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The time stamp for this session note is 11-21-2007. I had received an email from a player who was responding to an ad I had on Craigslist. We got together and gamed for about three months.

It seemed at some point his girlfriend objected to his time gaming and so he was obliged (I assume) to stop showing up. I had prepared for a session, but he didn't come nor call. So it just ended from there.

I should mention that during this time I completely forgot to apply any DB on ANY of the foes that opposed the player. Consequently, the PC had an uncharacteristic rapid rise in level. It had been some time since I had run as a GM.

1.0 Brief Notes/Recap
This is an introduction of Rolemaster to a new player (1x1). No recap at this time.
2.0 Overview
Kell adventure restart. First run was of course with characters run by Matt, Kraig, Jack, Jason, Jeff, Jeremy, and Shaun. Second and forgettable was for the other two guys (Dennis and someone else). Third run was for Vince Carbajal. Fourth run was to be for Lyle Dillie’s group, which was a no go. This try will be for Jeremy.
The adventure will begin as it always has with Cyril Argus. Note that in Vince’s run it was Cyril Caurin, but I have reverted to the original. Cyril’s father’s name is Cevan. Cevan is 92 (born 3233 at the start of this story. He is (and this is unknown to Cyril) the son of Caladin Argus, Baron of Mieleth (promounced MY-LEETH), Duchy of Perth. As a young man of 15 (3248), full of himself and his “authority,” Cevan raped a peasant girl in one of the villages (Tambly Gate) within his father’s barony. The father of this girl threw himself upon the mercy of Caladin. When Caladin was convinced of his son’s crime he exiled Cevan from the Barony. He was not to return ever, upon pain of death. The crime was then quickly covered over and things were made to be as if Cevan never existed.
On his own for the first time Cevan eventually made his way to Thanetia (3250), hiw own country having denied him. Poor and destitute he took up the merchant guardsman trade for a young merchant and remained in his employ for twenty years (3270). During this time he gained enough wealth to buy out his employer and establish himself in his own right (3271). By this point, Cevan had learned a great deal about life and had changed into a repectable person who understood right and wrong. He had become known as a good master and employer and business increased to the point where he became the top merchant employer within Thanetia (3290). At 90 (3323), he cashed in on the trade explosion with Ehlovar and cemented his dominance of the Thanetian trade market. However, it was also around this time that he became sick.
As to Cyril, he is the product of Cevan and a former merchant guardswoman, name of Eena (3293). Cevan never married Eena, but she was his one great love. Eena died during an attack on one of Cevan’s caravans in the Invar plains near Irorith, which is a small village in the northeast of the Imperium. The attack was unprovoked and Cevan never found out who did it and why. [Note that this is an option to explore if it ever comes up. This even was not random.] Cyril was three (3296) when this happened and does not remember Eena very much. Cyril is 32 now. This event occured in 3296, when Cevan was 63. (Eena was 28 at the time of her death, 25 at Cyril’s birth). Cyril is Cevan’s only son, just as Cevan was Caladin’s only son.
Unknown to both Cevan and Cyril, Caladin left provision in his will for his grandson (should there ever be one) to inherit his barony. When this provision was discovered it created quite a headache for the Perth bureaucarcy. Claimants of every type came out of the woodwork after Caladin’s death. All were sent packing and the barony remains vacant. It is overseen by the administrative offices of the Duke of Perth and will remain empty until filled, OR AT THE DEATH OF THE CURRENT DUKE! There was some argument about this at the time by the council. Some said to fill it by proxy, others to wait until an heir came forward, and yet others demanded that it be awarded to someone - now! The Duchy being lawful-evil , the Duke compromised by decreeing that it would be filled immediately upon his death by someone determined by his son. Until then it would be held open for Caladin’s heir - if there ever was one. This situation will of course be discovered by Cyril and the party at a later date.
