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A Campaign, Original Party, old handwritten notes

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A Campaign, Original Party, old handwritten notes

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 19 Sep 2010, 15:15

The following notes were handwritten by me, probably about 1992. I recall at the time being very uncertain about what direction to take the party in. The party had all managed to get from Thanetia to Vashed (Vaa-shedd), retrieve the unclean Ankh, encounter Vash hereself (Kellina's avatar) and escape down through the Imperium and in to the Perth Theocracy.
Along the way the party had stolen Duke Morgan's horses, encountered the Giant Spike which hovers above the holding bottle of Rupert McRory (evil demigod) and endured a river journey south. My notes do not indicate what happened between between crossing the border and getting to Perth proper. Although, by memory I do recall a priest meeting them outside of the town they entered (Bethel, apparently that IS in the notes) halfway between the border and Perth. I assume that priest is the one mentioned in these notes. The notes are small, no more than a short recap and some musing about what to do next. Following that I will have some other notes that are far more recent in which I have written down what I recall from memory.

The notes:
Party arrives at Bethel in the late morning hours. The party is contacted by Jharod Nardeena, a cleric of Kellina. He informs Jeff [one of the players] that the goddess [Kellina] has revealed to him what his pennance is to be (Jeff's character has been involved in some altercation with Shawn's character (another player) which involved napalm and burning ships to the water line if I recall correctly; Matt may know more) and to the party what their pilgrimmage is (still NO recollection of what I had planned there). He [Jharod] will journey with the party to Perth to preside over Cyrill's burial. [Note here that I do not actually believe I meant the burial of Cyril (sp) Argus, but the burial of Cyril's father. Although that is entirely open to debate as I cannot definitively recall names. Later incarnations of this campaign however, required me to start filling in gaps, so Cyrill became Cyril Argus. The complete original name I do not recall, or even if I HAD a complete original name!] Here he will also reveal Jeff's pennance.

1.15.2011: I now recall what 'pilgrimmage' I meant. The party was journeying to Perth with a two-fold intent at this point. For Cyril it was to bury his father. To do that properly though (according to how Cyril wanted his father buried), it was necessary to reclaim the one and only church (parish) of Kellina within Perth. This church was unclean due to unuse. So, Father Felonius' (cleric run by Jeremy, another player) job was to sanctify it and preside over Cyril's burial. Note too that I think the Ankh had already been re-sanctified by actions of Father Felonius earlier at the Keep where the party obtained it.

After the funeral Cyrill (sp) will discover that his grandfather [later made in to his father] held a minor barony. It has been held in trust (and disrepair) until someone of the line can claim it. There is enough treasure to provide each party member w/2500 gp [remember this is AD&D]. There is also a treasure map. [Note here that this was intended to be the reward for all the party had gone through and a potential hook for a new adventure. Also, because I was being a bit of a jerk and wanted to make them work for their reward. I had not yet strung everything together as one giant campaign. It was a series of adventures with only one goal (the burial of Cyrill's grandather) up to this point. Note also that by AD&D standards, the gold reward was not much, but I did not intend it to be. The party had recently stashed a VERY large sum of gold in a cavern they had encountered on the way to the keep to retrieve the ankh. That gold is still there, btw Matt, waiting for retrieval – for a little while yet anyway.]

At this point a line is drawn and I map out some points for an alternate adventure. The alternate did not happen as we went elsewhere, but here it is.

Venture B: A meeting is to be held in Zunai between a few nobles. The topic will be a recent Exodus of elves from Ehlovar. It will be revealed that an orc invasion has landed in that country. The party has been hired [still working with the old AD&D hiring hall concept here at this point]as escort for the nobleman going to Zunai and Jeff's job is to find out information through 'unusual' channels once the party has reached Zunai. [Jeff was the party's thief. Note that Zunai later turned out to be part of the Lorn Imperium, although nominally. It's based on Middle East culture, but it has it's own hiearchy (and it's own ruler). Zunai is responsible for a large amount of the Imperium's wealth so the Imperium tends to allow it to govern itself and does not overly try to control it.] Here ends this portion of the notes.

Later notes.
What I think happened
Jeff's penance was repair of church grounds & servitude to Jharod Nardeena (who reestablished church: Felonius did not come in till later (Beaufort)). [Note here that at this time the original party had a semi split. Jason had issues with Shawn. Jeff was ultimately a jerk and decided to leave. One other incident with dice and Shadowrun which I GMed ended up with Shawn and Jeff deciding they were not going to game with us anymore. Which by this point was fine with me. Jason stayed with us and would go on later to have his character getting a vorpal sword. The downside to that one was that it already had an owner. An undead owner who he had to fight to keep it. Tulla (Jason's character) kept moving to avoid this confrontation).] No idea what pilgrimmage was before crossing into Imperium and incident at Bethel [I meant Beaufort I think] where Duke Morgan's horses were stolen. [Last sentence does not make a whole lot of sense as Duke Morgan's horse were stolen at Beaufort, hundreds of miles from Bethel.] Thrull (Lich Hunter) seeks what? Thrull seeks the demi-lich. His people destroy them. Circle assasins tried to kill Jenner [Kraig Hamilton's character] to get book which is how party found out about circle. Lucian & Kaitlan were the leader (sp) of the Circle in Perth [I was heavily into Star Treak DS9 at this time]. Then book became more important than their duties in Perth so they pursued the party eventually bringing in Shane & Sia.
Lucian & Caitlan (correct spelling) escaped party attack (House burned) on member house. This was tracked down from investigating where assassin lived (Shawn & Kraig investigated).
Thrull was looking for Drae! Thrull & the immortals are lich-hunters, keeping the balance. Fenrid told Thrull what had happened, but no one mentioned the book! Later, Fenrid's cousin Finglefyn (sp?) showed up w/elven refugees. Fenrid convinced the party to go to Ehlovar & fight in defense of capitol. [Note on the side of this paper indicates that all of this happened after the return from the Isle of Dread (which was on the treasure map I gave the players earlier).]

One of these days I'm going to write down the complete events from beginning to now!

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