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OK. I haven't posted updates in a while, so here is a recent one (recent as in the last month or so).

1.1 Explanatory Notes/Recap
Nigel and Dhanna found the entrance after avoiding much activity. After a few encounters with goblins and exploring the tunnel the rested for the second night. Note that Dhanna in one of the goblin encounters blew in a door with a fireball and proceeded to kill the goblin that was behind the door.
During the second night both Dhanna and Nigel were attacked by gremlins. They were dispatched but Nigel was knocked out by a tiny crit. Dhanna killed his assailant.
It has been determined that due to the fact that the tunnel continues vertically Nigel and Dhanna shall retreat back to Nomi. Nigel does not wish to leave the horses behind.
2.0 Overview
There was some mention by Matt of first exploring the vertical tunnel. This is where Nigel will encounter the Frzzm should he do so. In any case Nigel and Dhanna will be going back the way they came.
Now, due to the fact thata goblin guard station has been destroyed, the goblins will be upset and looking for the perpetrators. Consequently, that part of the tunnel will be swarming with goblins. Furthermore, there will be some orcs involved and two orc shamans. Getting through this area will be tough.
When Nigel and Dhanna do succeed at leaving the tunnel however they will yet again be facing the roving bands of goblins that are afield. There are also more clerics out there working with the goblins.
Now, Matt has mentioned going through the pass. But he wants to make sure the horses are safe first. So, make avoidance rolls and encounters accordingly until Nigel gets back to Nomi.
Should Nigel decide to go through Caerlon instead of going back to Nomi then he will encounter the already known fact that Caerlon has been taken over by the goblins. I will deal with that layout in a moment. For now, it should be noted that Kröthar will soon be close to Nigel. He and his men have assembled, gathered their gear and are completing their march back to Nomi where they will inquire on Nigel’s whereabouts. Not that Kröthar is really expecting the village people to tell him anything. But he will investigate. See Kröthar’s Irregulars unit disposition.
I have created the map for Caerlon, but I am not expecting Nigel to visit there during this session. However, since this is still in the realm of possibility I will now fill in some details.
Crumb, the goblin commander, is NOT at Caerlon. Crumb answers directly to Arrith. Consequently, he is not often far from Arrith. Nigel could find Crumb should he journey to Arrith’s tower (which is in the exact same place it was when the 3320 party visited it). However, Caerlon is in Plopple’s area. Plopple is one of Crumb’s lieutenants. Crumb has 5 lieutenants. Only Plopple operates in the Cyr Domains and that is because the Kehnon peninsula is ONE part of his assigned area. It is very implausible that Nigel will ever engage Plopple (he’s more likely to fight Crumb because of Crumb’s proximity to Arrith) short of some devastating event that Plopple must attend to personally. That is because Plopple is currently several hundred miles north of the northern kingdoms above Karthin. Only one other lieutenant is on this continent.
Now, Plopple has a sergeant (Gunmor) who is actually in charge of the peninsula. Plopple and the other lieutenants have too many sergeants to count. Gunmor is NOT at Caerlon. However, Igfad, one of Gunor’s sub-corporals IS (note that Gunmor has many, many corporals and sub-corporals). Igfad is in charge of the goblins in the Cyr Domains. Currently he has decided to reside at Caerlon for the winter. Normally he stays around Bochranon (a small village in far northwest Cyr, right at the border). Gunmor is currently in Garthan, which is just outside of Orkney (across the river to the west).
Now, Igfad and to some extent Gunmor and some of his other corporals and sub-corporals have taken somewhat more abuse from their fellows than is normal. This is because even though they are pretty low down in the command chain they are in close proximity to Crumb. Igfad has never abused this, but Gunmor has (Crumb has banned him from entering Cyr). In any case because of the standard goblin way of social climbing both Igfad and Gunmor are always watching their backs. To Igfad’s detriment, Crumb has taken to issuing direct orders to Igfad, completely cutting out the rest of the command. This has seriously pissed off the rest of the goblin chain of command, but Igfad so far has proven capable of defending his life.
Igfad is currently in Caerlon because he is coordinating the attack on Laros. Sub-corporal Tnub is the commander actually in charge of the attack there at Laros. Igfad is second rank, 9th level, and Nigel will find him a formidable foe should he ever engage him. Igfad’s weapon is a +20 cleaver (treat as a hand-axe for purposes of the attack table). The +20 bonus is magical and ALSO applies to the crit roll.
Note that it is my intent for Nigel to kill Igfad, but I’m pretty damn sure it won’t happen this Sunday. Igfad has a large number of goblins around him, not to mention those that have taken over the town – and Nigel is unaware of Igfad.

