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After no short amount of time Matt Wines and I have returned to Nigel's campaign. Session notes for the first session are below. We have had two sessions as of this posting, but I will not post the session notes for the second session at this time because there is material that Matt does not need to know (yet).

Here are the session notes:

1.1 Explanatory Notes/Recap
All notes are based on fragmentary documentation and memory. Calendar states that the last recorded day for Nigel was 26 Sigrid 3326 [February 26, 3326].
Reasonable speculations:
Durvin is alive. The bandit garrison at the keep was overrun by the thanes when they took that fortress. The bandits were imprisoned simply because they weren’t worth the time to kill and because Ephriam (who led the attacking forces) misunderstood Durvin’s standing in the Domains. Durvin would have been slain outright had Ephriam realized he was a simple bandit “King” and not an actual ruler. Durvin was later rescued by Nigel and a small troop. Currently, he is an unwilling participant in Captain Nim’s government of Cyr. CONFIRMED VIA NOTES: Durvin is in fact alive and has been cooperating with Nigel. Durvin’s wife was taken by Elistae (a female archer) by coach to Nigel’s parents home in Thanetia. Elistae further hand-delivered to Lord Chamberlin Vance a note from Nigel explaining current events and detailing an attack on the Empire’s southern border (of which I do not currently recall).
Note about Nim. Nim is Captain of the Black Company, the first of the detached extra-ordinary units that Arion von Sahral has raised to defend and advance the interests of Thanetia within the Cyr Domains. His commission is to subjugate the Domains to the will of his king and by virtue of that fact Arion has named him Governor of the Cyr Domains, automatically assuming the Domains to now be his vassal. This of course, as I recall, is at odds with the way Nigel wants to view things. But because he is a citizen of Thanetia, and Arion is his king, and because he is technically enlisted in the Black Company and wears their uniform – currently he is not doing anything against Nim. This as we will see, will become an issue later on and a choice will have to be made.
Which leads us to the Black Company itself. This is a 100 man force of heavy infantry. In game terms this means no less than level 5 fighters; men and women who have proven themselves in combat, are experienced in moutainous terrain and are heavily armed and armored. The Black Company is split into 9 patrols of ten men each and a command group of ten officers. That is, Captain Nim oversees 9 patrol leaders, of which Sebastian is one.
The Black Company force is small, but it will be joined by the Blue Company within 6 months of this date. Also, the Black Company is technically considered a “reserve” in Nim’s new government as Nigel and his allies are supposed to be overseeing a raising of troops (levy) from the Domains. These levies are supposed to be doing the actual heavy lifting while the Black Company (and other later arrivals) see to securing the Domains for the crown.
No information is recorded for Jin Shara, but she will be returning. I only remember her last location as being in the Domains. I am fuzzy on the details of whether or not there was a discussion with Durvin (I recall there being one), but do not remember the details. In any case, she seperated from Nigel at some point. I do not remember her death, so must assume she is still alive. My limited notes state that she needed the feather of a griffin to complete a difficult spell. I am going to make the assumption that she returned to Thanetia. I am also going to make the assumption that she completed her task and has moved on. Subsequently, with the no small status this women has in Thanetia, she has heard some rumors of Nigel and his deeds. In Rolemaster, Jin is now an Archmage. Jin is intrigued about the current situation in the Cyr Domains and has an interest to join Nigel and his band. To this end she will present herself at the village of Racic, after tripping no small number of alarms and will present herself to Nim, as Nigel is currently not in the camp.
Dhanna is of course still with Nigel.
Nigel’s lieutenants (actually Nim’s) have been assigned the tasks of identifying good ground to construct forts and other defenses with the interest of establishing semi-permanent to permanent garrisons (manned of course, by raised levy troops from Cyr).
The thanes have also not been lax in this regard and have set out a plan to construct forts and defenses themselves. Some of these will most likely conflict with the plans of the Cyr forces.
Notes about some of the NPCs that Nigel has encountered. It was never mentioned in any previous file, but Ephriam’s purpose/assignment is as a free captain within the invading force. He is nominially under the command of Yerrin (keep commander), but his purvue is the Domains themselves. He is to seek out and terminate anything that might become a problem or hinder the invading armies. To this end he has the authority to commandeer or otherwise assume control of any force or resource he deems necessary to further this end. Ephriam also has the right to enter into any contract or agreement with anyone/anything that will advance the ultimate goals of the Koros Empire. This is the main reason Nigel finds Ephriam everywhere but with an actual command.
