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*Please note that previous posts have shown striked out copy by italics. Since most of these posts pick up from a previous one, I am not going to format this one.

Brief Notes/Recap

Party is now across the border in Romananov lands-finally. They have had their encounter with the Blaster Beetle and have seen the Gremlin spawning pool. Problems to resolve are Randall’s healing and the Gremlin Spawning pool. Solution to the Gremlin spawning pool is to have a far off battle between the Gremlins and the Blaster Beetles. Hopefully, Nick and Larry will get the hint that that problem is something they do not have to worry about. Randall’s healing.He has burn scars in the shape of the armor he was wearing. He will heal his concussion hits back according to the rules. No permanent damage.
The forest is being turned into a primeaval encounter area.


Rumors are just that. And the list below will remain until they are ticked off. Rumor one states “black robed figures.” Now the assumption by the party was that this was outsiders. Not the case. Those figures were simply high ranking noble cultists running around in the halls. [See the history on the MacCormicks in the familys file.]
Rumor two is true. Lorn Imperium soldiers are indeed, garrisoning Meara. They are there to protect the clerics and the interests of their government. They don’t care about the Mac’s and will only aid them if to their advantage.
• Black robed figures were present the night of the fall
• Meara is heavily defended by foreign soldiers who speak strangely
• The church has declared a “holy war” against the rebellious tribes
• Detainment of tribesmen caught inside Athenea is occuring by church/government
• Church has renewed its mission to stamp out “illegal” magic
• Church is quietly preparing to assault Geal Coill (Athenean order)
- The church will be using damanes in this assault (unknown to the public) which will have a devastating effect on the clan
• Church knights have been dispatched to the civil conflict
• Athenean order knights in Vassilisa have been ordered by the church to aid the new government
- By aiding Gregor Selde, the church is putting him in their debt.
• The church has recognized and sanctions the new governnment
• The MacCormick lands are heavily patrolled, but there have been no conflicts with the Danner family, who warily sits on their border watching.
• The Romananovs are not involving themselves in anything, and consequently their trade is not moving.
• The Harrels, typical of themselves are happily supporting whoever is in power and are currently trying to get Gregor Selde to recognize Vette Harrel as an overgoverness of Selde property inside Vassilisa. Gregor isn’t stupid, but the constant nattering might force him to give her a bone somewhere else
• The Demmerslings are privately aware of the church’s plans and are very enraged. Family guard will engage the Athenean order on Shining Tree lands. Since the church is trying to keep this quiet, they will be forced to ignore publicly anything that happens in this arena. However, privately, Archprelate Hubert Ignacious will now seek to do anything to destroy the Demmerslings.
• War bands in the 10 mile radius around the capitol
• War in the streets of Vassilisa by family soldiers
• HomeGuarde watching the war bands
• McCormick family is fighting desperately against the Demmerslings on their border. It is said that the Demmerslings will gain Latanai soon and will be in Lillian within the month. This will happen, but the church will gain its revenge by unleashing a combined attack with their allies on the fields of Sommerling. This battle will destroy much of Demmersling’s battle leaders who are not used to having magic hurled at them. Also, a failed assasination attempt by Athenean order clerics will leave the family shaken. Their recovery will not occur fast enough to enable the family to capitalize on their gains. It is all they can do to hold on to what they have. This is when Titus recalls his sons, but fate conspires against him and they are killed by clansmen on their way back.
The party was heading toward a light. They assume it is a house or cottage. They are wrong. The light is a lamp post. It is growing out of the ground and appears to have no means of fuel. It stands at a crossroad. The path the party took to get into the forest continues to the south, but there is a smaller, more overgrown path to the left.
This path leads to a castle. It sits in a bog and from all appearances in not threatening. It is merely populated by normal creatures and monsters and has nothing evil, undead, or magical about it, Viles and the other beetle type.
There is treasure here that the players will enjoy. Roll it up when you populate the castle floor plans I have. The castle was simple a baron’s outpost on the frontier during Karthin’s frontier days. It has been passed by and forgotten about.
Remember to pull out the assassins when appropriate. Also, the party will run across the Tu'athan at some point in the forest. They are travelers and have many wares to sell (use Treasure tables). They also have an item similar to Matt’s Keogan’s ointment. It will allow the players (particularly Aaron) some comfort in the use of their characters in this dangerous environment.
The Tu'athan will inspire an immediate and intense rage from the Atan. The party is aware of the gypsies as they are part of common knowledge, however, they have no idea of their history or what it has to do with the Atans. She will treat them hostilely, and harshly at every turn and their continued deference will only enrage her more. It may be necessary for the party to remove her from the general area.

