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Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 10 May 2009, 11:47

This particular session note was more of an actualization on positive reinforcement for myself that I ultimately would find someone to game with. I did actually and it was two people who responded to an ad on a bulletin board at a local comic book store.

I had one session with them based on the following notes. However, it quickly became clear that I was dealing with both a Monty Haul/Rule lawyering situation from the very beginning. When the players start using equipment/things I never gave them we have a problem.

Brief Notes/Recap
Back to the beginning. Characters will begin life within the city of Thanetia. Here, through various happenings they will be hired by a man named Cyril Argus who wishes to lay his father to rest at Perth, in the Duchy of Perth.
It should be noted that this rebeginning is considered to be some form of alternate history, a different plane or possibility—whatever. This allows the OLD campaign to remain in limbo, but not closed and will allow the history generated there to remain. It also allows me to go back to previous points if the original (highly unlikely!) or second original cast ever meets again.
The above stated however, Kellina has lost in that reality! That should remain unknown to all the original players. The reason behind this, is so as not to muck up the storyline in this reality and to allow THESE players to have as much freedom of action as possible. The setting of the previous storyline in another reality also gives me the freedom to depart from the original plot. Thus, what was bad or mediocre the first time around can be improved and NPCs are spared from having to rigidly adhere to past actions. It will also allow for discretion in many cases where my files have been lost and I am unable to remember how exactly events went. Since this is a new group of players I will not be saddled with having to explain discrepencies since I am the only one that may be aware of them.
Cyrill Argus is, as he was before, an engine to introduce the players to their environment. Travel to the duchy is hazardous. Although later events in the previous game established sea trade between Thanetia and the Duchy, this is not a viable option for Cyrill, although he could afford it. He can hire escort, or take ship with no escort. And there are few captains willing to transport a dead body, even one that has been magically preserved (which cost Cyrill and his family much).
Cyrill can pay a fair wage. And if the party is inclined to accept his word, there is promise of half a fortune once the Duchy has been reached. Cyrill possess’ a letter indicating his father’s status as a minor noble, which would give Cyrill inheritance of Skelling, a very minor holding within Perth. The overland route will unfortunately lead the party through the Lorn Imperium, of which they have very little experience with except wild tales and half-stories.
The makeup of the party and the type of game system being played will determine how the party starts out. I am open to running D&D, but would prefer to start this campaign entirely within Rolemaster. However, all the plot devices (NPCs) exist in AD&D format. The upshot to that, however, is that since this is a restart, those NPCs can be converted slowly as they are introduced, since their time on stage does not start all at once.
In any case, Cyrill will attempt to hire the party. Before game play even begins, the players should have a least a passing knowledge of Thanetia and the surrounding kingdoms and some pertinent history. If the people I ultimately game with are either unexperienced or seem to be completely lost with all my history, then introduce Dhanna. In this instance she will act to get the party going in the right direction. In no instance however, will she accompany the party to the Keep at Mt. Daloa. If she does, she jeapordizes EVERYTHING!
A note on Cyr. If some of the players, or perhaps a new friend wish to play a concurrent adventure in the same world, run either the Grahm Fraser campaign, or introduce a new “Nigel Learoyd” to the Domains. The Grayson Nar campaign is also open if the players must have an “evil” campaign. See the pertinent docs for rerunning those issues.
With the case of the Cyr Domains and Nigel Learoyd however, something must be said as Matt’s character ultimately influenced the actions of a king. If there are no takers for this project it will be necessary to create a “Nigel.” Call him what you wish, but his actions must be as close to the former PC as can be managed, including the involvement of Dhanna and Steuben. As for the opening of Ehlovar to trade, the players will have no involvement. The archmage Hollins Then is an NPC and will be very well renowned. It is important that player involvment does not end up getting him killed, so I will shy from running this adventure. The players should know him only by reputation. Also, it is very important for Father Felonius to do what he needs to do. Try to keep him from dying. Also, Morrind Lahl is not important. Xacamthemyr IS, however. Xacamthemyr must knock off those that bonded him, even though it will cost him. See the SPEE files for all further inormation.

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