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Brief Notes/Recap
The party has now exited the tunnels and are proceeding down the side of the mountain toward the floating city of Samarita. The Seeker has been neutralized. Steuben was wounded during the fight with the orc captain.

There are now several things that are occurring that directly concern the party. The party is now moving into that stage that begins to get them involved with the events surrounding them. First of all, the Penta (the Lorn church group running the show in the Koros Empire; Lucian, Caitlan and just about everyone else gets their orders from them) is aware that the group is out of the tunnels, which means that Lathros, the cleric the party has seen knows as well, which means that the Circle at Samarita also knows. Since, it was important that Adam reach the city, and since the party was doing the work for them, the party was left relatively unmolested. The Seeker was programmed to pull punches. Now that Steuben has been severely wounded, however,the party is going to be facing dangers from many different fronts.
Meg is the Circle’s highest representative in the area. She is a failed accolyte of high social station and wears the dust colored robes of the honorably rejected (?!). This, however, is her outward appearance. Inwardly, she hates the patriarch for denying her acceptance. This is the very reason she was rejected. Her selfish desires and attitudes are not part of the church’s values. In any case, she has been organizing her “cult” and preparing for the day when they can move. It was Lathros who contact her and set her on a mutually beneficial path. Meg knows the Blind Man, Samarita’s organized crime leader and it is through his network that her plan will work.
The intent is to “steal” the patriarch and deliver him to Lathros. Lathros’ end is to get Adam. Together, they will have the means to interpret and decipher the book. It is Lucian and Caitlan’s job to see that the book is delivered. Getting the book is Shane and Sia’s job, which they perform well. Once book, patriarch, and Adam have been secured, it is the job of Lucian and Caitlan to get all three to Cammoria. Meg’s, plan is get her cultists WITH WEAPONS into Samarita through the Blind Man’s network. Once in, Meg can hide and place them using her own people who are loyal to her. The Tan Robes are considered honorable and have high station in the province. They have even higher honor in the capitol. Now! This is the EVENT that is to take place, because of timing, when Fenrid ARRIVES at Samarita! Because of heightened security concerning the recent events in Karthin, the Penta (Lathros) is forced to wait until this time. And even that time is bad, because they will have to deal with Fenrid at the time.
To this end, Lathros will now be concentrating on eliminating the party. If they do not have enough sense to leave well enough alone, he will concentrate his efforts on them.

Samarita has four different smaller cities around it at the foot of the bridges. The northern city (to which the party is heading) is the noble city and houses the Savant, the Duke of Samarita and the Council. All nobles take the northern entrance. The west entrance is the pilgrim entrance and its city is mainly a temporary camp with some permanent structures serving the pilgrims. The southern bridge and city is the merchant entrance and city. This area has many large warehouses and support buildings. This is the area from which Samarita gets its sustenance. The east bridge and city is for the crippled, beggars, invalids and the sick. It is also the area from which the Blind Man operates. Samarita’s city guard is very familiar with its streets.
Samarita itself is bright, clean, and understated. Nothing about it, except for church buildings holds any arrogant display of wealth. And the church does not openly display any wealth as well. There is the central fountain at the center of the city. Its waters are reputed to heal most anything and the church guards it appropriately. However, this is not the main pilgrimage site for citizens of Samarita. The holy city itself inside the capitol, particularly theTrynth is the destination. The patriarch holds church services here (it is a church) and even the Savant bends to his authority here. Adam is headed here.
The party will arrive in Nor (the northern city) shortly after they have exited the tunnels. Nor is walled and garrisoned, but by Samaritan regulars and not church guard. It is here that the party will have its first troubles.
Nick will recognize a man he knows from his service time at Vassilisa. They are enemys, but the man is wearing courier clothing and is here. This may make Nick curious. Investigation will reveal that this is the Duke’s embassy/house. The courier is named Tran and he hates Nick, but in his arrogant banter he will let slip the events that have occurred in Vassilisa. Nick’s family is on the outs. The Duke will not see the party if they try to gain an audience since the Duke’s family is allied against Nick’s. Tran warns Nick to be careful in Nor since he has many friends. Also, he will insult Larry and the rest of the party and during any discussion it will come out that he is returning to Vassilisa. Larry will note that the jerkwad has a very nice rapier and main gauche. This person does not deserve to own them ☺.
Also, since the Circle knows they are there, there will start to be attempts on the party’s persons inside of Nor by hired thugs. Once the Duke knows that Nick is here, he will get the Savant to turn the city guard on them. However, since the party is moving through Nor, there will not be many fights.
Adam’s objective is the small temple at the foot of the northern bridge. He wants to get Steuben there because he knows that the church can take it from that point. Next is to get to the Trynth. The party will have to abandon their weapons to enter the city. This is at the end of the bridge. The guards will note what they have and will file them away. They get them back if they present the receipts they get for them at the gate they left them at. They are warned that the city guard of Samarita frowns heavily on any fighting. This is the church guard and the Savant’s influence has no power over them, so the party will be free to move around.
There is a small problem, however. The party is now in Meg’s area as well as the Blind Man’s. Both have weapons. Daggers, clubs, knives. The party will begin to be assaulted on their way by men in black robes. The enemy will not pull out the larger weapons or magic until they are ready to move. The guard has ornate gold/iron clubs. They rarely have to use them, but they are very good with the weapons.
Once the party has reached its objective, the question becomes what to do. The obvious draw is for Nick to go south to the capitol. The play on this will be in the following manner. While in the city, Nick will discover that certain retainers of his family have been taken hostage and are being treated badly. He will hear this from one of those who has escaped and is seeking aid in the holy city. Her name is Mara and she is a skilled bowmaster. If they go, Adam will ensure that they get the services of a Lay Healer. It is the least he can do. He promises to make sure that Steuben is taken care of. But the guy is in no condition to go anywhere. Incidentally, Larry may want Tran’s head, and since Tran has swords that Larry wants, and is going home…

Events have of course transpired differently. Larry is now wanting to go back to Nor to lift swords off of some noble person. The one I wish him to find is a Harrel and has the iron family necklace common to family members. He also has a rapier and main gauche that will attract Larry. Larry will find the man in a small café. If he watches him for a while, he will discover that he is heading towards a scarcely traveled section of the city. This Harrel is meeting with Leora, at the local Circle. Larry does not know this, but investigation will reveal it and that the Harrels are members of the Circle.
Leora’s “house” is mainly a four-walled flop-house, but with one key difference. There is a trap-door buried under all the trash that gives access to the underground sewers of Nor which have been claimed by the Circle. If Larry and the rest investigate this at all, they will be cleaning out cultists. There are a total of 100 cultists using the underground at any one time. There are four mages, and one cleric on loan from Lathros. The cleric has orders to remain hidden, but to use his skills when he can get away with it. He is 5th level. The other mages are 2nd level. Leora is of course, a witch. Use the underground dungeon for the Yanarin Circle, but replace the creatures with summoned demons and cultists where applicable; other creatures if possible. Leora will fight to keep the party out of here.
Also, Larry wants to fence his items in the southern city. We will deal with this mainly by negotiation rolls. Also, if he investigates the eastern city he will find out about the Blind Man. There are links to the underground in Nor here. Also, this particular city is filled with cultists, although the church is unaware of it.

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