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This session note was created but never played. Ultimately the session ended in early 1999. I think there was burn-out (on my part) and frustration in the lack of advancement to the goal (on the players part and entirely my fault).

So, this was meant to be quick jump to the main event. But as I later moved out of state in late 1999 this never got played.

I might also mention that there were some hand-written notes and a map that I also made that expanded (changed) on some of the notes here as I later considered my quick thinking jump detailed here to ultimately be illogical and quite utterly stupid.

So, take what you can from this.

Matt and Dave! The building is still burning down around you!

Brief Notes/Recap

The party has completely avoided all confrontation due to Aaron’s singlemindedness (or protectiveness as Dave claims). This is a problem as events set up for the party will not occur. Therefore, events from this point on will be tied to Aaron’s quest, or will be designed to slow him down. NOTE First warning! The party has until November 12 to be within the city walls of Vassilisa.
Encounters will now be designed to give the party info on what they will be encountering.


Rumors are just that. And the list below will remain until they are ticked off. Rumor one states “black robed figures.” Now the assumption by the party was that this was outsiders. Not the case. Those figures were simply high ranking noble cultists running around in the halls. [See the history on the MacCormicks in the familys file.]
Rumor two is true. Lorn Imperium soldiers are indeed, garrisoning Meara. They are there to protect the clerics and the interests of their government. They don’t care about the Mac’s and will only aid them if to their advantage.
Rumor three, also true. Athenean knights are marching for the tribal border. The party may encounter them. There is a small contingent from the Order of the Lioness that is following with damanes in the wake.
Rumor four, partially true. The church is detaining any tribe members it finds in its territories, but is not interfering with any Clan Shining Tree members, unless they are not known at the time (they are released when discovered). The rest are being sent to detainment camps for “magical” testing. It is not known what happens to those that do not test positive. The government is fighting a war. Any tribesman, except for obvious Shining Tree clansmen is killed on the spot. This order, however, is generally being ignored by the Home Guarde not involved in the conflict.
• Black robed figures were present the night of the fall
• Meara is heavily defended by foreign soldiers who speak strangely
• The church has declared a “holy war” against the rebellious tribes
• Detainment of tribesmen caught inside Athenea is occuring by church/government
• Church has renewed its mission to stamp out “illegal” magic
• Church is quietly preparing to assault Geal Coill (Athenean order)
- The church will be using damanes in this assault (unknown to the public) which will have a devastating effect on the clan
• Church knights have been dispatched to the civil conflict
• Athenean order knights in Vassilisa have been ordered by the church to aid the new government
- By aiding Gregor Selde, the church is putting him in their debt.
• The church has recognized and sanctions the new governnment
• The MacCormick lands are heavily patrolled, but there have been no conflicts with the Danner family, who warily sits on their border watching.
• The Romananovs are not involving themselves in anything, and consequently their trade is not moving.
• The Harrels, typical of themselves are happily supporting whoever is in power and are currently trying to get Gregor Selde to recognize Vette Harrel as an overgoverness of Selde property inside Vassilisa. Gregor isn’t stupid, but the constant nattering might force him to give her a bone somewhere else
• The Demmerslings are privately aware of the church’s plans and are very enraged. Family guard will engage the Athenean order on Shining Tree lands. Since the church is trying to keep this quiet, they will be forced to ignore publicly anything that happens in this arena. However, privately, Archprelate Hubert Ignacious will now seek to do anything to destroy the Demmerslings.
• War bands in the 10 mile radius around the capitol
• War in the streets of Vassilisa by family soldiers
• HomeGuarde watching the war bands
• McCormick family is fighting desperately against the Demmerslings on their border. It is said that the Demmerslings will gain Latanai soon and will be in Lillian within the month. This will happen, but the church will gain its revenge by unleashing a combined attack with their allies on the fields of Sommerling. This battle will destroy much of Demmersling’s battle leaders who are not used to having magic hurled at them. Also, a failed assasination attempt by Athenean order clerics will leave the family shaken. Their recovery will not occur fast enough to enable the family to capitalize on their gains. It is all they can do to hold on to what they have. This is when Titus recalls his sons, but fate conspires against him and they are killed by clansmen on their way back.

New Info

The party acted prematurely and have disturbed the ceremony. The building is burning around them. They now have the following problems. The crowd will surge back because the Baron’s forces are retreating into them, pressed by the Duke’s personal guard and a force of HARRELS! Boris has rescinded his decree in order to gain the support of the Harrell family in taking the Count’s castle. There will be battle in the halls, with lots of fiery falling things. Once the PCs get out, however, things will start accelerating.
The campaign is lagging and the expected ultimate battle at the temple is starting to lose its luster. This event was also intended to be merely a prelude to the introduction of Fenrid. It has warped into something more. To this end, I am now going to move the party directly to that event while solving some other major problems/headaches.

