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Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 19 Jul 2009, 15:55

Here is the second session posting. The third session has been played and the fourth will be played this evening.

1.1 Explanatory Notes/Recap
Nigel has effectively removed the head of the problem by putting an arrow in Nia’s head. This caused Kröthar to abandon the field with his men alive. Nigel has not, however, seen the last of them.
Nigel returned to Nomi with Nia’s body and left her lying in the street to be found in the morning. Her body will be recognized by the citizens and she will be strung up to rot by the village green.
2.0 Overview
With the immediate threat of attack removed from the village a council will be held. Nigel will not be around to see it as he and Dhanna will journey northwest to Ashlend. But the ultimate decision will be a call to arms for the locals who will then muster and march to the base of the resistance to enlist. So, ultimately the goal here has been met. Nomi will, like a lot of other villages soon will, be dedicating their resources to defeating the Empire.
In the meantime Kröthar has returned with his men and seen that they are dispersed to the proper areas. This is not to happen however, as the superior he is reporting to will decide that based on Kröthar’s report, this lone person that killed the cleric should be apprehended. On the orders of this superior then, Kröthar’s Irregulars are officially created. The superior sets them aside from the TO&E and tells Kröthar to go apprehend this “bandit.” Further, Kröthar is given a writ that allows him to appropriate what he needs to do this.
Eventually, Kröthar will cross paths with Epriam and will be absorbed into Ephriam’s troops that are hunting for Nigel. By this point however, both Kröthar and his men will have some battle experience.
Now, in the overall scope of things I am reintroducing Arrith here. He will not be directly involved, but to add a few things Nigel will begin to encounter Goblins. That is because Arrith as is his wont is working with the Koros Empire and will be using his goblins to subjugate the Cyr Domains. So goblins will begin to be found working right along with the Koros troops, although there is a certain tension here.
Also, here is the reasoning behind the occupation of Ashlend by Dan-eldit. The basic premise of the Lorn church is that if you won’t become a follower then you are to be subjugated. If you won’t be subjugated then you are to be eliminated. Dan-eldit already knows that conversion is not going to work her in the Domains. So, he has subjugated the village. He has killed no one, but that is because that is not why he is there in Ashlend. He is there to find one of Cyr’s temples. Historical documents and local lore say that there is a a Cyr temple in the area. Dan-eldit wants to find it, desecrate it by destroying it and then further desecrate it by consecrating a temple of Lorn on top of it. Dan-eldit is part of a detachment that the Lorn church in the Empire has sent to do these things (and to establish new churches of Lorn) in order to bring a higher presence of Lorn in to the Domains.
Shortly after taking over the village Arrith sent a small goblin force under the command of Crumb to assist. They had etablished a small camp to the southwest of Ashlend. Crumb has about 100 goblins with him. Together they and the curch-nights are scouring the area.
3.0 Scenario
In the meantime, I assume that Nigel is leaving in the morning for Ashlend. Run some encounters with the goblins and the church nights. Keep in mind that the church nights if captured will attempt to escape, but will not attempt to kill themselves. They will not talk so unless Nigel wishes to carry them along he’s going to have to kill them. Dhanna won’t have any issues with this.
From previous: There is another village to the northwest called Ashlend. Ashlend is a larger village that spans a small river. There is a high bridge that crosses that river and the drop to the river below can be quite fatal. In any case this village unknown to Nigel has been taken over by a Lorn cleric and two of his subordinates. Dan-eldit also has a small group (7 men) of church knights.
Dan-eldit (6th level cleric)
Eranan (3rd level cleric)
Haeralrin (2nd level mage)
This will be Nigel’s first encounter with church-knights. They are not thanes, nor are they Chaos Lords (thanes). They are Evil Paladins and their loyalty is solely to the church. Their organization is quite different than the standard Koros army. In this instance the group is led by Athurru who is a 5th level Paladin. The other men are 3-4th level fighters. These men have church items that give them a +20 bonus to OB in fighting. They are loyal to the church as the church has raised them.
The Cyr temple is indeed out there, but with any luck Nigel won’t find it tonight. He should be clued in to it’s existence however.
Once found though if Nigel makes it first he will find that it is abandoned. The last priest/ranger died there. He has left behind some important notes about his last experiences however. That should be devloped soon. Further there is still protection of the temple here as Cyr is still active in the domains.

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