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This file is the most recent I have as far as my session listings. However, there is a gap between this one and the last that was filled in by a few sessions. Matt, some of this did not occur as written down. Such is the way of the game session. Anyway, here is this session file:

1.1 Explanatory Notes/Recap

2.0 Overview
Steuben has arranged for passage up the river on a small flat-bottomed boat. Dhanna, Nigel and Steuben are paying passengers aboard a cargo boat. The boat is headed to Steegan which is five days travel. There are farther villages, but Steegan is as far as the boat can go considering the time of year. It is the last trip up-river this captain and his crew will make until the spring rush has subsided. The trip averages 2 days, four hours heading downstream, so the five day planned trip should tell Nigel and the others just how hard the captain and his crew will be working against the current.
Note that the Cyr river is very broad and very deep, particularly at this point. Swimming across or up the river is futile and suicidal.
On the night SHORTLY before this trip is to begin the group will be attacked. Word has gotten back to Arrith about Dhanna and he has seen her likeness from death readings of some of the dead goblins. Arrith knows of Dhanna and who she is, but the areas of operation that Dhanna and Arrith have worked in have not coincided. However, he does recognize her power and has sent a Major Shadow Assassin to deal with her. This creature will be extremely difficult to kill, but I am expecting Nigel and Steuben to do it together. This battle will be difficult and there will be wounds. I expect Dhanna to be wounded to some level of incapacity (but not unconsciousness). The group will be forced to flee.
However, it all works out, my intent here is to force the party to take to the boat. If the inn is destroyed in the process, oh well. The assassin will not pursue the party on the water. But it will follow them. The group will realize that it is waiting for them whenever the boat may go to shore.
Dhanna will be quite busy fixing herself and everybody else so her backup will be limited to the party. Her anger against Arrith will be quite formidable however.
It is now at this point though that Arrith enters an active game against the group. They are beneath him though so his complete attention will not be focused upon them (which is good!). However, for the group it means that some powerful agents of Arrith will begin coming against them. For now though, their pursuer is the assassing until they kill him.
Note that the assassin will come only at night when he can use the shadows to best effect.
Currently: Nigel has had his history lesson from the “bard.” This has not gone unnoticed by the bartender. At a certain point Ephriam has put Nigel’s head out for bounty. A drawing of Nigel’s likeness was made and men were dispatched to major citys/villages to announce the bounty. His price is 20gp, a large sum for the people of the Domains. At first these men were largely ignored, but at some point men of questionable loyalty began to actively take this up. Nigel’s likeness has been copied and spread around and larger groups of these men have become involved. Also, enough time has passed that the general knowledge of the bounty has migrated to the regular Koros army. Both the irregulars (Ephriam’s troops) and the regulars are at a minimum aware that there is money for Nigel. The irregulars have it as a standing order to be on the lookout for this person.
So. The bartender is aware of the bounty because several times men have come in looking. And many of those have left a drawing and contact information. Thus the bartender has kept an eye out with the intent to score a little bit of money – not believing that Nigel would ever appear in his tavern though. In any case it has happend and surprised as he has been by this, the bartender has sent a runner to one of the contacts.
The contact herself has been very surprised, but has dispatched a mouse of a man (a thief) to verify the information. This thief has quietly observed Nigel’s conversation with the “bard” from the kitchen for a small amount of time. Instructing the bartender to both send a runner if Nigel tried to leave and to make an attempt to prevent him from leaving if the thief had not returned, the thief reported back.
Now, notes in 3325A_A.qxp indicate that Britt Yanther is semi-autonomous under Yerrin (the leader of the cleric forces). I did not expand on those notes, so I will do so now. Britt is not one of the irregulars. She is army and she goes where she is told. Nigel encountered her because she just happened to be commanding the forces on the border at the time of that particular battle. Now, as mentioned she is indeed semi-autonomous. What this means is that she receives her orders and then she is allowed to decide how she will carry them out and on what timetable. But she does not have any authority to go tearing off like Ephriam does. She is NOT a thane.
However, her semi-autonomy allows her certain leeway. Like the irregulars she has instructed her men to watch for Nigel. And it is one of her lieutenants that the bartender has contacted this evening.