One other point I should make here. According to my planner it is now March. So…the big attack on Thanetia is now in full prep. The only thing that the Koros troops are waiting for is the spring thaw. Along with that both the Blue Company and the Green Company (from Thanetia) shall be arriving at the middle of March. The Blue Company is a company of nobles who have volunteered to fight. The Green Company are levys and are green (hence the name). Neither company has either arrogant or inexperienced commanders (although there is certainly that in the ranks).
Whenever Nigel returns to the main camp he will discover that they are here.
In the meantime, Nigel and the Cyr troops are now effectively fighting in the rear of the Koros army. Hopefully Nigel can disrupt the Koros army enough that it cannot bring it’s full weight down on Thanetia (at least that is Arion’s hope).
More pertinent to Nigel immediately. Once he exits the tunnel and fights his way through the various goblin hordes he will find that any attempt to go BACK to the tunnel is going to be tough going. The goblins are thick here. Matt has expressed the idea of going through the pass.
Should he wish to deal with Caerlon he will have to deal with the main goblin force plus Igfad’s security. If he chooses to go around Caerlon and start down the pass then he will soon leave the company of the goblins but will now be subject to the many creatures that are within the pass.
Note that although there are some rare exceptions, neither the goblins or the clerics, or Koros army troops are moving through this pass. Nigel and Dhanna will find it extremely tough going. However, the monsters and creatures in the pass had a field day earlier in the year with all three of these types coming through the pass. Nigel should stand to pick up considerable treasure if he can defeat these creatures.

Now, pertaining to the goblins in the area that Nigel and Dhanna will be in, these are what I am classifying as “greater” goblins. They are 7th level, man-sized, and are capable of wielding man-sized weapons effectively. Their general fighting weapon is the longsword, although some sub-commander’s and commanders wield war-mattocks (these latter are 6 feet tall and burly). The greater goblins were genetically engineered by Arrith and are truly frightening. I might also mention the Chaos Goblins which Arrith engineered, fusing a Chaos demon and a greater goblin. The abominable nightmares are however relatively rare. They are mainly called for in large battles where their tendency to berserk can be relatively “controlled.”
In any case, the greater goblins are much smarter than average and Nigel will find facing them to be a challenge. Fortunately for him they are only encountered in groups of 1 to 4, albeit with appearing with normal goblins. Any greater goblins that Nigel encounters will be focused on killing him and Dhanna. They have hardly a care for their lesser brethren so a typical attack will be driving the lesser goblins at Nigel and Dhanna with the attempt to overwhelm. Bad mojo.
There are however, various enemy goblin camps because the goblins have inhabited the area. Should Nigel choose to engage any of these camps he is free to do so, but I am NOT pushing him in that direction.
3.0 Scenario
I have been looking for some sort of device to allow me to withdraw Dhanna from play. Nigel is well past the level he should be at to where he can adventure alone. To this end, Dhanna will reveal to Nigel that she has been considering confronting Arrith. She will not invite him as she knows that this is likely to be his doom. Note that I am NOT going to forceably withdraw her. Nigel will have a choice. He can volunteer to go with her or he may continue to pursue the current quest. The choice is his. Dhanna will tell him however, that she has recalled Steuben for this. She will not face Arrith alone. She is also aware that she is vastly outclassed, but she does have some positives in her corner. But the goblin issue (she feels) must be dealth with – directly. At the very least Steuben and Dhanna can bring pressure upon Arrith and his goblins to such an extent that they are effectively removed from interfering with the defense of the Domains.
Now, whether Nigel decided to stay with Dhanna or part ways, Dhanna is now at a point of asking him something personal. She will indicate to him that it is personal. What she wants to know is if he will become one of her warders. Steuben is already one. She wishes to take him on as a second. She explains that he would be equal in standing to Steuben. She tells him to consider. By becoming one of her warders he surrenders all alliegances save to Dhanna (he does not have to serve Tol). The bonding is irrevocable, irreversible and for a lifetime should he say yes. He goes where she goes at her direction and does as she instructs. Save on matters of her personal safety he will be bound to her bidding. However, he has autonomy. She is not taking a husband, so he is free for any dalliances or marriages he should wish to enter in. However, he should know that the bond is an intimate friendship bond. Combined with her ituition she will probably know his thoughts all the time. And he hers.
Should Nigel say yes, Dhanna will bind him. He gets benefits. Being essentially of one mind whenever he is defending her he will know exactly where she is, what she is doing, and what she intends to do. This will give Nigel a +20 DB when defending her specifically. Also, just in general combat she feeds him her inner strength which gives him a +10 DB (not cumulative with the +20 when defending Dhanna), and a +10 to all RRs. He also automatically receives a +15 to his OB because of the bond.
He may also call upon Dhanna’s PPs for spells and he has a constant open telepathic link to her. He will feel everything she feels and she will feel everything he feels. That also means he’ll feel and sense Steuben and likewise.
Nigel will need to make an RR (vs Essence) to remain on his feet when he first gets hit with this flood. Dhanna will also ask for the cloth back as he will no longer need it and it’s properties no longer work or benefit him as they have been superceded by the bond.
Should Nigel say no, that is the end of it. Dhanna still likes him and there will not be any hard feelings. But, whether he says yes or no he still has the choice of going with her or not. In fact, completing his current task is what she would wish – but she gives him the choice.
There should be no difficulty for Nigel to accept leaving her to her task (aside from any abandonment issues) as distance has no effect on the bond and it’s abilities. He might also feel Steuben’s lack of concern or disdain.

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