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1.0 Brief Notes/Recap
Tora accepted his mission with Cyril and proceeded to investigate his counterparts to his satisfaction. There were a number of light/medium rolls for various theiving activities, but these were not serious gamemaking rolls. He has a contact now with the bartender (Gremian Mantonsson) at the Courtesan Alehouse (a small alehouse in Cyrill’s neighborhood. Gremian also gave him the name of his cousin Gaderian Isensson who runs another bar called the “Three Griffon Inn” in Arcadia. When Tora met him he was arguing with some deadbeats about their bar tab. Tora took care of it, but also followed the drunks back to their shop and looted them when they passed out. He made off with a rod of flesh destruction which was only identified by a local apothecary (after consulting Fenrid). The apothecary exchanged a ring of protection for this rod.
Currently, the party is now waiting to depart Arcadia. Jeremy has managed to make it easy for me, coming up with an elegant solution that deals just with his character one on one, but also allows for the firepower of the group when necessary. It will also allow me to throw in things that can be tailored just to his character and does not necessarily have to rely on help from the party.
2.0 Overview
After a week’s travel to the border the party will actually cross it. There is nothing but farms, fields and small villages to the west of Arcadia as the party has left the main road (the main road goes direct to Beaufort).
There will be no encounters until they reach the border. Thanetia is patrolled by the wardens and the Duke of the Western Reaches (Danos vonAllyn) also has his own patrols. Neither of which the party will encounter in any case.
The strikeout parts below indicate an event that will now be bypassed, although the principal event of Galand and his men coming to Bethel will still occur. The party just won’t be there.
The new problem for the party is that now, they are heading directly into Duke Morgan’s territory. Bethel is just on the outside edge of his duchy, while their current path places them much closer to Loch which is his city and seat of authority. It is Tora’s job to avoid those encounters. Cyril does not want to be involved with the local authoritys.
The border at which the party will cross is 66-AD on the central map. This is a mountainous region defined by one large mountain to the southeast of the map square and a somewhat smaller mountain to the northwest of the map. The larger mountain is visible from Arcadia, while the smaller mountain will be visible as the party gets closer to the border.
In any case, the surrounding terrain is made of smaller moutains, passes and rivers. Tora will have to guide the party through it. Encounters for hills/mountains should be rolled with respect to a weak power level. Disregard anything inappropriate or that would overpower Tora.
It should be noted that there is a watch tower the eastern slope of Eznak mountain (the larger mountain.) This tower is always fully manned given the border tensions betwen the Imperium and Thanetia. Full manning is 3 cohorts (30 men) of which 3 are officers and the rest enlisted/conscripts. The post does not routinely send out patrols unless they feel that there is a good reason, but when they do a typical patrol is five men. The fort commander will send out 2 cohorts at once if he feels the border is threatend, holding one in reserve. There is also a small detachment of fast riders whose only job is to ride and warn the authorities of any trouble. There are 3 of these. Lastly, there is the military mage who provides long-range magic protection for the fort.
Standard practice is for some reasonable magical trip lines to be placed around the outside perimeter of the watch tower, particularly in blind spots.
As Tora is crossing the border he may check (Perception) to see if he spots the watch tower. This should not be too difficult as it’s something the party would expect to see. The watchtower personnel on the other hand will be at some difficulty seeing the party. The watch tower can see a long way into Thanetia, and Cyril and his cart have indeed been seen approaching the border, but if Cyril plays things right they will be crossing at night and through dense trees, making the party mostly invisible to the tower. In any case, the tower is focusing on specific military threats, not border crossers and the order to close the border has not yet been received.
Village of Sülrok: This is a rather large village, about 200 people clustered at the base of Eznak. The troops from the watch tower routinely pass through the village and there is enough of a trade with them that a small tavern here does well. The major feature of the village however is the temple of the church of Lorn. A small temple by most of the standards, it nevertheless is the largest structure in the village. There is a local priest here with apx. 4 lesser priests. The evil magician at the watch tower answers to this priest. There are some lesser structures that are mainly small craftsmen shops. And of course the house of the local wisdom. If the party should go through here there probably won’t be too much trouble, except if tower men happen to be present.
Village of Tahlmak: This village is much smaller than Sülrok. It is positioned southeast of the Ford of Tahlmak from which the Lesser Tahlmak river feeds into the Ezna river. Tahlmak is mainly a farming village and is a very sleepy place. It is governed only by it’s wisdom and the village council.
The party will depart Arcadia on time and will cross into the Imperium via a border fort. The road will journey to Bethel. Travel time will have the party arriving in Bethel and the lunch hour. Unlike with Vince’s run, Cyril will proceed as he did with the very first run. The party will stop for lunch. Cyril will ask Tora to sneak around and gather info.
Depending on where Tora goes, this may or may not place him in the local tavern at the time that Galand Rheged and his band ride in. Galand is the son of Duke Morgan Rheged who rules this area. Galand and his men are five. Galand is a 5th level warrior and his men are 1st level fighters, all recently hired more for their father’s connections versus their swordsmanship. They are accompanied by Jorak, a 3rd level evil cleric of Lorn. Their purpose here is to see to the business of war recruitment. Bethel is one of the last villages on their list. Jorak is here for his own purposes (keeping an eye on the Duke’s son and any possible church recruitments).
Clerics of Lorn being suspicious by nature, Jorak will wonder about Felonius. There is something just not quite right about him, but there’s not enough cause at this time for him to confront him. Instead Jorak will contact his local priest, a Father Kajan (1st level cleric) to keep an eye on the party. A second priest of the local parish will be assigned to take over Kajan’s dutys in the meantime. This of course, affronts Kajan, but Jorak will physically beat him into submission. Jorak himself will stay with Galand.
There is no real threat here, but of course should Tora get involved in something, just roleplay that.
After a review of my map it seems that Orkney is but a small journey from Bethel. I don’t know why I remember the distance as being so long between, but it’s not. In fact, the “spike” is halfway between Orkney and Bethel. [Remember that Rupert’s army was caught far south of the plains of Daloa and he was imprisoned where he was defeated. Orkney should be in sight there.

