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1.1 Explanatory Notes/Recap
Nigel infiltrated the tower and made it to the library on the second level whereupon the clerks in the library used his surprise arrival to attack their captors. Fleeing downstairs they encountered four of the fighter mages. One of these cast Stun Cloud and stupidly continued in to the AoE. Nevertheless, the clerks were KOed in the first and second rounds and eliminated in the third round by the electrical crits. The fighter mage in the AoE also suffered from the effects and was physically slain by Nigel. Nigel managed to case a ranger spell which incapacitated two of the remaining three fighter mages and was able to attack and kill them. The third fighter mage was not stunned and was able to defend and attack. Nigel was unable to sufficiently wound this fighter mage in an all out attack and was KOed by a succesful attack which he could only offer a token defense to.
The scene then shifted to a world of pain and constantly shifting consciousness. Nigel eventually became aware of the passage of distance simply because of the bond to Dhanna. At the end of this session, Ephriam, who now has him, was waking him up from his unconscious state.
2.0 Overview
Nigel is the reason the fighter mage riders were present here at this enclave. They were hoping to establish a base here to search the mountain for him. They are very curious as to why it’s here, but their mission was to capture Nigel.
Consequently, the fighter mage that KOed Nigel knows exactly who he knocked out. He immediately proceeded to haul Nigel downstairs and headed directly to the creature pens. Quickly saddling his mount and securing Nigel’s body, he proceeded to fly away.
This however, was a difficult thing. Informing his fellows of his deed while running most of the rest of the riders were also able to mount and fly (including their leader).
At this point Dhanna and Steuben arrived, Dhanna in a righteous fury after having sensed Nigel’s danger. Magic combat ensued. Three of the original ten riders (including the leader and the rider holding Nigel’s body) managed to survive. The third rider, seriously wounded and his air steed as well crashed at the bottom of the mountain. Both the leader and Nigel’s capturer however managed to fly on to Ephriam’s known location. Nigel was repeatedly struck to keep him knocked out (explaining his pain and drifting through consciousness.
Ephriam was not at all happy at Nigel’s condition, but refrained from any punishment of his two riders. Instead he rewarded them and dispatched them to their post.
Ephriam then concentrated on attending to Nigel’s hurts. Multiple beatings had resulted in skull fracturing, which was repaired. Tissue damage was mended, including the wounds Nigel received from the cut delivered (which was hastily attended to and saved his life by the fighter mage who cut him down). None of this was painless as the clerical magic the clerics of Lorn work does not involve anesthesia.
Now that Nigel has been sewn up and fixed he will require about 4 weeks of recovery, just his body replacing the blood loss and healing. During all of the healing Ephriam will have been informed by the clerics of the bond between Nigel and Dhanna. To be safe he has been issued a tincture that prevents any spell casting for about 6 weeks. It also serves to block an connection between Dhanna and Nigel. The clerics are unsure about the details of the bond, but it’s examination reveals similarity to chaining and therefore they prescribed the standard neutralizer for chaining. It is effective and Nigel therefore is suffering some effects of being separated from Dhanna.
3.0 Scenario
Ephriam’s only plan is to turn Nigel over to his superiors. He is a political prisoner and should be dealt with by them. But before that he will make sure that Nigel is comfortable and that he is healing. He will explain everything I have written to Nigel so far and will indicate his respect for his enemy. He will make sure that Nigel understands that attempting to escape, although desirable and understandable is not wise. In his current condition and magical arrestment, Nigel will not get very far and that would unfortunately force Ephriam to put him under. Something Ephraim does not desire to do.
Further, Ephriam understands that Nigel will not assist him, nor provide him information. So, he will not waste time. Nigel will be well cared for and receive most of what he asks for until he is ready to travel.
When he is fit to travel, Acris, the fighter mage who capture him will be summoned, Nigel will be bound and secured to Acris’s mount and both will set out for Laros. Ephriam will say goodbye, telling Nigel that most likely Ephriam will indeed see him again.
Acris will set straight for Laros. Nigel will be essentially immobile (treat as stunned) and unable to carry out any actions that would be hostile. Acris will deliver him to Laros thinking that that is the end of it. However, a hold will be placed on Acris’s leaving. A rider is a valuable asset and he is available to the Laros command at the moment.
Between the time of the last notes on Laros and last week, the assault force surrounding Laros (of which Nigel knew nothing because he did not get this far) managed to break and secure the town. They have subdued or put to the sword the various Cyr clerics present, captured Fingal and Rory McDuff and also Gavin Toreth and BenAsher. All very important captures.
All are long gone now, sent off to Atbaah Isle. And that is where Domark Mzekk, the Union appointed governor of the Domains will send Nigel. Before I continue with Nigel I will just briefly say that Mzekk has established command here of the Domains in Laros, the traditional seat of authority in the Domains. Things look very bleak for the Domains at this point. When Nigel comes in with Acris he will see a major camp established here. Far more troops and church affiliates than could be dealt with by anything he has cobbled together at the moment.
In any case, Acris will be ordered to fly him to Atbaah. This he will do, in the same manner as before. It will be a long flight at which point Nigel will arrive around twilight. Acris will be met in the air by the aerial defenders of the isle and will identify himself and be allowed to land.
Nigel will be secured by guards and Acris will be officially released. Shortly after this a magical mark will be placed upon him. This mark will allow him to once again use magic, but any effects directed against his jailers are automatically dispersed. This mark is a specific spell that is only used by Koros Union high level mages serving in penal posts. It will take one of those to reverse it. This is explained to Nigel before the spell is cast. At that time the effects of the tincture will be nulled.
As a political prisoner Nigel will be treated decently. He will be escorted under armed guard to the main tower and after getting through all the doors, locks, tunnels and corridors will be deposited in a private room with no less than Gavin Toreth.
After introductions, Gavin will inform him of the things that have gone on in Laros and of the presence of Fingal and Rory and of BenAsher.
It is the intention of the jailers to maintain permanent custody of the prisoners. However, as these (Nigel included) are important prisoners they will be allow to roam. Jobar, their personal chamberlin and servant will at some point introduce himself to Nigel (Gavin already knows about him) and will answer what questions he is permitted of Jobar.
Jobar is their advocate and it is his job to serve and protect them. He will do this to the best of his ability, informing them if what they seek to do or wish is likely to harm them. However, his first duty is to the state and he will refuse to do anything that harms the state or assists in their escape. That is not to say though that in any failed attempts at escape he will not be there trying to prevent any damage this may cause to them.
Things are now in Nigel’s hands at this point.

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