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Not a whole lot to say here. The A1 campaign was my second setting and involved the second character my friend had made. Eventually some other people got involved and we had a campaign. That all ended mysteriously (and somewhat acrimoniously) by October 1994. The files I am posting now are intended to be pickups from after that point where everyone left. By the time I got around to starting on them, I had gotten involved in RM, so this was my first stab at writing for the new system (not AD&D). Also, my PC had been stolen by this point so I'm going from memory here.

Adventure Outline
(Yeah. A Microsoft Works file. This is what I was using before Word.)

Brief Notes/Recap
Fenrid Canredd has arrived safely across the border of the Shadowlands. With him are
This is my friend's character. A converted AD&D fighter/mage. An Elf. The line "With him are..." ends because I was uncertain right then who exactly I wanted to accompany him. I had determined that I would convert some of the PCs who had been with Fenrid at this point to RM characters, but I didn't have the players character sheets at the time. Ultimately, he ended up proceeding alone. Incidentally, we played under AD&D rules for a very brief period. When the last session had ended, Fenrid was left hanging in the air (literally) with an AD&D flying spell. My friend argued that Fenrid should be allowed to continue under those rules until he safely got to the ground — at which point we switched to RM rules. I cut him some slack...

1. Brief Notes/Recap
2. Overview
3. Scenario
1. Descriptions
1. See
2. Hear
3. Feel (touch)
4. Smell
5. Taste (if applicable)
2. Contingency Plans
1. Design scenarios with alternate paths to success, alternate outcomes. Do NOT predestine characters or make assumptions of success, where failure will result in the failure of the scenario. Do not base outcomes on the success or failure of any one character (see above sentence).
2. Escape/rescue plans without contrivance. The way OUT!
You'll find these statements in most of my session files. They are there to constantly remind me of what I should always build in to my plans.

4. Conditionals
5. NPCs/Creatures & Treasures [Stats]
6. Characters and Interactions
7. Notes & Record-keeping

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