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Some brief notes on Karthin history.

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Some brief notes on Karthin history.

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 26 Sep 2010, 14:42

I wrote this sometime I think in 1992 or 1993. An explanation of that will follow as I have had to rewrite this back in to my files.

Note that this is early when I began to actually write some basic history for my world. Only later did I really start to organize it. Consequently you may recognize names in this history that do not, by later, more organized history, belong here. Let's just say I cleaned things up over time.

Notes on Karthin History

These are some original notes for an adventure background I had for the main campaign characters. I wrote it at the time so that I had reference material for the places the PCs would soon be going. Unfortunately I did not have long after this before the group split up and only my friend Matt was left.

The notes were helpful later on however when a new group began to adventure in this country. Note that these were originally input into Galaxy Word Processor on my old 286. Of course the file has long been lost so I am typing it back in via the hardcopy I have.

To Karthin
Brief Outline: Karthin is ruled by High Lord Jairel Corithsin. The religious ruler is Father Rylin. The capitol of Karthin is, of course, Karth, while the religious center is in Ahriel. The main deity of Karthin is Ariel, god of knowledge, a neutral brother to Kellina. The ancient spelling of his name is Ahriel, hence the city named after him.

Chief Kalkor, son of Rakar, of the Eagle clan, governs the ten Jotnar clans. They rule the lands to the south and east of L68. The clans are: Eagle, Raven, Bear, Griffon, Owl, Coyote, Wolf, Shining Tree (for their region), Dragon and Hawk. All of these clans are barbaric and constantly at war. This has had the effect of keeping their numbers relatively balanced in relation to the lands they inhabit, preventing them from spilling out away from Karthin’s borders.

Brief History
Karthin was founded in the early years of the 2nd Age of Man. The area was settled by the ancestors of Byzmir and Atana, and a smattering from the ancient cities of Karoa (now northern Ehlovar), though they came later. These ancients warred amongst themselves and against each other for several centuries, until peace could be made.

Lock Corthson, son of Corth is thought to be the first ruler of Karthin. He brought together the warring Byzmin bands and proceeded to stomp on the Atans (or Jahr as they were then known). With united strength, Locke and his people force the borders of Atana far from their own. With the territory free of Atans, Locke proclaimed himself High Lord of the people, renaming his home city Kaith, (after his first born son) and the area as Kaithin. This became the 1st Cycle (Karthinians measure periods of rule as one cycle).

There was much peace through the 2nd and 3rd Cycles. Them in the latter part of the 4th Cycle, trouble came. Nafar, father of Nekron rose to power in the country of Karoa. Expanding his empire, he came into contact with both the Jahr and the Karthinians. Fortunately, for both peoples, Nafar died rather suddenly before his campaign could get fully off the ground. He did enough damage to spur Karthin to action, however.

When Nekron wrestled the last of his power from the grasp of his father’s men, he proceeded to make war upon the Jahr. The Jahr lost much to Nekron, but exacted such a terrible price for it that Nekron could not claim what he had won. Nekron retreated to replenish men and supplies, a 16 year effort.

During this time, the 4th Cycle ended and the 5th began. Iraine, “The Lioness,” succeded her father. She had an immediate understanding of the situation to the south of Karthin. The Jahr were so broken and scattered that their only hope was to vanish altogether. Iraine had other plans for them however.

Iraine is the only outsider to ever unite the clans. She is hated and despised for it to thid day. Her unification led to the near death of all the clans, while preserving Karthin itself. Only Clan Shining Tree remains of the original clans. Interestingly enough, they are the closest to Karthin itself and the least hostile.

Iraine knew that Nekron would return to his campaign as soon as possible, with here people as Nekron’s next target. The clans were her only chance to prevent the eradication of her people and therefore they were expendable. She had a plan.

In the second year of her reign, Iraine put this plan into action. Emissaries were sent out to all the clans (Mahnaga, BloodAx, Korthos, Snapdragon, Shining Tree and others). It was coldly pointed out that unless the clans remained united, they would be quickly overrun and destroyed the next time they met Nekron in battle. Iraine was willing to help then defeat the dictator, but the clans would have to play by her rules. The emissaries began to return home in pieces.

Angered, Iraine ordered in the 3rd Guard. Clan Shining Tree bore the brunt of their invasion. Within two short weeks the clans ranks were decimated, it’s leaders captured and it’s land taken in hold. The example was set, and the other clans ignored it, until the Guard abducted the leaders of several clans. Under compulsion, the clans were forced to acquiesce to Iraine.

A tribal council was set up with each chief having a vote, much as before. The only difference was that Kaithe also had a representative. Trade between Kaithe and the clans was established and a treaty signed. Iraing would provide troops and equipment to aid the clans in their defense and the clans would remain united. The fact that Iraine never released clan Shining Tree from her grasp may had had some further motivational factor.

