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Kell: World and Universe Outline

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Kell: World and Universe Outline

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 26 Mar 2008, 10:36

Here is the basic outline that I created for Kell and my universe at some point. Due to both a theft of my PC in late 1997 and a disk error in 2002 (stupid USB Zip 250 drives!) I can only say that this is very likely to be the copy I base things on. I cannot say definitevely, although I do have a hard copy printout. What I don't have is the expanded version that detailed history of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ages on Kell itself. Like an idiot, I never made backups and all of those files were on the hard drive of the stolen PC. There are various versions of re-writes for this in the works though. Hopefully I can make the history better.

BTW, the content is long. Here it is:

I. Genesis Age

A. Tol creates the plan of the universe
B. Tol creates the Elder Gods (The Eldar)
C. Tol creates Faye and Gaia (also Gaea)
1. Animals
2. Insects
3. Plants
4. Trees
D. Tol creates Om, God of Death
E. Tol creates the Seraphim
1. Made of the essence of Tol
2. Tol's messengers
a. Also called Angels
b. Julian, the Archangel

II. Creation Age

A. The Elder Gods create the universe according to Tol's plan
1. Space
a. The Void
b. Stars & other heavenly phenomena
2. The Worlds
a. Kell*
b. Other heavenly bodies
3. The Planes of Exsistance
a. Major
1) Fyre
2) Aerthe
3) Ayre
4) Water
5) Prime Material
6) Positive Material
7) Negative Material
8) Astral (or Ethereal)
b. Minor
1) The Outer Void
2) The six planes of the Pale
4. The Otherworld
a. Heaven (or Paradise)
b. The nine planes of Hell (or Gehanna)
c. Hades
d. Plane of Holy Diety
e. The Abyss
f. Neamhan
5. The Halls of Life
6. Alternate planes of exsistance
B. Corellon Larethian creates the Seldarine (also Seldar)
1. Firstborn - created from Faye-matter
2. "Children of Gaia"
a. One with Gaia
b. Created to protect Gaia
C. The Seldarine create the races of Faye
1. Made of Faye-matter
2. Servants of the Seldarine
D. The Eldar create the Drakons
1. Made of the essence of the Eldar
2. Servants of the Eldar
E. Kellina creates Man
1. Made of dust
2. "Kelts"
F. Moradin, Soul-Forger, creates the Dwarves
1. Made of stone
2. Created to shape the foundations of the worlds
G. Yondalla creates the Halflings
1. Made of earth
2. Created to order the surfaces of the worlds
H. Nehkron creates the demons
1. Demons of the Outer Void
2. Demons of the Pale
3. Lesser demons
4. Genii
5. Other Demon races

III. Elder Age

A. GodWar
1. Nehkron, Lord of the Pale, rebels against Tol
a. Many of the Eldar join him
1) Lorn
2) Lolth
3) Takhisis
4) Miklos
5) Gru, now Gruumsh
6) Naru
b. Also, some of the Seldar
1) Syris
2) Thael
2. The perversion of creation
a. Kelts
1) Division into major races
a) Kelts
b) Atans
c) Cammorians
d) Karoans
e) Byzmins
f) Noegarynth
g) Samaritans
h) Dynthar
i) Iren
j) Rothmoryn
2) Also minor races

b. Seldar
1) Drow
2) Orcs
c. Dwarves > Duergar
d. Treeherds > Trolls
e. Drakons > Dragons
f. Faye
g. Gaia
3. Conflict between the races
a. Kelt against Kelt
b. Drow and Orc against Seldar
4. Clash of the gods
a. Death of many Eldar
b. Mass destruction
1) Worlds and inhabitants
a) The Great Cataclysm on Kell
b) Other natural disasters
2) Demolition of some parts of Faye
B. Stalemate
1. The Eldar unite against Nehkron and his demons
2. The races deadlock in their conflict
a. The Seldar are broken
b. Kellina judges the rebellious Kelts
c. Naru and his followers repent
1) Forgiven, but not restored
2) "Orks"
C. Tol rises in anger and righteous judgement
1. Nehkron and the demons are banished to the Pale
2. The followers of Nehkron are renounced
D. Tol creates the Younger Gods (the Minor)

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