Aftermath of Britt Yanther border battle: After her embarrassing defeat by Nigel, Britt was forced back to one of the Empire’s strongholdes. On the way there she had the senior Lorn cleric executed because in her opinion he had failed miserably in assisting the defense of the border. He was also constantly reminding Britt that she had failed and was going to do his best to make sure she was punished. So, she strung him up, upside down on an X made of wood on a rock outcropping and had him gutted. The rest of the Lorn clerics in her retinue made no objections. An opponent to their advancement had been removed and none of them felt the same as this cleric about Britt’s performance in the battle. I mention this because the executed cleric’s remains can still be seen. The area where he was executed is above a road through some hills and difficult to get to. With winter coming on he has been preseved until spring. Nigel may encounter him.
After retreating to the strongholde, Britt sent a runner to Yerrin to report. If Britt is anything, she is honest. She did not fail to mention her execution of Yerrin’s senior cleric in her report and did not minimize her actions. This is one of the reasons that Yerrin has claimed her in his detachment. He may not like a lof of her actions, but he can actually trust her.
With the Black Company now loose in the Domains and headed gods knew where, Yerrin changed her instructions. Britt was now instructed to find the rebels, the rebel strongholde and the Black Company itself. Since Britt had failed in preventing the Black Company from coming across the border, Britt could be responsible for cleaning up the mess.
These orders effectively switched Britt from an active military role to a guerilla hunting role. Intelligence was now her prime commodity. Thus Britt broke her forces up into their component parts. Britt is a Senior Kommandant in the Koros Army. As such her command is a full company which consists of two cohorts (50 men each). One battle cohort and one command cohort (senior officers). She has split everyone up into 20 men units. Her command unit she keeps with her. Commanded by individual lieutenants the units were sent out to cover/explore/gather intelligence about the rebels. Each unit commander also bore with them the drawing of Nigel.
Ceana (pronounced KEH na) is one of Britt’s commanders. She has recently found herself in the area of Naromör hunting down and beheading the local rebels. A rather grand spectacle of this was made recently in a village to the east of Naromör, Taernbie. Word of this has gotten back to Naromör and it was the talk some weeks ago. Ceana and her unit arrived one week before Nigel and Steuben.
Ceana and her men have visited several taverns with the drawing of Nigel and have actively been looking out for other rebels they are aware of. It was the thief (a man hired for certain of his abilities by Ceana, but not part of her unit) that showed the drawing to the bartender.
Now, as Ceana had hired the thief, she has also hired other displaced men of questionable names and loyalties. She (and all of the other commanders) were given this discretion by Britt so that they could do their jobs as the saw fit. This has had a lot of benefits. It has increased the size of her unit and has allowed Ceana to do her job in ways not possible just with her men alone.
So. Ceana is now aware that Nigel is here and cannot believe her luck. Note that Ceana is also tactitly aware that Nigel traveled with Dhanna based on what little info that Britt had passed on. As Dhanna was not someone that Britt had encountered she is therefore a complete unknown. Ceana has elected to regard Dhanna as dangerous therefore and has made the assumption that should she encounter Nigel she would also encounter Dhanna.
3.0 Scenario
Nigel’s conversation with the bard has been long enough that no intervention was necessary from the bartender. The thief has returned with BenPadme an Atan slave serving Ceana. BenPadme has been instructed to flirt with Nigel. She is to convice him to leave the tavern with her (up to her how to do this) and lead him to a certain dead-end street where Ceana and her full contingent will be waiting. The full contingent consists of 30 men. See the following.
1. Ceana Eragnn (Eraahn). 10th lvl Warrior
2. 10 soldiers (various sexes) 5th lvl Fighters
3. 9 soldiers (various sexes) 8th lvl Fighters
4. 10 fighters (3rd to 11th lvl)
5. 1 thief (9th lvl)
6. 1 Atan (7th lvl fighter)
7. 1 Necromancer (9th lvl)
BenPadme will move to prevent Nigel from leaving the dead end. She will be covered by the 10 fighters who will come in from the sides. Nigel will have his chance to be suspicious and detect the trap. Take things appropriately from there. Should he not avoid the trap he will hear Ceana call his name and she will then move to take him in to custody.
This can go several ways, particularly as Steuben will hear about it through the bond. Steuben however, will be unable to provide immediate assistance. However, both he and Dhanna will immediately move to help Nigel. The necromancer will have spells prepared to disable Nigel. Some sort of web, or sleep type of spell.
At any point should Nigel be captured or surrender Dhanna and Steuben will descend on the unit and things will most likely get ugly. Note that now I have decided to play the part. No more not-thinking and just standing the NPCs up. All of them will be thinking how to survive and win. Should the unlikely event happen that Nigel is captured and taken away from Dhanna and Steuben he will be delivered to Britt who will deliver him to Yerrin (not Ephriam) (which is another gaming session).

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