Currently, as the matter relates to Jeremy: Cevan is sick. He will die. This leaves Cyril with the business. Cevan has one last, strange request. He wishes to be buried at Kensington parish. Kensington is a small town in Mieleth, and the only parish there is a Temple of Kellina, long abandoned. Note that the very existence of a temple dedicated to Kellina in a lawful-evil country is quite surprising! Cevan at some point became a follower of Kellina (although not religious) and it is his desire to be buried both in his home country, in his home barony, and in the soil of his goddess. That also works out very well with Kellina’s plans! This is a passing strange request for Cyril, but he never gets to question his father about it as Cevan reveals the wish only upon his last breath. Cyril is determined, however, to honor this request.
Not knowing anything about Kensington parish (let alone much about the gods period), Cyril consults with several representatives of the various gods within Thanetia (city of Kell). None of the representatives knows anything, except for the church of Kellina (big surprise here). Their information is quite limited however. Only a few tattered records about the parish remain and it takes some time to find them. THIS finding, however, completely baffles the historians and overseers of the church as it has always been assumed that the church of Kellina was wiped out in the Duchy. THIS interests them, THIS merits investigation. But there are yet some details to be worked out.
First, according to the church records, the Kensington parish fell on hard times in 3285. This corresponds with the death of Caladin. His protection had seen to the surival of the church there, but with his death that protection was removed. The church was attacked in the middle of the night on the very date he died. Several of the clergy were murdered, but one man (Irvid Craun) managed to escape. Mortally wounded, he did his duty and made his way to the church at Kell. Before he expired he was able to tell his story. The account was recorded by a clerk of the church, but the full documents were destroyed in the library fire of 3299. All the church had left then of the account were a few scorched pages. Those pages do not detail the attack on the parish and thus the church in Kell is unaware (currently) of this history. They only know that some catastrophic event happened, that there was a general looting of the parish (and temple) and most importantly (to them) that the holy item of the church was stolen. There is nothing else that survived. However, another separate report acquired by the church in late 3302 gives some light on the fate of the holy item of the temple. This report came out of the village of Vashed (Arnn) and mentions that a duke had purchased an item at the local market for his wife that was described as a “cross with a hook on the top.” This aptly fits the description of most holy symbols of the church of Kellina.
The account goes on to further relate the final ruin of this noble couple. It appears that the item had a history of bad luck, or so the merchant who sold it related to the duke. In point of fact, this was precisely the case as the merchant had fallen on very hard times as a result of HIS purchase of the item. He wanted to be rid of the damn thing as fast as he could and his offer to the duke could be described as little better than a joke! The duke however, thought it a pretty item and having complete disdain for the superstitious beliefs of common peasant merchants bought the item.
Not long after this, strange rumours about the keep (Keep of Mt. Daloa) where the duke and duchess lived began to circulate. The rumours became strange enough that local troops were sent up from Mororak (a nearby garrison) to investigate. What these troops ultimately found could at best be described as a bloodbath. Parts of bodies and vast amounts of blood were seen everywhere inside the keep. This of course made the troops uneasy, but it got worse. A strange force present there at the keep (unknown to them) fell upon them and began to tear them all apart in a vast spray of blood. Only three men of thirty sent escaped and the tale they brought back with them was just too fantastic for the lords to believe, although the loss of twenty-seven men and the blood on the survivors was hard to rationalize away. All three men were later committed, the lords believing that perhaps they were psychopathic and had probably been the ones to commit the very crimes they were speaking about. Furthermore, the duke and duchess of the keep in question were minor nobles, the keep was at the time of no strategic importance and the lords had different matters on their minds other than chasing bloody ghost stories. So, the incident was tabled as a ghastly mess and then swept under the rug. By 3320, several of the lords had died and been succeeded by their heirs and the book holding the account was completely forgotten about.
So, by the current date the keep is merely some historical oddity. Some lords are even completely unaware of it’s existence. Only the locals go near it and precious few at that - at their own peril. As these things often will, superstitious beliefs among the locals are now held regarding the keep.
