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Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 17 Jul 2008, 11:20

Brief Notes/Recap
Short gap between this file and last saw Dave and Aaron discovering the involvement of the circle, kidnapping a member of the circle, and Steuben and Adam disposing of her. The party left at night from the waypoint.

This particular adventure will see the party discovering by accident the lost Samaritan city of Latahr. This city was one of the Samaritan hiding places in the God War. They will discover both orcs and drow are searching the city for artifacts that may have been left here and are establishing residency. The problem is too great for this little party to handle, but it should be reported when (if) they get out. Adam will need to find the heart of the city and the map-stone in order to find their way out. Also, the seeker if after Steuben.

Shortly after the party leaves the waypoint, the group will encounter a heavy rain. The path is going into mountains at this point. Shortly after it begins to rain, crows will be noticeable. Gremlins (5) will attack the party at this point. When they die, another five will appear and will being to pursue the party. The point is to get the party off the track and running, so work it that way. The Seeker will also make it’s appearance and this may motivate the party. Steuben will know the Seeker for what it is and will attempt to face it alone if he has to. Preferably this battle will occur after the discovery of the city, but it if takes it to motivate the group to get lost, then it will occur before. All combat is happening in the rain, a heavy downpour. The fight between Steuben and the Seeker will leave Steuben wounded. The way things are supposed to go, he is wounded, but gets the party out of danger. If the party is in danger of being killed by this thing, he will, however, sacrifice himself. Create some kind of diversion if this does not work out. The party is NOT to face the Seeker head on at this time.
Once pursued the party will stumble into an earthen tunnel that leads them into the city. This is an old air shaft and the rain has caused the earthen cover to collapse, unfortunately for the characters while they are on top of it. A torrent of water will escort them down the tunnel. They may make rolls to prevent their slide, but ultimately they will be dumped out onto the top of an old building. The last portion of the tunnel is 100 feet of vertical and 50 feet in diameter. However, the object is not to kill the characters, so they will only take a B impact critical at no more than 50. From here, the problem is finding the way out.

3325A1Bc.doc: The part has basically gotten through the entire city unmolested. I will treat this as the following. The orc parties are out, along with their drown counterparts. Unfortunately, for the group, they are returning as the party is leaving. It will happen like this. The party is still considered to be using their house to house method. This works fine. The party will, however, enter a house near the wall that is in fact an orc barracks. This building is two floors and there is treasure from the orc captains on the top floor. While investigating this phenomena, the orcs living in the building will return. There are twenty of them, and they are not happy. Their captain has twenty more hits than normal and will proceed to fight Steuben with his tebuje. This will take care of the matter of wounding Steuben as per previous notes. These orcs are AGGRESSIVE, and will fight the party to the roof (there is a ladder to it in the upper room). Interestingly enough, if the players are aware, they will discover planks long enough to cross the ten foot distance to the wall. A plan may develop. ☺.
After escaping, the party will have to cross the marsh to a large cavern entrance whereby they can make their escape. This is where Adam comes in.

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