Yerrin is mentioned in Matt’s notes. But I do not remember who this NPC was. Consequently, I am assigning him to be the garrison commander at the keep. His responsibility is the overall subjugation of the domains and he will dispatch forces to this end. One of his commanders, is Britt Yanther. However, unlike the rest of his commanders she has a bit more autonomy than the others in that she can pick where she chooses to go. Currently, she is looking for Nigel. AFTER DISCUSSION WITH MATT: Yerrin is the local clerical leader. He is the person in charge over all the clerics within the invading forces. As such, he has authority over Ephriam because the clerics have authority over the thanes (not “true” thanes, however, who are their own order). Yerrin is responsible to see that the doctrines of the Lorn church are followed by all those under his command. He is the head of authority over all clerics attached to the invasion force.
Tuloch, a new NPC is the de-facto commander of the entire invasion force. Hithertofore, all the thane NPCs have been what I now consider to be “standard” thanes. That is they have title and authority, but are not my Rolemaster incarnation of “evil-thane.” Tuloch, however, is the real thing. He is a Chaos Lord, 13th level. See his accompanying sheet for details.
Arrith is mentioned in Nigel’s notes. I recall a meeting with this abomination, but not any of the details. I have, however, finally resolved Arrith’s purpose and reason for existence within the game and therefore his motivations and reasons for being in the Cyr Domains. Arrith is a servant of Miklos, who is the gatekeeper of Hell and Nehkron’s right hand man. Thus, Arrith is diametrically opposed to Kellina. He has raised and maintained a force of goblins within the Domains with the enventual purpose of invading and conquering Kell. With the invasion of the thanes this has thrown a small kink in the plan, although this plan is secondary in nature. Arrith exists in the evil and disgusting things. He is the additional edge of fear when people are frightened. He is the ovebearing rage or cold detachment in the attrocities of man and demihuman. He is decay and putrification. He exists in these things and causes these things (although he is not a god and these things he “is” or “does” are not part of the natural order). Thus, his primary purpose here is to be a dagger in Kellina’s side by doing what he does.
In more recent memories, Nigel had been under commission by Arion to secure an alliance with Orkinlahd and thus bring in the “good” orks and the orogs with them on Thanetia’s side. Ultimately, a deal was reached with the chief of the ruling tribe in Kellnir. It is also recalled that it would take time for the agreement to propigate throughout Orkinlahd, which means that the eastern half of the ork country will be last to realize what is going on.
Also, I believe that it had been made known to Nigel that each clan chief could object to the agreement (except in time of declared war the ruling chief does not speak for all), although there is a ritual for that and the challenge must be made at the ancestral home of the ruling clan chief. Details, details. However, if I remember correctly, the ruling clan chief of the Orogs had also been present at the meeting and had agreed for the Orogs. [The Orogs are independent inside of Orkinlahd, although their chief answers to the Ork chief]. Unlike, the Orks, the Orog chief’s decisions are not debatable.
Ultimately, what this means to Nigel is that it will take time for an “Ork” force to arrive in Cyr, but the Orogs are already on their way.
In regards to the Orogs, a now lost outline had specified that there was an invasion of Koros Empire troops into the Domains at some point after the Settling with the intent to add the Cyr Domains to the Empire’s territory. That force, unlike the Imperium invasio force into the Perth, was fully intent on taking the Cyr Domains, was sanctioned by the Lorn chuch (and thus the government) and had mustered the necessary resources for the invasion. However, just like the Imperium/Perth conflict the Koros Union forces were decimated. The Orogs had chosen to settle the northern border between the Cyr Domains and the Koros Empire. This clan is different from the ones in Orkinlahd and they are much smaller in number (even today), but they were more than a match for the Koros troops. The Koros Empire has only just now recovered from that experience and dared to cross the border. The invasion force has dealt with the few Orogs they have encountered in the northern areas of the Domains, but so far have managed to avoid any pitched battles. That will soon change as the Orog clans from Orkinlahd meet with the Orogs from the Domains.
Finally, after discussion with Matt there remains one niggling end to wrap up. Apparently at some point Nigel had to work with Ephriam to resolve a problem. I do not recall what this was, but the exchange issue of Ephriam’s sword for Dhanna was part of it. I do not believe the Sethanon issue had ever been run because there is no mention of names that would be in Matt’s notes if it had. So it had to have been something else because I think I had decided at some point that the “Sethanon” thing was stupid. In any case, it will be run now.