Italics are striked...

Encounters before the spike: Random of course. Roll for encounters every four hours. If encounters occur, consult the animal distribution chart. Otherwise consult the encounters table in C&T. Note that this is the first time I have noticed that there is a chart keyed to the power level of the party. USE IT!
Considering their current course, the party will not encounter the spike going to Orkney. They may encounter it coming from Orkney.
3.1 Descriptions
Fenrid Canredd – Matt’s original idea for this character was a naive-about life elf noble from Ehlovar who gets tossed out on his ear because of his arrogant presumptions. This idea remains the same this time around. [Note, I’d like to keep Tora alive until he has gained some levels, so while not cheating I’ll make it easy by keeping Fenrid at 9th level. He however, will be frozen until the party actually gets to the crossing of the Shattered Lands.
Fenrid is 6’2”, 207lbs. His true age is 176, but he appears to be 20. His build is average and his has blue/gray eyes and pale skin. Fenrid has black hair. He dresses in a militaristic style (with a beret) and his demeanor is stern and demanding. There is a 4” scar on his right shoulder.
Tulla Noriel – Jason’e elf-fighter. Straight fighter. Tulla has long pale hair, is female, 6’ 4” tall and has a lithe frame. She appears to be 17, but is actually closer to 100. She respects Fenrid, but is her own person and sometimes a bit of a hothead. She has a haughty attitude, but respect those who can carry their own weight. She dresses in dark pants and dark cloaks with hoods and has dark shiny chain mail underneath. 3rd level fighter at this time.
Fynn – Shawn’s character. Here he is a straight fighter of average height and build. There is not much to Fynn, but he’s sturdy and dependable. 1st level fighter.
Dermot – Jack’s character. Formerly a ranger in the old game, but in this one he is a straight fighter. Dermot tends towards blacks and greens in dress, but otherwise is about as non-descript as Fynn. 1st level fighter.
Felonius Reehut – Jeremy’s character (the 1st Jeremy). When dressed in church garb, he has long midnight blue robes (the color has been changed) tinged with silver for rank. 5th level cleric. Felonius is a high elf, apparent age of 40 (true age 200). He is 6’5”, weighs 120 lbs with a slender build. He has green eyes, white skin, and brown hair. His demeanor is cautious, alert, kind, and curious. He has piercing gray eyes. Felonius will not continue advancement until he gets back to Kensington Parish.
Cyril Argus – Cyril is much like Fynn and Dermot. Unremarkable but steady. He is a 10th level Trader

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