It is the church in Kell’s speculation then, at this current time, that the holy item of Kensington parish can be found here at the keep. If this is indeed the case, then the holy item has obviously become defiled and thereby had created catastrophe for all who come into contact with it. This is true only in a certain sense however. Yes, the object is no longer sanctified, having been placed in the hands of too many non-believers and sacriligious people. But it is not the “nature” of the item to cause calamity. This is merely a defense caused and pursued by Vash, Kellina’s avatar who is protecting the item as best she can. Note that the “murder” of “innocent” humans is completely sanctioned and justified in Kellina’s eyes in this case because these people are defiling a symbol of her authority on Kell merely by touching the holy item. In this, Vash will NOT relent!
The church then, reveals this and all they know to Cyril. They point out to him that if this is indeed the holy symbol of Kensington parish, it will need to be reclaimed, resanctified and returned to the grounds of the parish. The grounds themselves (of the temple and the parish) will need to be cleared and resanctified in order to recieve the holy symbol properly. Cevan can of course be transported to the parish and buried in the ground there, but it will not be a proper burial. Cevan had demanded of Cyril that he recieve a proper burial.
Now Cyril has a difficult issue to deal with. His father has begged this of him, but getting him properly buried is now, suddenly, a difficult thing. Cyril is not religious and does not understand why his father demanded this of him. However, he desires to fulfill Cevan’s final wish and being practical asks the church to assist him. The church readily agrees to this as this errand will have the benefit to the church of re-establishing the church of Kellina within the Duchy of Perth.
Father Felonius Reehut, a temperate priest of the order, kind and loyal is assigned directly by the Matriarch of the Church of Kell to accompany Cyril. [Reehut retains all of the experience points and items he gained from all previous plays of the character. This will make Felonius of acceptable level to resanctify the church when he gets to that point. Felonius will also serve this time around as a fail safe for Jeremy’s character.] Felonius will refer to the holy item as an ankh, because that is what it is. Note that the church is also rewarding Felonius for his service by giving him authority over the parish when and if he can re-establish it. Finally, note that Felonius did not make his appearance in the first run until the party had gained the city of Beaufort. Nor did he ever take command of the parish in the first run; that was Jharod Nardeena’s posting.
In this run, Jharod Nardeena is bush priest that has late in life converted to Kellina and is constantly on the move, speaking withing the Duchy to all who will listen. He is an extreme irritant to the local clerics, the local lords have warrants for his arrest, and the Duke himself is aware of his existence. But by some magical means, Jharod manages to escape them all. This is due in no small part to the assistance from former servants of Caladin and their descendents as well as assistance from those citizens who were fierce supporters of Caladin. Felonius and Jhardod will have to reach some understanding when the time comes.
So, the following is then decided. Cyril and Felonius, along with guards of Cyril’s choosing will journey to the keep at Mt. Daloa, retrieve the ankh, then journey to the parish, restore the ankh and the temple, and the parish, and ultimately bury Cyril’s father. Cevan will be preserved during the trip using various strong preservation spells provided by priests of the Church of Kell (which they cheerfully provide).
Of course, this plan did not survive first contact during the first run and I do not expect it to be as simple as laid out during this run.
3.0 Scenario
Jeremy’s character (Tora) is to be a half-elven thief. This will create some tension between him and Fenrid, but Jeremy does not know that as yet. Tora will replace Jeff’s character in this run.
To establish the legitimacy that would cause Cevan to hire a known thief it will now be stated that at some point Cevan realized that thieves would be useful to his business, if only for their ability to gather information that could be useful to him. His first hire was actually a half-elf rogue known as Janak. Janak quickly made himself indispensible to Cevan and with Cevan’s permission created a network of thieves and rogues loyal to Cevan and his company. Thus, any merchant carvan of Cevan’s may inquire at any major city about news that will be useful to them by consulting this network. In time Janak and his thieves became known as the Eye. Cevan further gained their trust and respect by tending to look the other way at certain activities - that is as long as Janak policed his own men and made sure that nothing happened that would damage the company.