2.0 Overview
Currently, and from discussion with Matt, Nigel is involved in trying to extricate a cow from a ditch. According to my Planner there is a village in 70-X called Nomi. I believe I had marked this as a village there that had trade with Sethanon in preparation for this scenario. It was never played but it it stayed listed on my planner. I also have no map for 70-X so it is not indicated anywhere.
Recall fails as to exactly why this cow was an issue. I do recall that Nigel had intended to completely ignore the issue, but that Dhanna has persuaded him by virtue of “…it’s important Nigel” to attempt to get the cow out of the ditch. At the time I don’t believe I had a reason for Dhanna to say this, so I am creating one now with the purpose to ultimately lead Nigel to Sethanon.
I also do not recall what area of the Domains Nigel had been in, but for purposes of THIS adventure it is now 70-X, and it is near Nomi.
The cow belongs to a local farmer who has a homestead southeast of Nomi in the current area where Nigel is struggling with the cow. It is not a dairy cow, but a steer and the farmer considers it to be part of his small stock of cattle intended for sale. This particular farmer, name of Padraig McCulloch, is attempting to expand beyond farming and create an actual market for beef within his local area. The steer is important to this as it will allow him to continue propigation of his stock.
McCulloch’s steer broke from it’s pen during the night previous and has been wandering the hills in the area until it dumbly fell into the ditch. Fortunately for the steer it was too stupid to break it’s neck or injure itself. It has been stuck in this ditch only for about 12 hours when Nigel finds it.
Some notes on Nomi. Nomi is a large village of approximately 600 people. It is well known in the area and somewhat known among the rest of the Domains. It attained the size it is currently because these are the descendants of the Sethanon traders that used to live in the village and trade with the dwarves. At one time it’s population was counted at around 1300 citizens. The citizens of Nomi tend to be independent with an interest in trade. Toward that end, the citizens tend to be creative in their business endeavors, hence Padraig McCulloch’s idea about creating a market for beef.
Nomi has many outlying farms and homesteads and many of these people trade with the village on a regular basis.
Like much of the Domains the citizenry tends to be related although cases of inbreeding have been rare and usually dealt with harshly.
The mayor of Nomi is Bairre Mac Carthaigh. The Wisdom is Nóra Nic Chuilinn. Nóra is actually a herbalist and does not have magical ability. For that, the people turn to the village healer Caitlín Nic Dhiarmaid. Caitlín is technically a witch (which would have made her a wisdom in any other village than this one) who has access to healer spell lists. Nóra has the position of Wisdom through virtue of lineage and local custom, which because of the dominance of clan Nic Chuilinn in this area is one of the exceptions to the general rules of being a Wisdom in the Domains. However, this being the case, that is not to say that magical ability has been completely absent in the descendents of this line from the trading days. While Nóra does not have the ability herself, her great grandmother was a fearsome witch as well as some of her other forebears and her daughter is currently being tutled by Caitlín as she is magically capable.
The leader of the local trading guilde is Rían Mac Maol Eoin. He is the second most powerful man in the village (the first being the mayor). The Wisdom council is run by Nóra and her second is Caitlín. Other female villagers of a different profession than Caitlín are considered to be inferior (although are not treated that way) and operate under the eye of Caitlín. They are commonly referred to as the Knitting Circle and no small number of them sit on the Wisdom Council.
The mayor has no formal council, but when duty calls upon him he usually follows through with the assistance of Rían and one or two other men recognized as leaders in the community. Bairre has an antagonistic relationship with Nóra because they genuinely hate each other, although neither has undermined the authority of the other. They maintain a professional respect, although Nóra frequently berates Bairre for holding many of his informal “councils” at the local tavern.
As usual, no business can be conducted within village limits without at least the tacit approval of Bairre and Nóra. Padraig McCulloch’s idea has been approved and is enthusiastically supported by Bairre although Nóra does not think much of it. Rían approved the monetary loan to Padraig to start up and has a certain interest in the business. All of Padraig’s stock (500 head) was purchased on a business expedition into the Koros Empire. The steer was the most expensive of the lot.
Consequently, Padraig, Rían and Bairre has quite a lot riding on this deal and want to make it work. Padraig is determined to recover his steer.