Iraine also put great stock in magic. She began organizing a sorcerous defense by hunting down and instructing those that were found to be magically inclined. Many of these she found among the clans, and forceably removed, given the clans racial fear of and reluctance to use magic. These apprentices were indoctrinated with the language and culture of Kith, but remained cognizant of their own heritage. The idea was to provide mages who had the skills of the civilized, but who would fight savagely and enthusiastically for the people they were being trained to defend. It worked – to a point.

When Nekron’s dogs invaded the second time, the clans were prepared. He was met by clan warriors in Kaithin armor and armed with Kaithin weapons. Backstopped by Kaithin troops and strong magic and fighting for the safety of their homes and the release of clan Shining Tree, the clan warriors slaughtered Nekron’s troops and put him on a quick defense.

Shocked at the ferocity and organized defense of the clans, Nekron played his trump card – the Atans. Desiring to see the return of lands taken by Lock Corthson the Atans swarmed onto the field and quickly turned the tide of battle to Nekron’s favor.

The clans were fought back to their common border with Kaithe. The 7th and 9th Guard were completely destroyed (to the man) and the clans did not fare much better. It was at this point that Iraine unleashed her last defense.

Girding herself for battle, Iraine engaged Nekron’s troops upon the plains of Thar. Both her escort and Nekron’s got close enough to shout insults and engaged in some minor fighting, but the flow of battle conspired against them and both escorts were separated from each other. Sensing defeat, Iraine retreated from battle.

At this point all hell broke loose. The Annals of Karthin describe it best. “Across the Jahr border did Iraine fo and her escort with her. And after this did she free the fires of heaven and death descended from Mount Thar. She stood at the border and did turn her back on clansmen and Kaithin alike and knew them no more. And the thunder rolled. There was silence from the battlefield, sabe the wounded and dying of which there were few, not having been consumed by the terror.”

Iraine’s mages had unleashed a horrible ‘last strike’ from atop Mt. Thar. The ensuing explosing destroyed the entire top of the mountain (not to mention the mages), rolled across the plain to the south and did not stop until it had hit the Jahr’s southern border. It completely destroyed any life in it’s path, consuming everything. Nekron’s forces were stopped and Nekron himself was killed in the explosion, but at a great price.

Contrary to the annals, however, Iraine was present to see the results of her order. The death and destruction broke her mentally and upon her return to Kaithe she outlawed magic completely.

The rest of the 5th Cycle was spent cleansing Kaith of “evil” magic. Those of the talent were discovered and exiled. Others practicing magic while committing a crime were more usually put to the sword.

The 6th Cycle began when Iraine was succeeded by her daughter Maya. The 6th Cycle was long and had only two major events. After her enthronement, Maya recinded her mother’s ban on magic for the clerical orders, once again allowing the priests of Ahriel to practice their faith. In the last year of her reign, Maya finally released Clan Shining Tree to their former homelands.

Other clans broke off from Shining Tree, forming the tribes of today. None but Shining Tree maintains any form of trade and communication with Karthin, however, and it is Shining Tree that sees that the border between the jotnar and Karthin is not violated. Shining Tree also sells the goods it gets from Kaith at inflated prices.

During rhe end of the 6th Cycle problems with Karoa began yet again. A new warlord had proclaimed himself ruler of that land. Khryon the Destroyer had come.

Cain, son of Maya came to the throne at the age of 16. He immediately had two problems. Khyron to the south and Shaina, the Atan warrioress to the southeast. Both were threatening to wipe out the clans for a second time. This could not be allowed to happen as it was now generally recognized that the clans provided a useful buffer between Kaith and the southern lands. Cain had two things going for him however.

Both of Cain’s enemies suddenly developed problems of their own. Khyron was forced to completely direct his attention to protecting Karoa itself. A united Ehlovar had finally gotten around to responding to Karoan expansionist policies and had invaded. Shaina was also fending off an invasion; this one from the Cammorian Dominion which was just starting to announce itself to the area.

Cain took advantage of his enemies problems. He ordered the gates of Amnon and Mokar constructed and a wall to stretch between them. Strangely enough, however, the wall came to be known as the wall of Dayorr Corithson. Dayorr, the brother of Cain was to become one of Karthin’s better known personages. It is said that his disposition was as sweet as Cain’s was sour, which made him more liekable. Cain used this to his advantage, managing to to all the the dirty work and make the people like it because Dayorr publicly supported him. Thus, many projects of Cain’s design came in the name of Dayorr.

By the end of the 7th Cycle, the gates and the walls were built, and Kaithe was secure against it’s southern enemies. Enemies, which both the Dominion and Ehlovar had removed, making the edifices now worse than useless.

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