It is from this pool that Tora has been drawn. Tora was hired by Madoc (the local firstman in Kell) shortly before Cevan died. Madoc recognized certain skills that Tora has that the average urban thief does not. Since some of Tora’s skills cross over into the ranger class, but with a thief twist, Madoc though that Tora’s skills would be useful to the Eye.
In any case, when Cyril inquired about bringing someone from the Eye along for this particular excursion, Madoc mentioned Tora.
The standard wage for Cyril’s guardsmen is 3sp/month. Those in the Eye, get 5sp/month. All expenses related to the actual job are covered, including room, board, equipment, armor, weapons and anything else that may be needed to complete the job. Repairs to equipment/weapons are covered in house, except on the road where the employee is expect to know how to care for and repair his own posessions [there is an allotment given for any replacements necessary or repairs beyond the scope of the employee when in an area where those things can be purchased].
In this particular excursion, horses will be provided for those that can ride, namely the fighters and the warrior-mage. Father Felonius will be riding in the wagon with Cyril. Those that cannot ride are encouraged to learn and lessons will be paid for, but at this time there is no time for this so those that do not know how to ride will have to walk. The pace of the wagon will be such that this is doable however.
Scenario Start: Cevan has a boarding house for his men, but Tora does not stay here. He has the use of a flop house maintained by the Eye in a secure location. Tora is summoned to Cyril’s manor on Broad St (he knows how to get there) along with the other NPCs.
Cyril’s house is small, but well-furnished. Everthing speaks of quality. Tora will be escorted alone to Cyril’s study. He is the last to arrive and will meet the others at this time. Most are sitting in comfortable chairs, except for Fenrid who is haughtily surveying a hanging tapestry and nervously fidgeting with the hilt of his longsword. Fenrid will give Tora a short, but appraising stare when he enters the room. Felonius is sitting on a couch, dressed in travel clothes. You can give Tora the brief descriptions of all at this time.
Cyril doesn’t bother with thanking the party for showing up. A man of few words, he has hired them all for a job and he gets on with it. He lets them all know that he expects to be gone for one year. Cyril wants to be in Arcadia in 4.5 weeks and at the border with the Imperium in 7. There will be a one week layover in Arcadia for Cyril to deal with some of his father’s affairs here, but then the party will cross into the Imperium.
Cyril urges the party to get to know each other, but at the same time gives them all the breakdown as far as the chain of command. Cyril will decide where they are going, based on an informed path discussed with Tora. Felonius will see to the physical needs and care of all members of the party. Felonius is also available for any spiritual needs if anyone so desires. Fenrid will oversee any matters dealing with defensive and/or offensive operations of the group and is the sole authority on weapons/attacks, et. all when it comes to the group at large. Tora’s responsibility is to find the path and to provide intelligence as well as covert actions if necessary. Fenrid can read maps, Tora cannot, so he will have to work with Fenrid. The other two are the muscle.
Cyril is keeping the party small because he wants to travel as light and as fast as he can. He wants this business over as fast as he can.
Once all of this is laid out, time will compress and the party will journey to Arcadia uneventfully. The start date is the 16th of Shadeth (June). If Tora wishes to conduct any business during this time in Arcadia he may do so as long as he’s ready to go when the group is. Incidentally, Cyril and Cevan have had long practice of bailing out their thieves from various prisons and are quite familiary with the local constabularys. In general, the operatives of the Eye are unmolested except in extreme case. Should Tora manage to jail himself, Cyril will simply see bailing him out as part of doing business. There won’t be any problems.
Dhanna is NOT in this scenario. Jenner Kralen is NOT in this scenario - at least not at this time.
The party will depart Arcadia on time and will cross into the Imperium via a border fort. The road will journey to Bethel. Travel time will have the party arriving in Bethel and the lunch hour. Unlike with Vince’s run, Cyril will proceed as he did with the very first run. The party will stop for lunch. Cyril will ask Tora to sneak around and gather info.