In regards to the invasion, Nomi saw very little conflict. The village was outside of the main path of the invasion force. The Koros troops were focused on their objective which was Durvin’s keep and consequently left only small scouting parties behind the main force. These mainly consisted of lower level evil clerics and pressed soldiers with the occaisonal professional armsman intended to keep an eye on those pressed into service. Typically, these small parties generall blew into the local villages they found, announced that the Domains (including said village) were now under their control and then made a cursory example of someone to prove their point. Without the manpower to establish a prescence the parties generally then moved on. This is exactly what happend here in Nomi.
The example taught to the village of Nomi was received with quiet fury and the cleric of the Koros party soon found himself beaten and strung up, his magic negated by both surprise and a concerted effort by Caitlín and Nóra’s daughter. The cleric was rendered unconscious (her name is Nia) and ultimately rescued by the one remaining member of her party. The others were dispatched by arrows and quarterstaffs.
After discussion with Matt I now have the original reason as to this particular journey. Nigel is going north to make contact with any villages he comes across and will then attempt to recruit able-bodied men/women for the defense of the domains. In other words he is recruiting troops. Dhanna is journeying with him.
One detail must now be dealt with. The last time Nigel was played the game was under AD&D rules. Much time has passed since, including all of the RM games that were played with the group. In returning to this scenario we will now be playing under Rolemaster rules. In Nigel’s case he won’t have a clue about this, but for Dhanna this has an earthshattering effect.
I am taking this opportunity to put a complete stop to the whole damn “Godsgame” crap. Tol, then, (as is his right as the father god) had decided to change the rules. The whole Godgame issue is thus completelt over as Tol has declared an end to it.
All competitions and things of that sort are off and he is now going to leave things to his children. The promised “paradise” will still exist, but it will be for those that have served either Tol or his good children. In the oppositem Hell exists for Nehkron and his ilk (they run it). This is the upshot for the “evil” children and they have now effectively been told that they will be left alone in regards to their creations.
Tol has also decided that he will be actively engaged on the behalf of his children. What this means for Dhanna is that she is now completely free to use her resourced to annihilate anything standing in the way of the plans of her god and his children.
The initial shock of all of these realizations will be almost paralyzing for her. The benefit for Dhanna however is that she and the other Watchers still have a purpose. Now though, they can be far more proactive in pursuit of that purpose. It must also be said that no one who has died or sacraficed in Tol’s name or any of the other gods names have done so in vain. Tol did not change where everyone stood. He just aboished the rules going forward. Further, any penalties/advantages that anyone had were immediately applied and irrevocable.
3.0 Scenario: Battle of Nomi
We will start where we left off. Nigel has been stopped by Dhanna as he is ignoring and passing the cow in the ditch. At the same exact moment that she told Nigel “It’s important…,” Tol made his universe change. This has the effect of her screaming and collapsing. Note that the cow is undisturbed by all of this. She will recover, but all Nigel will get from her is the cryptic line “The world has changed.” If Nigel presses, she will demur until a later time. In the meanwhile, she decides to rest under a tree by the road and tells Nigel to get the cow out.
Assuming Nigel works on retrieving the cow he will eventually be spotted by (or spot) Padraig McCulloch who is seeking his cow. Padraig is accompanied by Duncun, one of his hired hands. Padraig and Duncun can see that Nigel is simply trying to get the cow out of the ditch and will move to help him and then thank him when the work is done. In the meantime, Dhanna has passed out which will concern Nigel (I assume). Padraig will definetely be concerned and will offer to have Duncun escort Nigel (carrying Dhanna) to Caitlín Nic Dhiarmaid, the village healer. I have to assume for a variety of reasons that Nigel will accept.
If that is indeed the case when Dhanna gets to Caitlín, Nóra Nic Chuilinn will be called. Caitlín will apply her arts, but is at a complete loss as to what is wrong. She will consult with Nóra. Nigel will be taken to Bairre. I assume here that Nigel will attempt his recruitment. Discussions can take place over several pints of beer at the local tavern. Duncun will return to Padraig. Bairre will at the least explain recent events here in Nomi including the escape of the cleric.
Dhanna won’t respond to any of the women’s ministrations, but she is stable. She will ultimately awake, but later that afternoon and not because of the women. Nóra and Caitlín at some point will realize that they have something very strange on their hands. Dhanna has god-given protection from spells weaved upon her when she is unconscious so this is why Caitlín’s ministrations did not work. THAT, puzzles Caitilín because she does not know this.