Blaster Beetle (C&TIII) The party will encounter rustlings in the bushes. If they investigate they will have the opportunity to discover the holes that the beetle has dug. The beetle has a +35 bonus on camouflage. If it makes a hard, the party will have to make a hard perception. If they make that, then follow the rules on contested roles. They save against the beetle’s rank (5) to find the hole. If the beetle did not make the roll, then a simple hard perception will find it. The beetle can hear and is aware of them. It is important that the party figures out the fireball feature of this creature. Conconct some kind of situation so that this happens. Treasure – Bright green robe, +2 Essence Adder, 40sp.

Panthershark (C&TII) Can leap & land as per Lofty Bridge spells. +75 Stalk/Hide. The party will see the creature in action. They can decide to face it or not.

Gremlins The new version. They are finally getting smart so run them in this manner. Give the party enough chances to spot them, but if they blow a surprise roll, the Gremlins will act as a group (4) on them and drop on them from the trees. They will double claw in the first attack. There will be one group that carries short swords, and another that has a net.

Militia/Assasins Whatever is appropriate. Use some type of fighter stats. If the party gets lucky, they may come upon an encampment.

Other than the occaisional encounter with small creatures and the castle, the party will be able to get through the forest with no other problems.
After the Forest Before the party hits Vega, they will come across an Inn, just south of the forest. Random generate that inn with specials and see what happens. The idea is to develop an event here that will be fun. The party should know that the inn is frequented by the HomeGuard. Although the party will most likely want to avoid them, they have a pass and there previous experience with Borreaux might reduce their shyness. The point at the inn is to get crucial information about the Romananovs. Since the HG rountinely patrols the are they will have information the party will want and need.
Between the Inn and Vega This is where the major forest encounters will occur. Describe the lands as being those found in high fantasy. They are patrolled by both Romananov and HG patrols. The Romananov men are out “policing” the area and will have a serious wonder as to what this group is about. There are a few Harrel patrols as well, although most of those men are riding with the Romananovs. There is one group however that is spying on Romananov activities and reporting back. The party might run across them. Put in a few unhappy villages and farms, clashes with armed men, and general evil mayhem before the party gets to Vega.
Vega This is a small border city with a thriving lumber trade. The trade has been crippled by the closing of the border and the baron (Boris Romananov) here is not happy. The party will find out lots of information on the current state of things here. The baron has loyaltys to Nick’s family, but unless an incident is precipitated by the party they will not know this. Events will set themselves up for the party here and the party will have to make their decisions on how to procede from Vega. Since the situation could go anywhere at this point, writing ahead will wait for the party’s actions to solidify things. Note, that Vega is in Harrel territory as denoted by the new map. The Romananovs side with the Harrels which is why I mention this. Consequently, there are many Harrels here. However, the Romananovs are only on the Harrel’s side since they are a small family and they have to deal with the Harrels for trade. Now this can go two ways. Since the party is portraying themselves as Harrels they will be able to pass securely. But if they go anonymously, they won’t be treated as well. If they are found out as to their true identity, they will have a hard time getting out of the area.

Depending on the course of the evening, the following may be played. Currently in Vega. There is a serious strutting of the Harrel family and their retainers here. The party will more than likely be hit up for duels if they are seen as strangers, and even if not it may still happen. The arrogance is sickening given the fact that nothing is moving in the way of trade. The common folk are dispirited and the city has begun to police the countryside. Abuses there are now becoming commonplace. It is possible for the party to face some young yahoos if they stay at any farm outside the city. *Note that the Duke’s men will not have a problem getting across the border. These people will make their contacts and then things will get difficult for the party.
Note that the peasant/farmer hassle situation is solveable by the party –if they wish to do so. Nick has an agenda, but the situation may offend him enough. Ean is certainly offended, but will bide his time and his tongue. If the party encounters these kinds of patrols Ean will make every effort to find out which noble is doing this. However, Ean’s mission is pressing as well. And he has a greater problem. The church in Athenea is now, not HIS church. Orders have been issued to arrest any Justinian on sight. Ean has no time, but he does have a plan. He will tell the party of it, when he figures out what is happening. The man creating the problem is Rory Romananov, Count of Memnoch, a nephew to Boris.
All roads lead to Karthin. Vega has the terminus of a minor road that feeds into the Great Roads. Once again, the party will have access to roadhouses.

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