven (Womens Council)

Cammorian Dominion, Duchy of Perth (2901):
Father IsephSammaelite Priest, Sketh churchHumanMaleCleric
Parson ThadricSammaelite Priest, Sketh churchHumanMaleCleric
Prior BooneGenidian Knight, Sketh churchHumanMaleCavalier
KhaledManservant to Father IsephHumanMaleNo Profession
Sir DarthanGenidian Knight, Sketh churchHumanMaleCavalier
Father DomarckJubayl Priest, Shain AhnrochHumanMaleCleric
MandarbMorrind's instructor, BlackcloakHumanMaleSorcererLvl: 8
Graesyn NarLeader of the Ska'haranHumanMale
d: 2901Ruhl AltlareOrphan, Sketh churchHumanMaleBHntr.Lvl: 2
Feri MumperFence, contact-RuhlHumanMaleThiefLvl: 6
Athas SandarFarmer, former slaveHumanMaleFarmerLvl: 1
Moyra SandarFarmer, former slaveHumanFemaleFarmerLvl: 1
Byron SandarFarmer, former slaveHumanMaleFarmerLvl: 0
Katyra SandarFarmer, former slaveHumanFemaleFarmerLvl: 1
Sedron SandarFarmer, former slaveHumanFemaleFarmerLvl: 1
Martyn BrennanGypsie, former slaveHumanMaleGypsyLvl: 8
Rianna BrennanGypsie, former slaveHumanFemaleGypsyLvl: 5
Aconar BrennanGypsie, former slaveHumanMaleGypsyLvl: 1
Dar BrennanGypsie, former slaveHumanMaleGypsyLvl: 1
Dierdre BrennanGypsie, former slaveHumanFemaleGypsyLvl: 1
Conal WolfeFighter, Cyr native,HumanMaleFighterLvl: 3
[Duncun McCrae] former slave
Altan DorstadPerth native, former slaveHumanMaleNoProfLvl: 1
Donovere MinracPerth native, former slaveHumanMaleNoProfLvl: 1
d: 2901Ben KailaAtan warrioress, former slaveHumanFemaleFighterLvl: 3
Lierelle AmaraWife of Duke of ZunaiHumanFemaleNoProfLvl: 1
Kandra PecMember of the Ska'verinHumanFemaleProfLvl: 5
Ainvar DaelMember of the Ska'verin
Cleric of KellinaHumanMaleClericLvl: 3
Seannus TvarGoshen Priest, Tzankzin churchHumanMaleClericLvl: 2
Tym PuzkaiGenidian Knight, AzaelyninkarakHumanMaleCavalrLvl: 7
Prior MaxisGenidian Knight, AzaelyninkarakHumanMaleCavalrLvl: 15

Duchy of Perth (3323):

Cyril Argus

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