1) The party will discover in the halls a black-robed cleric (no shock) stepping out from a portal. This fellow is merely a minor flunkie of the church seeking to escape the events in Vassilisa. However, rather than having the party roll through him, he is going to present them with a challenge that will force them to kill or incapacitate him. The portal will remain open all the while and will become an instant access to a small room in the castle within Vassilisa. The party can figure out only within the little time given them that this is a portal, although they do not know where it goes. They can question the cleric (if they take him down), although there is precious little time for that as the hall they are in will start to fall apart around them. The only thing is to go through to save themselves. The image the portal is portraying is appropriate to the blighted look of the area within the vicinity of the Shadowlands.
2) Note about the aforementioned temple, which is now NOT being dealt with (although that may occur at some other time, as well as the “gate.” The “temple” is not your standard brick and mortar affair as was originally intended. Nor, is the gate some alien device as originally described. Most importantly, there are no slaves being taken (at least not to Meara)! Mara gave Nick false information, however, it was unknowingly. What she SAW was persons being taken by black robes in large amounts to a large glen (she saw this through the portal). What she had HEARD was that there was black-robed priests in Meara. What she ASSUMED was that this place she SAW was Meara. It was NOT! The area she saw is of course, outside Vassilisa, in an area bordering the Shadowlands controlled by Athenan knights. These people are being held as hostages, but not as slaves. They have been treated decently.
3) Dealing with the problem of too many NPCs and getting rid of Randall.
The solution cannot be contrived, nor offensive to Nick Sanzeni’s overblown sense of honor. To this end, I am cutting to the chase.
The party will arrive within Vassilisa itself. Nick will instantly be aware of this as he has been here before. However, they are on a lower level controlled by the cultists (but not priests). At this point, the party needs to determine what it is they are going to do. Ean has been cut out of the picture. Mara knows her way around the mid-levels, and Nick some of the upper levels, but what is their objective?


This is the situation within the capitol at the time the party arrives. Gregor Selde still controls the castle and certain parts of the city, although Romar Romananov has persuaded much of the HomeGuarde to began fighting Selde’s men.
The room the party is off a small corridor that leads to the larger corridor, down which, can be seen the room holding the large gate device. It is active, and the party will see a tall, dignified, older woman with an infant being escorted in to the center of the device by armed guards. Mara will instantly know that this is the queen. Whatever the party decides to do at this point, BenAdara, Mikaela, and Mara will be killed in any fighting that occurs, even if it must be sprung upon the party. They will not be going to the Shadowlands.
I assume that the party will want to go through the gate. Nick, most likely will think that it leads to Meara, which it does not. To remove Randall: It is assumed that he will be going through the gate. At the last moment, when the players can do nothing, a force of priests who have finally managed to respond to the situation will arrive and begin to hurl magic at the device. The gate will work for Nick and Larry. However, the energies will warp and place Randall in Limbo.
At this point, Randall will shortly be approached by an oriental with a bird of changing kind on his shoulder and a female drow. Both will silently escort him to the land of Faye where he will be met by Steuben. The situation convieniently worked out for him to be transported here. There is a problem with Faye and Steuben needs his help. All this should not be revealed to Dave or Aaron.


Now is the time to resolve Fenrid’s flight. He will have made it past the border, but with the sudden conversion of the world (for him, since last he was played (seriously) it was D&D) he will soon be on the ground. It is when he makes camp that evening that he will discover Nick and Larry.
As for Larry and Nick, they will arrive at an unusual destination. The energies have warped their transport and time involved as well, but not by much. They will be deposited outside the campsight of Fenrid in the middle of the night. To make matters worse, shortly after their arrival and meeting with the elf and his hostage, the HomeGuarde will arrive. Larry’s attire will go far to smooth over matters. They bring news.
With the arrival of the queen, the Border patrol of the HomeGuarde decided to act. They attacked and with a great amount of fighting secured the compound that the Athenean knights were holding the hostages in. There were survivors who fled and a number of patrols were sent out to find them. This is one of those patrols. They will convey the party to the queen, at which point Nick will also be reunited with his family.


Since Nick’s desire has been met, it should now be plausible to steer the party toward the goal. He may wish to help the queen take back Vassilisa, but this is a done deal. Romar has gained control of the city and with the arrival of the border guard and the queen and her fighting vassals, as well as the forces outside the city, Selde’s head shall soon be mounted on a pike. It is this preoccupation that will allow Fenrid his freedom from the border guard. Also, Lucian and Caitlan are themselves aware of what has happened (and in any case are adverse to fighting a HomeGuard patrol in the middle of the night) and have decided that getting to the Samaritan temple is more important at the moment. Thus, the race is on for Fenrid. It should be noted somehow to the party that Fenrid might be able to help them find their friend. And also, their own thinking can lead them to conclude that they have help from Magnus and Adam on that issue. But, they are in Samarita…

Thus Ends This Document Trail. Further adventures are in the 3325A1x.doc files.

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