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This is the latest info. Matt, note that if you are reading this it spells out some of the background issues Nigel does not know about – yet. So. Act surprised ok?

Nigel decided to explore up the tunnel shaft and encountered one of the Frzzms. He defeated it, but not before it bit him. Fortunately for Nigel, Dhanna was able to fix his wound. At the same time Dhanna also broached the topic of binding. Much to my surprise Matt was immediately amenable to this. Nigel was bonded. This now forces a change in the direction of the campaign as Nigel has decided that he will travel with Dhanna and not be leaving her side. Even after she has pointedly told him that she believes he should continue with his current goals.
2.0 Overview
With the recent turn of events, my direction of this campaign is going to take some slight detours. Dhanna’s goal is to slow down Arrith. To this end she is going to disrupt his supply of goblins. She also realizes as I mentioned earlier that she cannot directly face him. So, she needs an army. And she cannot afford to wait on the one that Nigel has been trying to mobilize. So, she is going to take a big risk. At the top of Mt. Cyr (70Y) is an ancient and long abandoned signal tower. The largest in the Domains it’s sole purpose was to call for unity during time of invasion. Dhanna is hoping that by relighting it she will stir a might call to arms. Nigel will of course want to know why she never mentioned this to him as it obviously would have been quite useful to his goals. Her response is that this is an old legend and that wasting time looking for it and relighting it without any assurance that it would work would have been time ill spent. Nigel has gotten much farther doing what he is doing than she ever expected in the time he has done it. Even now she considers this to be a huge risk with no hope of a good outcome.
In any case, in her reckoning it’s all she has. So, she will be journeying with Nigel to Mt. Cyr. This will mean that they will be WON’T going back through Nomi. Dhanna also wants to get there fast. So they will be traveling quickly. Any confrontations that transpire she wishes to cut short as quick as possible. Consequently battles will most likely be one strike and move on affairs. She intends to link up with Steuben outside of Nomi to the south This will be at the village of Naromör. Naromör is a small fishing village located on the northern side of the Cyr river at the northeast bend.
Now, I do not recall much of the journey Nigel originally took when coming north. Our play began anew from an arbitrary location. I believe I have dislocated him quite a bit farther north of where he originally was. Considering the changing of the world, I’m not going to worry about it.
Locations: Arrith. Northeast of Jhad’s Gorge in northern 71Y. The fortress of Clan Ward was located on the plains that are south of this Gorge and this was the place where Delane (Matt’s character), Maleg and the rest of the 3320 party encountered the undead defenders. Thus, if Nigel ever get’s here he will find things empty. Note that Jhad’s Gorge is the local name for the gorge that Arrith appropriated. Also note that since the 3320 party encountered Arrith and even since Nigel encountered him there, Arrith has done a massive expansion of the area. His abode now looks almost like that of Saruman’s. This is part of the reason Dhanna knows she cannot face him directly.
Closer to Nigel will be the Cyr River. This river can be followed direct to Mt. Cyr.
Now, I do not recall exactly where I placed Durvin’s keep, but I do know that it was not that far north of the border between Thanetia and Cyr. My map indicates a large mountain on the southeastern border and it has to be here that it was located. I have an old map named “Darkholde” and I am reasonably sure that this was the keep based on what I see of the drawing and my recollection of events. The keep is not important at the moment except to establish that it is NOT in 70Y. That will allow me to create this area without having to worry about the keep.
With that in mind I can locate my main church forces north of the keep, but still well inside 71Z. This will prevent any immediate and disasterous reponse from that location in regards to a successful lighting of the signal tower.
There are no immediate, concentrated enemy forces of any nature inside of 70Y. This is particularly true in the northern half of this square. Also note that Arrith has concentrated his forces northwest, south and southwest of 71Y. There is nothing of any military interest in 70Y (or so he thinks).
When Dhanna and Nigel emerge from the tunnel they will head due south. This direction will ultimately see them break loose from the goblins as they will thin out the farther south Dhanna and Nigel head.
There will be a few days of battles based on my mixed assortment here: goblins (all types), kobolds, orcs, and worgs. Dhanna and Nigel will reach Naromör at night and exhausted. Steuben however, anticipating them will have food and lodging.
At this point there will need to be a few things worked out between the two warders. Dhanna claims that they are equal and this is true, but Nigel and Steuben need to be operating on the same page in order to best protect her. Steuben is very glad that Nigel has finally been bonded. He considers Nigel worthy, aside from Dhanna’s own opinion and thinks that this is a good thing. So he will approach the discussion in good humour. [fill in]
Steuben has arranged for passage up the river on a small flat-bottomed boat. Dhanna, Nigel and Steuben are paying passengers aboard a cargo boat. The boat is headed to Steegan which is five days travel. There are farther villages, but Steegan is as far as the boat can go considering the time of year. It is the last trip up-river this captain and his crew will make until the spring rush has subsided. The trip averages 2 days, four hours heading downstream, so the five day planned trip should tell Nigel and the others just how hard the captain and his crew will be working against the current.
Note that the Cyr river is very broad and very deep, particularly at this point. Swimming across or up the river is futile and suicidal.
On the night SHORTLY before this trip is to begin the group will be attacked. Word has gotten back to Arrith about Dhanna and he has seen her likeness from death readings of some of the dead goblins. Arrith knows of Dhanna and who she is, but the areas of operation that Dhanna and Arrith have worked in have not coincided. However, he does recognize her power and has sent a Major Shadow Assassin to deal with her. This creature will be extremely difficult to kill, but I am expecting Nigel and Steuben to do it together. This battle will be difficult and there will be wounds. I expect Dhanna to be wounded to some level of incapacity (but not unconsciousness). The group will be forced to flee.
However, it all works out, my intent here is to force the party to take to the boat. If the inn is destroyed in the process, oh well. The assassin will not pursue the party on the water. But it will follow them. The group will realize that it is waiting for them whenever the boat may go to shore.
Dhanna will be quite busy fixing herself and everybody else so her backup will be limited to the party. Her anger against Arrith will be quite formidable however.
It is now at this point though that Arrith enters an active game against the group. They are beneath him though so his complete attention will not be focused upon them (which is good!). However, for the group it means that some powerful agents of Arrith will begin coming against them. For now though, their pursuer is the assassing until they kill him.
Note that the assassin will come only at night when he can use the shadows to best effect.

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