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Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 10 May 2009, 11:57

Well, here are the plans for the one-session I had with the two aforementioned gamers. I ran it and we planned for a next meeting.

Here is where (and I freely admit) I became a big jerk and blew them off. Rather than calling them and admitting that I did not wish to game with them I simply made myself and my wife absent from the house that particular day. They did not call me and I did not call them and that was the end of it. I should have at least called them and for that I was a jerk.

Brief Notes/Recap
Continued from new notes within 3325A2b.doc. Ignore previous overview.
Arkin (Jim's character) and Dennis's character know each other. This will make things simple They were both born in Beaufort, but currently reside in Ladrorn, a small village very near the border with the Imperium. Ladrorn has a beach, a tavern, a number of small huts and about two days worth (man walking to border) of jungle to the west. Within the edge of the jungle, Arkin has a small chapel with about four followers (none very serious or disciplined). Dennis's character lives within the jungle and knows the area very well. He regularly crosses the border.
Arkin's mentor is Father Felonius who was at one time at Beaufort, but left to reestablish the "church" in Perth. Felonius did not leave Arkin before he believed he was ready.
The ranger's mentor is Svaer, a 9th level ranger who has since moved on to the west. He may be encountered at a later time, but he is not at all important to the plot at this time.
Cyrill Argus, like before is seeking escort of his father's body. However, unlike before, Cyrill has some backbone. He has tenaciously sought out the church and discovered that there is one cleric in the area that may be able to help him (Arkin) and so he has headed toward Ladrorn. The start of play will be the following (after the overview has been explained): Arkin and the Ranger being friends are having a late breakfast at the Copper Kettle, the tavern mentioned above. It is close to the beach and the table they are at is out front. They will see two men approach the tavern. Both are walking, but one is leading a horse-drawn cart. This is Cyrill and his hired hand Wirt Fenlon. Cyrill is average height and weight. Read Wirt's description to the players. Cyrill approaches them and asks them if they know an Arkin, a cleric of Kellina. Barring a "no" answer Cyrill will introduce himself and explain what he is looking for. He is willing to pay. Lookup a good wage for this (which would include an ability to get three meals a day and wine, plus). He also needs someone who can trailbreak (Dennis). Will Arkin and the ranger help?
If yes, he will fill them in on the details.
The body of his father is going to Perth to be buried in holy ground at the church of Kellina. However, the church is missing its blessed artifact. Seems in old times the church was raided by Cammorian Dominion troops and ultimately ended up as a gift from a Baron to his Baroness who were occupying the Keep at Mt. Daloa at the time. The artifact unknown to these two brought bad luck to whomever had it that was not a believer outside of its normal residence- it is an artifact. Chaos and confusion occurred and the household ended up dying. It was said the Baron went crazy and this are has been avoided since. The party has to retrieve the ankh and bring it back to Perth for the proper burial of Cyrill's father.

Conflict - Unknown to anyone, Cyrill's investigations have gotten back to the Lorn church. Both Lucian and his sister Caitlin, local leaders of the church here have determined that having this type of artifact would be a coupe for them. They have thus dispatched Jenner (with her current levels and XP from AD&D retained) to follow the party to its goal and then steal the aritifact. Jenner has authority to recruit from any local church any "help" she needs. She is being given a sum of money to do this (20 gold). Everything else is up to her. Lucian is expecting monthly reports, however.

Note that it is not intended for Jenner to become the party's major nemesis. That is Lucian and Caitlin's place. Jenner is simply there to be a low-level starting antagonist for the group to deal with. Once the book becomes involved however, Lucian and Caitlin will move in. More than likely, at this point Jenner's agenda will become her own, though, and the party should expect pressure from all sides.

Also, the brake preventing Jenner from simply going to the keep and getting the ankh herself is two-fold. She does not know what she would encounter there by herself and it is better (church practice) to let the party do the hard work and then take the item from them. Let the party trip all the traps and do all the bleeding.

The above means that Jenner will actually be HELPING the party to the goal. After the goal is a different story. She will only "help" where she feels absolutely necessary however. This means that the only conflict the party will encounter is local conditions. Local conditions are not enough. So, the following has happend. The Lorn church in the Imperium has now heard about the "Kellina cleric" through Lucian and Caitlin, who kept back the artifact part. Lucian and his sister knew that the church in the Imperium would thus be on the hunt for the party and that this would interfere with their plans. But in keeping with church doctrine, this is Jenner's mess and she must overcome it.

So, the church in the Imperium has dispatched its own person to "get the cleric." He has the same perogative as Jenner, except his is simply trying to kill the cleric. This will not start until a short time after the jungle encounters. This person's name is Drohm and he is 4th level Evil cleric. He has the same resources as Jenner. Perhaps the conflict of these two might affect the party as well.

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