Depending on where Tora goes, this may or may not place him in the local tavern at the time that Galand Rheged and his band ride in. Galand is the son of Duke Morgan Rheged who rules this area. Galand and his men are five. Galand is a 5th level warrior and his men are 1st level fighters, all recently hired more for their father’s connections versus their swordsmanship. They are accompanied by Jorak, a 3rd level evil cleric of Lorn. Their purpose here is to see to the business of war recruitment. Bethel is one of the last villages on their list. Jorak is here for his own purposes (keeping an eye on the Duke’s son and any possible church recruitments).
Clerics of Lorn being suspicious by nature, Jorak will wonder about Felonius. There is something just not quite right about him, but there’s not enough cause at this time for him to confront him. Instead Jorak will contact his local priest, a Father Kajan (1st level cleric) to keep an eye on the party. A second priest of the local parish will be assigned to take over Kajan’s dutys in the meantime. This of course, affronts Kajan, but Jorak will physically beat him into submission. Jorak himself will stay with Galand.
There is no real threat here, but of course should Tora get involved in something, just roleplay that.
After a review of my map it seems that Orkney is but a small journey from Bethel. I don’t know why I remember the distance as being so long between, but it’s not. In fact, the “spike” is halfway between Orkney and Bethel. [Remember that Rupert’s army was caught far south of the plains of Daloa and he was imprisoned where he was defeated. Orkney should be in sight there.
Encounters before the spike: Random of course. Roll for encounters every four hours. If encounters occur, consult the animal distribution chart. Otherwise consult the encounters table in C&T. Note that this is the first time I have noticed that there is a chart keyed to the power level of the party. USE IT!
3.1 Descriptions
Fenrid Canredd – Matt’s original idea for this character was a naive-about life elf noble from Ehlovar who gets tossed out on his ear because of his arrogant presumptions. This idea remains the same this time around. [Note, I’d like to keep Tora alive until he has gained some levels, so while not cheating I’ll make it easy by keeping Fenrid at 9th level. He however, will be frozen until the party actually gets to the crossing of the Shattered Lands.
Fenrid is 6’2”, 207lbs. His true age is 176, but he appears to be 20. His build is average and his has blue/gray eyes and pale skin. Fenrid has black hair. He dresses in a militaristic style (with a beret) and his demeanor is stern and demanding. There is a 4” scar on his right shoulder.
Tulla Noriel – Jason’e elf-fighter. Straight fighter. Tulla has long pale hair, is female, 6’ 4” tall and has a lithe frame. She appears to be 17, but is actually closer to 100. She respects Fenrid, but is her own person and sometimes a bit of a hothead. She has a haughty attitude, but respect those who can carry their own weight. She dresses in dark pants and dark cloaks with hoods and has dark shiny chain mail underneath. 3rd level fighter at this time.
Fynn – Shawn’s character. Here he is a straight fighter of average height and build. There is not much to Fynn, but he’s sturdy and dependable. 1st level fighter.
Dermot – Jack’s character. Formerly a ranger in the old game, but in this one he is a straight fighter. Dermot tends towards blacks and greens in dress, but otherwise is about as non-descript as Fynn. 1st level fighter.
Felonius Reehut – Jeremy’s character (the 1st Jeremy). When dressed in church garb, he has long midnight blue robes (the color has been changed) tinged with silver for rank. 5th level cleric. Felonius is a high elf, apparent age of 40 (true age 200). He is 6’5”, weighs 120 lbs with a slender build. He has green eyes, white skin, and brown hair. His demeanor is cautious, alert, kind, and curious. He has piercing gray eyes. Felonius will not continue advancement until he gets back to Kensington Parish.
Cyril Argus – Cyril is much like Fynn and Dermot. Unremarkable but steady. He is a 10th level Trader.

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