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Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 17 Jul 2010, 13:25

OK, here is the next post in the continuing saga of Nigel Learoyd. The events in this post occur some time ago gametime-wise. We are much farther along at the moment. Also there are some gaps at a later point because I had reverted back to writing by hand in my notebook.

Here's what I have for this post.

1.1 Explanatory Notes/Recap
Last week’s session I chose to ignore the events that would have been happening on going upstream and concentrate instead on the issue with Ceana.
Nigel has let BenPadme go, but the issue is unresolved in Ceana’s eyes. The Shadow Assassin is still waiting in the wings.
2.0 Overview
Nigel and the party have all reached Steegan in the dead of night (about 1am) and have found lodging. A couple of things are happening here.
Firstly, Kröthar has met up with Ceana shortly behind Nigel and the party leaving. They will follow to Steegan. They are now less than 3 hours behind.
Secondly, for once Nigel’s reputation has proceeded him. Count Bannock and his son Galwyr have heard of him. Count Bannock considers him to be some sort of outlaw disturbing the status quo. Galwyr like most young men of Cyr wishes to leave his mark and has an interest in Nigel. Through the men of the watch (which are more his men than his fathers) he will learn that Nigel is present and will wish to speak with him.
Thirdly, Verick vonMoorad is also present in Steegan. Verick is a third cousin of Vanion, Arion’s chancellor. He is in charge of the Red Company which unknown to Nigel has crossed in to Cyr. They did this in the dead of night in a blizzard so they managed to completely slip by any Koros Union forces. Currently the Red Company is assembling at the Hide. Verick is here because he is pursuing the mission placed upon him - that of bringing the various clans into alliance with Thanetia. He is currently trying to negotiate a treaty with Count Bannock. He has only his command unit with him (10 men).
3.0 Scenario
Shortly after their arrival, the watch (whom Nigel and party had to pass inspection through) notified Galwyr about Nigel’s presence in the city. Galwyr is further notified about where they are currently staying once that is discovered. Consequently, shortly after their arrival the door to Nigel’s room will be knocked on by Galwyr. Galwyr will introduce himself and offer what support he can. We’ll see where this discussion leads.
Now as to Kröthar. Kröthar is a smart fellow and he has determined that since Nigel is a ranger it will take a ranger to ultimately find him and arrest him. To this end at some point he hired Rauthon who is an eighth level ranger. I am using Nigel’s previous character sheet for Rauthon. Rauthon arrived at Steegan shortly after the party. Rauthon saw the party leaving via boat and deduced that Steegan was their destination (it’s the only stop at the other end). So, he rode fast and thus arrived shortly after the party. Rauthon has taken a room and boarded his horse.
Now, Rauthon is not a typical ranger. He is not technically evil, but the ranger who taught him was not an overly nice person. Neither is Rauthon. So, while he knows what a ranger knows he applies that selfishly, using what he knows for his own gain. This has served him well since the invasion as he has earned quite a bit of coin leading Koros troops around and doing the occaisonal head hunting. This job is a little different as the person he is dealing with its one of his kind. So, Rauthon is going to approach it somewhat differently.
Before taking room and board, Rauthon tracked Nigel and the party to their current location. He also observed Galwyr. He will wait to see what happens next.
Now, after discussion with Matt it seems that Nigel does much better in a forest environment one-on-one which makes sense given his class. To that end, encounters now will be geared toward one-on-one in this environment.
It is now not my intent for conflict to occur here. Rauthon is a ranger and he will attempt to take Nigel in his element, away from the city where others may get involved. So, whatever social events will occur here will be allowed to play out if Matt wants to.
Kröthar and the rest of his group will arrive soon after Rauthon but will not precipitate any events here in the city. They are waiting on Rauthon’s signal. Considering what happened in the previous city with Ceana, Kröthar thinks this is wise.
Whenever Nigel departs Steegan, leading as has been discussed with Steuben, Rauthon will begin to make his move. Use the Arms Companion rules on Stalk/Hide & Perception and the rules on Bushwacking to determine Rauthon’s success. Rauthon will attempt to bushwack Nigel when he is the farthest out from the main group. He knows that Steuben and Dhanna can come quickly so he will try to do this fast. If he cannot take Nigel easily then he will attempt to wound and withdraw. If that happens, then the party is alerted to his presence and Rauthon will then be forced to conduct harrasing attacks which he will do.
If this occurs then hopefully it will turn in a running duel between the two.
*NOTE* Rauthon is equipped with some evil magic items that Nigel may or may not want if Rauthon is taken. See the character sheet for these.
Lastly, if it looks like Rauthon is to be captured/killed he will surrender. The coin is not worth his life; this is merely a job for him. However, the point in his harrassing attacks is to give Kröthar enough time to catch up. Rauthon will have given the signal to Kröthar if his bushwack has failed.
So, unless Nigel fails to take care of the harrasment, Kröthar and group will also begin to harass. This may provide difficulties to Nigel and party.
Note also that there are various small bands of Koros troops roaming the forests as well as the presence of small cottages and farms, so this may add some spice to things.
In conclusion, however, all this is to wrap up by game end. With my new focus here, there is one combatant to deal with and the conflict is to be concluded at game end – one way or another!

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