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Brief Notes/Recap

The party made it to Darweilon after having done what I predicted. The Circle is now in a state of dissaray, being led by Murdoch, the Chaos Lord. This is not generally a problem, but Murdoch is a fighter, not a political person. This little incident will actually then play well into the situation. Lathros is in limbo. When next the party encounters him, he will be an undead creature, but in whose service and for what I am not sure on yet. The party has linked with Ean, so ignore the following about meeting with him and subsitute someone else for the sacrafice. Nick is attempting to make contacts.
For the campaign to continue, I MUST NOW CREATE THE KARTHIN POLITICAL SITUATION. It is imperative that the GM knows about the situations revolving around the players, especially since they now have some political and fiscal power of their own.


Nomahk This is where things start to go unpredictable for the party. Until now, they have been dealing with some loose cannons who do not know how to run a proper rebellion. This is not so with the Circle inside Karthin itself. Those that have joined the Circle are noblemen or men of worth who have cut their teeth in deceipt, deception, and subterfuge. Consequently, the party will now be dealing with smarter bad guys. The first of which is Laeru.
Laeru is a cleric of Ahriel turned cleric of Karoa. Lathros and Tilly (the one in charge in Vassilisa) have used a long-dead culture to futher their goals. These demon-raisers are now being heralded across the country by the dissatisfied cleric of Ahriel. Laeru became a follower at third level. Consequently, he has the spell lists necessary to summon, contact, and do whatever these guys do. The “Karoans” meet in secret and carry out the instructions of those who contact them. Currently, that is Lathros, masquerading as a demon. He has a back-up though, in case his disguise is pulled and that is a local Chaos Lord (true thane) in the area that can pass suitably (demons being too unpredictable). This is now doubly true, due to Lathros’ death. Murdoch is now running things.
In any case, Lathros is manipulating Laeru in this guise. Laeru and his followers are now aware of the party as Lathros, through Meg has given them the images of them. A cell of twenty of the Circle (they call themselves that at Lathros’ behest) started spreading their ways across the Samaritan border before it was closed. They have completely taken over the little town of Nomahk and with Lathros’s help have infused the area with demons, undead, and other unsavory creatures. Unfortunately for the party, Nomahk lies between them and Captain Borreaux’s post.
The party, like any sane people will attempt to go around the village. However, there are problems. They will either have to fight the HomeGuarde patrols, who will not deliver them to Captain Borreaux (he is a jerk) and thus be marked, or go through the village. Give Larry clues as to the existence of the Circle here. Also, the Lay Healer will object to just leaving the area without attempting to purify it. The party should be able to take care of this, given nobody has gotten seriously hurt yet. And in this kind of situation, the church’s lay healer will give his life for the others.
Also, one final note that might sway the party. This is where they will meet Ean Demmersling. The following is info that will fit him into the area.
Ean is a Paladin of the church of Ahriel. His order is the Justinian order. This order has only recently learned of the emergence of the Karoan cult. It (as well as the church) is completely unaware of the existence of the Circle. The church dispatched his order (there are two others, but they deal with “worthier” issues) to take care of the problem. Ean and his man were tracking some of these cultists when they crossed the border. A battle ensued and with the advent of unloosed demons, Ean and Lars (his man) became seperated. Ean does not know where Lars is (being prepared as a sacrafice NICKS GIRL ), but his duty is to rid this village of its evil. When the party encounters him, he will press for their assistance.
It should also be noted that Ean’s last name is that of a major family. He can also demonstrate a strong lineage connecting him to the Corithsins. This is NOT going to be a problem, because it is not the Samaritan’s church’s intent to place Adam or the others upon the throne unless absolutely necessary. Since Ean will be accepted and placed, this will not be necessary. Ean also served with the Home Guard as one of their fighting chaplains (not called such) as has generated an undying loyalty and respect by that lot.
After dealing with this situation, it will be time to pay a visit to Captain Borreaux. Ean will be a great help in this. The following are the details for that event.
I do not expect much trouble here. The party has a plan, and Borreaux is running scared. The only difficulty will be getting an audience with him, but that should not be a problem with Ean’s recognition and Larry’s role. Borreaux will be more than happy to sign off on a pass in order to get rid of them. Note that Borreaux is not any kind of major character and will later meet his demise when his men refuse to follow a bad order and turn on him.
Once the party has crossed the border they won’t have any real problems. The HomeGuard is a military entity and although controlled by nobles they have no real reason to obstruct travelers with a border pass. The first city after the border is Vega. Lathros and his people however, have some difficulties. They cannot freely cross the border and so will lose the location of the party for a while. The gremlins, however, find their own ways across.
Vega This is a small border city with a thriving lumber trade. The trade has been crippled by the closing of the border and the baron here is not happy. The party will find out lots of information on the current state of things here. The baron has loyaltys to Nick’s family, but unless an incident is precipitated by the party they will not know this. Events will set themselves up for the party here and the party will have to make their decisions on how to procede from Vega. Since the situation could go anywhere at this point, writing ahead will wait for the party’s actions to solidify things.

Note: Nothing to do currently with things, but Adam is a Corithsin. The lines of the royal Houses survive, held by the church in Samarita, until the appropriate time to bring them forth, which is SOON!

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