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Brief Notes/Recap
The party is currently enthralled by the treasure horde they have come across. The treasure is NOT the same as the treasure listed in the Yanarin Circle dungeon. That treasure was specific to Ehlovar, while this treasure is specific to Samarita/Karthin. The new treasure is listed below. The party is generally unaware of a few things. 1> Because the lock was picked, an alarm has rung in the rooms where the cultists are staying. They will now be moving toward the party. In addition, the gates of the “demon-hall” will now be released. A series of fights will ensue, ending with the battle with Leora. The thane and cleric will participate in this last engagement. Killing them all will be the only alternative. The party will also have to deal with all the roaming demons if they wish to clean the area out entirely. 2> The “bottomless pit” is actually not. As used in the Yanarin Circle crawl, it is a dual teleportation system. It is a transfer point between the different dungeons of the circle, some of which have this same layout. The broken altar and parephenelia that the party threw into the pit was actually the altar and other items that Fenrid and the others threw down the pit at the Yanarin Circle. These things will now appear elsewhere. Secondly, the pit also serves as a holding gateway for communication with the diocese in Cammoria, although this option is rarely used. The speaker at the other end is a high-level thane who would not be pleased to see anyone other than a Lorn cleric appear.
Larry has pawned his items, and obtained his swords.


The party is now ready to receive a few more details. They can obtain the nature of the “war” from the thane and the cleric. They are willing to talk as they have no personal emnity toward the party and being selfish will attempt to secure their own lives. There are now background issues to be taken care of, as well as some reasearch items.

Ellahna Avanrei This is the goddess, whose icon Larry rescued. This is not a chance act. Kellina has determined that it is time for her sister to return. Typically, she has not consulted Ellahna. Avanrei’s story can be found in L&L_EA.doc. Print this out for David. Ellaha is surprised at this turn of events and has protested to Kellina, but to no avail. She is NOT happy with Larry’s endowment, which will serve to expose her. However! She has plans for Larry that he will probably not like. She is now moving her last remaining paladin and priestess towards Larry with the intent to reveal themselves to him and bring him to the cause. Ellahna is not stupid though. She knows of Larry’s nature and will not make him a paladin, but rather one of her new faithful.
The Imperium Coin A connection to the coin will most probably be through the thane and cleric, who are coincidentally from the Imperium. However, the church can reveal some limited history of the coin. Particularly that the visage on the coin is of Lorn and that the obverse simply has the denomination. The language is a derivative of common.
“Firestones” Treat as “Light pellet.” RR versus 5th level to avoid being blinded. Blinded = Stunned 1 rnd/10 failure.
Fantos The little fat-man figuring that Larry picked up. Information is in L&L_FAN.doc. Fantos is not currently aware of his recent revival on Kell. At this time, he is not a factor. However, it should be noted that the figurine and necklace were sold to Lathros and that the objects are now on their way to the Koros Empire. The necklace has great evil upon it, simply because it represents the “spoils” of war, i.e. what Fantos stands for. It is an embodiment of all that evil rolled into one and the re-emergence of the necklace heralds those things from whomever wears it. For game purposes the necklace makes those acts easier to commit by applying bonuses where appropriate. See the Legends and Lore file for full details.

Leaving Samarita This is where things start to go unpredictable for the party. Until now, they have been dealing with some loose cannons who do not know how to run a proper rebellion. This is not so with the Circle inside Karthin itself. Those that have joined the Circle are noblemen or men of worth who have cut their teeth in deciept, deception, and subterfuge. Consequently, the party will now be dealing with smarter bad guys. The first of which is Laeru.
Laeru is a cleric of Ahriel turned cleric of Karoa. Lathros and Tilly (the one in charge in Vassilisa) have used a long-dead culture to futher their goals. These demon-raisers are now being heralded across the country by the dissatisfied cleric of Ahriel. Laeru became a follower at third level. Consequently, he has the spell lists necessary to summon, contact, and do whatever these guys do. The “Karoans” meet in secret and carry out the instructions of those who contact them. Currently, that is Lathros, masquerading as a demon. He has a back-up though, in case his disguise is pulled and that is a local Chaos Lord (true thane) in the area that can pass suitably (demons being too unpredictable).
In any case, Lathros is manipulating Laeru in this guise. Laeru and his followers are now aware of the party as Lathros, through Meg has given them the images of them. A cell of twenty of the Circle (they call themselves that at Lathros’ behest) started spreading their ways across the Samaritan border before it was closed. They have completely taken over the little town of Nomahk and with Lathros’s help have infused the area with demons, undead, and other unsavory creatures. Unfortunately for the party, Nomahk lies between them and Captain Borreaux’s post.
The party, like any sane people will attempt to go around the village. However, there are problems. They will either have to fight the HomeGuarde patrols, who will not deliver them to Captain Borreaux (he is a jerk) and thus be marked, or go through the village. Give Larry clues as to the existence of the Circle here. Also, the Lay Healer will object to just leaving the area without attempting to purify it. The party should be able to take care of this, given nobody has gotten seriously hurt yet. And in this kind of situation, the church’s lay healer will give his life for the others.

Note: Nothing to do currently with things, but Adam is a Corithins. The lines of the royal Houses survive, held by the church in Samarita, until the appropriate time to bring them forth, which is SOON!

Circle Treasure in Nor

1, 157cp 632sp 1,128gp 13 gems (5-100gp, 8-50gp)

Magical Items: 3 Elixirs of Health (full hits back)
4 Potions of Extra Healing (as 4th level Healing on Concussion Ways)
1 Potion of Flying (As Fly from Lofty Bridge)
2 Potions of Heroism (straight transfer)
4 Potions of Invisibility (as Invisibility I from Invisible Ways)
5 Potions of Poison (determine lethality when giving to players)
2 Potions of Undead Control (as Control Demon I from Dark Summons)

Caduceus of Ulthuran (Spell Law)
Pulverizing Fist of Mar (Spell Law)
Scrolls of Alhambra (Spell Law)
Kinzhull’s Cup (Spell Law)
Dagger of Torment (Spell Law)

Various suits of armor, weapons, and equipment.

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