When Dhanna awakes she will know everything that the women tried upon her. She will respect that, but will no longer wish Caitlín to touch her. Dhanna has a deep seated prejudice toward witches as these were often on the side of Lorn in her youth. The women will send a runner to notify Nigel when Dhanna awakes.
In general Dhanna has recovered and has accepted Tol’s change. She will inform Nigel that she has things to discuss with him, but for now she needs him to search for herbs. It is now early evening. Bairre offers to send someone with Nigel if he likes.
Unknown to all, Nia is pissed and has vowed her revenge upon this small village. She wishes to destroy it and must do so if she wants to return to the main body of forces without suffering a loss of face for losing almost her entire unit.
To this end, Nia has returned to the smaller mobile base camp of forces from where her small force departed. As this camp is manned, but continuously shifting with troops going in and out, no one with any rank who was present when she and her unit left is inside the camp. They have all long since moved on. She has informed the soldier that rescued her that upon peril of his life he is to reveal no details of what happened. Nia then goes about recruiting 26 men. These are 6 four-man “small” squads (the Koros army squad varies from 4 to 16 men based on priority (see below)). The other two men are the leader (a man name Kröthar) and the lone sergeant she could find who is named (Malnek).
These men are cobbled together and have never worked before. Some of them are cooks/laborers and have the bare minimum of army basic training. But it’s all Nia could appropriate on short notice. If she survives this conflict she will be facing angry officers who were expecting these men at the locations where they had been sent. Note also that a fair amount of these men are conscripts.
Kröthar is a shaved-headed sorceror. Originally, an army clerk he discovered his abilities late in life. Because of this combination of ability and occupation he was placed in charge of a “Battle” squad. Kröthar was enroute to take his command (which is assembled at Durvin’s keep) when he was waylaid by Nia. Now, Kröthar is not ordinary in that he has any kind of patriotism or fervor for his country or the church. Kröthar is solely out for himself and not unlike the “architect” in the Matrix movies his driving force is logic and proper function. He is not threatend by Nia, but as she is a “superior” he must follow his orders. He is taking this as a challange to maintain the order of the units and preserve the life of his men as much as he can. To this end he will be constantly weighing things in the balance. If the equation ever demands that Nia be dead, he will take care of it. Kröthar is first level.
The possibility exists that Nigel will come across this camp when searching for Dhanna’s herbs. Kröther is not dumb and even though he has a bunch of inexperienced men he maintains discipline. Consequently, there are archers in the tree of his camp, there is a “small” squad (4 men) roving the area in crossing patterns and they have dogs with them. There are also dogs in the camp. He has also set traps.
The enemy camp is northwest of the village.
3.1 Descriptions
3.1.1 See
3.1.2 Hear
3.1.3 Feel (Touch)
Feel (Touch)
3.1.4 Smell
3.1.5 Taste(If Applicable)
Taste (If Applicable)
3.2 Contingency Plans
If past experience is any guide Nigel will slay every last Koros trooper. I am going to try and keep Kröthar alive as he would be a valuable, if evil, ally. In any case should wipeout occur early Nigel will most likely continue to seek fresh recruits. There is another village to the northwest called Ashlend. Ashlend is a larger village that spans a small river. There is a high bridge that crosses that river and the drop to the river below can be quite fatal. In any case this village unknown to Nigel has been taken over by a Lorn cleric and two of his subordinates. Dan-eldit also has a small group (7 men) of church knights.
Dan-eldit (6th level cleric)
Eranan (3rd level cleric)
Haeralrin (2nd level mage)
This will be Nigel’s first encounter with church-knights. They are not thanes, nor are they Chaos Lords (thanes). They are Evil Paladins and their loyalty is solely to the church. Their organization is quite different than the standard Koros army. In this instance the group is led by Athurru who is a 5th level Paladin. The other men are 3-4th level fighters. These men have church items that give them a +20 bonus to OB in fighting. They are loyal to the church as the church has raised them.
The above is merely an introduction to the next adventure but allows some structure if Nigel wipes out the Koros troops. Dan-eldit’s hold on the village is crushing and he is doing quite a lot of bad things here.

*Note that I mention only 7 church knights here in the notes. As it turns out there are quite a few more than seven. Nigel himself counted at least 15. Of course the total number is known only to the GM at this time

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