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Note that Nigel and Dhanna found the tunnel entrance rather easily and without trobule. Avoidance rolls are a good thing.

1.1 Explanatory Notes/Recap
Nigel and Dhanna have since left Nomi and have journeyed to the base of the Drogäns. Along the way they have been attacked by various goblins and at least one cleric of Lorn. The cleric was interrogated and killed. Nigel and Dhanna have together reasoned that Arrith has aligned himself with the Koros Empire and it is his goblins that are running amok in the Cyr Domains. This is true, but there are some other details that they do not know. Nigel assumes that because the cleric acted on orders to kill him that the enemy is aware of him and is trying to kill him. That is true, but not in this manner of thinking. The order is indeed aware of him, but it has no freaking idea where he is and at this time is occupied with much bigger matters. Individuals of the order know him (or of him) and are seeking them out, but the cleric who gave the orders to the one Nigel killed has never heard of Nigel.
Those orders were generic in nature. “Kill any troublemakers you find.” Or something to that effect. The cleric just happened to be attached to the goblins and as Nigel had been through Ashlend before he was marked. So the goblins attacked him with underwhelming force. They ramped up by sending the cleric when those goblins were killed. Now that the cleric has been killed they will send more.
Note. Now the monsters Nigel faces will be either equal in level or slightly under. Goblins, gremlins and orcs will double their levels. And any further cleric/mages will be of equal level.
At this time I also need to address what I see as the serious underpowerment of Dhanna who is 2000+ years old and only 20th level. To this end, Tol has hereby granted her the ability to cast 2 50th level spells (or combinations of lesser spells that are still above her level) once per day as instants.
3.0 Scenario
The tunnel mouth entrance is actually below Dhanna and Nigel. 15 feet of snow has piled up and surrounded the tree that they are looking for. They will be in the general area, but will probably fall through the snow and then the tree to land in front of the tunnel mouth.
In any case, once they find it they will discover a door. Which is fine because the old man has shared the trick of opening it. Apparently the old man had some sort of Ranger skills because this is a necessary thing to open the door. Once inside both Dhanna and Nigel will find that the tunnel is comfortable warm.
This being a Ranger tunnel it is a earthen tunnel that is vegetation covered. It meanders through the mountatins of this mountain range going up and down left and right to wind it’s way around any rock in it’s path. It will take 6 days to pass through. This does not make it a economical route (it doubles back at some points), but it is still faster than the pass in winter. There are some points where going through rock could not be avoided. In these cases the rock has been worked masterfully by Ranger spells to minimize damage. Note also that because of the nature of this tunnel there will be places where it crosses caverns and what not. These places may or may not have a bridge and some just wind down to the bottom of the cavern and become a path through forests of stalagmites and stalactites and dripping water. The center of the mountain is quite warm (summer warmth). Now, it would not be Rolemaster if there was no opposition here. So, there are places where the goblins who have created a Domain-wide subterranean network have hacked into the tunnels. It’s from these holes (that they have worked hard to disguise) that the goblins will harass the passage of Nigel and Dhanna. The gremlins who are working with the goblins will also utilize these holes. The gremlins will probably be particularly effective in the tunnel.
I suspect that Nigel may wish to investigate the holes. They are goblin size, so even if he manages to enter one he may not get far. And then, even if he does he is entering a goblin infested labyrinth. This will result in an endless wandering and quite possible could end this whole scenario right here as the potential for getting lost is very high. Nigel may have some thoughts to thwart me on all of that, but the fact that the tunnels are Domain-wide and labyrinthian still remains. Perhaps Matt will not wish to get so far off course.
The tunnel exit will be much as the entrance. He will have to open a door (of which the old man has given him instructions). This door will lead into a wide natural rock cavern with a hardpacked dirt floor that slopes downward at a 15º angle for apx. 250 feet. The exit can be seen down below. When they get to it they will see that they are high on the slopes of a mountain. They will also see the fortified town of Laros (describe per my map) with a large tower/fortress in the center. This is the ancestral home of the MacDuff clan. The current ruler of that clan is Baron Fingal MacDuff who is 58. His son’s name is Rory (considered a Baronet). Both Fingal and Rory are direct descendents of Wallace MacDuff who was one Malain’s barons. It is this clan that has kept alive the search for Malain’s heir.
Laros also has one of the very few Cyr temples that is actually both visible and located inside a population center. The town grew around it. It is the center of the town and is located in what can only be described as a very large garden. At it’s center is an open stone gallery (naturally worked stone) that serves as a place of worship. The grounds are attended by the serving Rangers (when they are present). The head of the “church” is BenArtagan, a 19th level Ranger. BenArtagan is 65. The Rangers have a presence here because the MacDuff clan took on the duty of keeping the Tareth legacy alive. So, they are somewhat loyal to the MacDuff clan. The MacDuffs view them honored advisors. For these reasons there is an honest-to-god administrative office that BenArtagan uses on the fortress grounds.
Of course this will all be unknown to Nigel until he gets inside the town and begins to ask questions. But this will be difficult to do as the town is currently surrounded by a force of 500 Koros troopers. This number does not include any auxiliaries. The auxiliary forces include 25 clerics of Lorn, 17 mages of Lorn and 7 high level Naoighiallach.
The Naoighiallach I have used before. (Xacanthemlyr) They are bonded slaves, usually magic users. The bond is much like Lan and Moirane’s in The Wheel of Time series, except that this bond is not volunatry. Naoighiallach means “nine slave” or “nine hostage,” depending on your outlook. The rite to bond take nine people. 5 clerics and 4 mages and is a Lorn church specific rite. It has to be done right with the exact ratio and amount of people. Otherwise the bond is weakend or the bondee is killed or mentally lamed. There is a fast bonding where only 2 clerics and 1 mage is used but the result is temporary only. The rite CANNOT be performed without any mage at all as this ingredient is necessary. Many, many attempts to bond have been tried using various ratios and amount of people. Only these two ratios/amounts have ever worked. An attempted bonding with no mages results in backwash on the clerics and no harm to the subject, so it’s never attempted. Other ratios are rarely used as a weapon intended to harm a subject as the rite still requires the use of power and the end result is often unsatisfactory in comparison to the effort spent.
The Naoighiallach here are part of the Xzarexx Szrath. This will be a mean group to deal with should Nigel tangle with them. The reason for their presence here along with everyone else is to grind the MacDuff clan under their heel (therefore eliminating any opposition to their rule in this area) and to capture and desecrate the Cyr temple.
Nigel and Dhanna will see all of this arrayed about the town as it is under siege. They will also see goblin camps (because they are helping). Assuming Nigel wants to get to the town he will have to go through all this.
But first he and Dhanna will run across the goblin party that is bearing Gavin and BenAsher to the camp. Having experienced a few of Nigel’s quirks Nigel will probably seek to eliminate the command of the army here so it is here that he will encounter Gaving and BenAsher. Should Nigel do this there will be a battle royale because high level magic will be flying around as well as skilled warriors (with experience).

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