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OK. This session was the third derivative of the A campaign. By this time I had become comfortable with running RM as a Gamemaster (working with Matt, my friend who was running Fenrid). So I brought in Dave, Aaron and from time to time Erik (yeah, 2 Erik's in the group). The idea was to get these guys to a sufficiently high level to be on equal footing with Fenrid when he arrived in Karthin, which is where this session is set. Vassilisa is a capitol city in Karthin. Also, Matt's new character would transition out so that by the time the party met up with Fenrid Matt wasn't running 2 characters at one time. We never got there though as I moved to Arizona later on.

Adventure Outline
Brief Notes/Recap
This adventure is a pre-main campaign adventure with the intent to have a character gain a reasonable level to participate in the main campaign which is now waiting to re-start.

The date is August 1st, 3325. It is Sunday. In the "strong-country" it is the 41st year of the 197th cycle, the reign of Queen Ilena Skagen. The house of Selde is in decline with only a weak fool leading it. The burial of High Lord Morven Skagen is recent history and the new High Lord is a babe in swaddling clothes. And war is coming.
With the arrival of Fenrid Canrid in November of 3325 the isolation of Karthin is about to end. Between this date and November 12th, a coupe will occur, old secrets will be revealed, and a nation will question it's identity.

Steuben, has been journeying for sometime now to Karthin. Tol has informed him of his duty in this area. If the book is to be recovered (although it hasn't even been found yet), Fenrid will need a strong party to back him up.
Steuben is an old PC that I used as a bridge between the first A campaign and this one. I used him to gently guide the party where I needed them to go. He was also useful as help if the party got into trouble it could not handle on it's own.

David was born in a small town in Karthin called Ottokar. Steuben arrives at the local tavern and makes known that he is looking for apprentices to journey with him. David's father gets him involved.
They will be journeying from here to Silettia, which is a remote monestary. David knows a little about it, but not much. Steuben will be picking up a cleric from here and will then be journeying with both PCs to Vassilisa.

Encounters: The group will come across a violent scene about 2 days out from Ottokar. Several armsmen and their horses have been ambushed, murdered, and looted. David will recognize that their uniform is that of the Home Guarde, but little else. Steuben on the other hand, knows exactly who this detachment was. This is the party's first encounter with Tavor. Tavor is the equivalent of Kalkor to the south. He is raising the men of clan Ajai against the crown. The intent is to unite all the far-flung clan members and return to their ancestral homes. [Tavor is totally unaware, as is the rest of the country, of the existence of the Shadow Lands, or of Kalkor for that matter.] He is currently raiding the area around the party's home, which is how the party finds out about him.
Tavor has about 10 men with him, and the next encounter with the party will be at a trailside inn in the middle of the night. The intent is to roust the patrons while they are groggy from sleep and rob them. Steuben will show some of his abilitys this night, but not all.

UPDATE: The party has since move into the tribal lands of the Ajai. The next tribal land is that of the Akari. They have been scouted by the band and have had discourse with them. As yet, they are unaware that there is a seperate faction [this is new information] that is led by Tavor, who they have yet to encounter on the lands here.

Background info: Before the coming of the Karthinians, when the tribes were in disunity and were practicing evil, the orcs gave them Worgs as a gift. The tribesmen who controlled them were always some part orcish, control being greater with greater orcish blood in their veins. This hereditary trait never died out, and has in fact strengthened. Tavor and Kalkor both are half-orcs. The worg itself has never died out and is now making its comeback. Incidentally! It is the tribes that developed the "damane" concept in order to control their female magicals after the great war. The Karthinians, like everything else in the name of protection, stole their female magicals, and the damane concept. This "slavery" is now practiced only at the courts of the land and among the tribes. It is the ONLY way that Karthin allows magic to be legally practiced. However, damanes are not public objects! Still rare, and with the environment still as it is they are not used or displayed indiscriminately. Thus, Aaron's character has no knowledge of them. Karthinians being practical, many of them are deployed towards the southern border with the guard and would not have been where he was. Court damanes are common in the capital, but are a small portion and highly secretive. Since slavery is officially forbidden, general knowlege of this would not be good. Note also, that Samarita does not employ this practice within its borders at all and generally would have a bad reaction to it if it knew about it among the Karthinians themselves. It is not a bone of contention between them and the tribes, but the tribes know that Samarita does not approve. Consequently, their damanes are hidden from the Samaritans and from the Karthinians as well (who would take them if found).
Also, the "cleric" the party is getting at the monastary is the young man who can interpret the GodSpeak. He is neccessary to interpret what the old man will read at the temple in Samarita. He cannot read GodSpeak. The party's job is to get him there. Steuben will hang out the money "lure" again when they arrive at the monasary, and anything else within reason that will keep this group together with him. He will not push. If they party wants to go, he will do the job by himself and I take the party in the direction it wants to go.

A note on Steuben. The party is currently motivated by greed. If it is to go anywhere, there needs to be some sort of bond connecting the group together and to Steuben. He knows this. So, in some quiet times he will begin to share with the guys so that they do not continue to see him as some aloof employer. This is necessary to get the group headed where I want them to go. Steuben has enough personal information and ability to do this.

The party will begin to encounter small roving bands of Tavor's men as they head toward the monastery. These are groups of eight men. They will also encounter the worgs, although, only one worg with one tribesman will be encountered at the time. These are second level fighter-mages (see write-up) and the worgs should be treated as having Ω of everything. This represents their current state of deficiency. There should not be many worg encounters as there are still few mages to go around. However, if the party questions the stupidity of valuable mages being left in the wild with a half-witless animal around, then they lack knowledge of the tribes. Only these mages (and only those with orc blood) are allowed to have the worgs. They are going through their magical rites of passage by being alone on the plains, and are developing the bond between the worg that is necessary for active control.
Three events will also occur, seperate of the encounters. The first will look like an encounter, but if the party handles it right they can start to get some info on what is going on. There is a meeting between two barbarian patrols at night. Twenty-two men, and two worgs. This should be enough to discourage the party. These men will begin their meeting around the area where the party is camped for that night, unaware of the party unless the party reveals itself. They will be discussing matters in tribal, but Nick may be able to understand. If the party follows them (unlikely) they will see them raid a local Ajai tent village. This is the second event. If the party does not follow this group, then they will observe another two groups doing the same. The resulting conflict may have some info benefit for the party if they utilize the confusion.
The third event is a damane encounter. This will happen at the Samarita border and is a totally seperate issue. The damane and her handler are waiting for Steuben to appear. The female "handler" can be treated as General Barbarian. This is the first encounter with Lorn's attempts to stop the new party. The damane and her handler are acting on orders from Shiva, their goddess who is in league with Lorn, although they are unaware of this connection. No knowledge of Lorn will be gained here.
Finally, the players can or cannot encounter Faelm, a permanent Ajai/Akari trading village on the tribal border. They will not be run out, but it is unusual for Karthinians to be there. The people will trade with them and give up information for a price. There is a tavern here where they might seek info if they dare.

Note that I have left off the rest of the outline I usually have in these session files. It's a template and now that I've posted it more than once I don't think it's necessary to continue posting it.

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