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1.0 Brief Notes/Recap
There is a gap in the timeline between 3325A5b and this document. Last week’ss adventure was run without notes, so I will fill in here.
Tora contined scouting for the group and had some encounters with a Worg/Orc, a Type 1 demon and a Lesser great Wasp. Due to my negligence of applying DB to Tora’s attacks his character has leveled again. But this is ok as it is evident at this point that he needs to be a higher level in order to deal with what is coming.
The Worg and Orc were dealt simply because the orcs are now looking for the party. They do not know who took their treasury, but they do know they lost more then ten orcs and the treasury. So they are scouting. Tora took out this pair. The Type 1 demon had been summoned by Jenner Kralen.
Jenner has now been introduced pretty easily. I simply made her own of the clerics that Duke Morgan’s men are saddled with. Jenner is in pursuit of the group because Duke Morgan’s liason with the orcs has turned up dead. Now Jenner is also in the dark, particulalry as she could not read much from the mutilated corpse the party left behind. She knows she is searching for about 7 or 8 people however.
I should mention that although two weeks ago I dealt with a “mad man” I have resisted the urge to make this npc a plot device. The madman is known about by the locals, but he is generally left alone. He sticks to his area and generally leaves everyone else alone. Which is why he was extremely upset when Tora killed some of his spiders. However, he will not leave his territory to seek revenge.
Now, Tora’s dealings with the Type 1 demon were a result of Jenner. Jenner has summoned a number of these creatures to aid in her search for the party. When Tora nailed Jenner those creatures went back to their own plane.
2.0 Overview
I have decided that Fenrid has served his purpose as a leveler for any conflict Tora may have found himself in. So, I have further decided that Tora can completely be on his own.
To this end, when we start again, Cyril will take Tora aside and ask him to leave the party behind and journey to Orkney. He wants to know everything he can about the current situation at the Keep of Mt. Daloa. Cyril will give Tora 4 weeks to find out and then report back at the Honeymead Inn. The Honeymead is owned by Cyrill and serves as a front for some of his business’ in Orkney. All of the employees there are employed by Cyril’s trustees and his employees are encouraged to drink there (they have a discount).
Finally, Cyril hands Tora traveling papers. He has been saving these as they bear the mark of Nez Xolg. Xolg is the acting deputy of the Imperator. The Imperator bears the title of Duke of Orkney, but his dutys require so much of him acting as Imperator that his Xolg fills this roll. Officially, he is the Imperator’s chamberlin. Xolg conducts his ducal duties with chamberlin authority; that is to say he ruthlessly carries out the Imperator’s orders and his ducal responsibilities to the letter. Imperator Azraal has complete trust in him.
The point in handing Tora these papers is that they are the proper ones for this area as the is a border area beteen Xolg and Duke Morgan. Tora should cross into Xolg’s territory at the village od Hettan which is only a day’s ride from here. Tora will need to have the papers stamped here proving his is legitimately inside the border to any official who demands to see the papers
Now, the papers are valid, and Tora will not have any problems inb obtaining a stamp but should Tora choose not to cross at this village there may be difficulty later.
In any case, there is a tavern in Hettan, the Blushing Sheep. Tora should contact the innkeep here as he is in Cyril’s employ and ask for information.

Encounters before the spike: Random of course. Roll for encounters every four hours. If encounters occur, consult the animal distribution chart. Otherwise consult the encounters table in C&T. Note that this is the first time I have noticed that there is a chart keyed to the power level of the party. USE IT!
Considering their current course, the party will not encounter the spike going to Orkney. They may encounter it coming from Orkney.
3.1 Descriptions
Fenrid Canredd – Matt’s original idea for this character was a naive-about life elf noble from Ehlovar who gets tossed out on his ear because of his arrogant presumptions. This idea remains the same this time around. [Note, I’d like to keep Tora alive until he has gained some levels, so while not cheating I’ll make it easy by keeping Fenrid at 9th level. He however, will be frozen until the party actually gets to the crossing of the Shattered Lands.
Fenrid is 6’2”, 207lbs. His true age is 176, but he appears to be 20. His build is average and his has blue/gray eyes and pale skin. Fenrid has black hair. He dresses in a militaristic style (with a beret) and his demeanor is stern and demanding. There is a 4” scar on his right shoulder.
Tulla Noriel – Jason’e elf-fighter. Straight fighter. Tulla has long pale hair, is female, 6’ 4” tall and has a lithe frame. She appears to be 17, but is actually closer to 100. She respects Fenrid, but is her own person and sometimes a bit of a hothead. She has a haughty attitude, but respect those who can carry their own weight. She dresses in dark pants and dark cloaks with hoods and has dark shiny chain mail underneath. 3rd level fighter at this time.
Fynn – Shawn’s character. Here he is a straight fighter of average height and build. There is not much to Fynn, but he’s sturdy and dependable. 1st level fighter.
Dermot – Jack’s character. Formerly a ranger in the old game, but in this one he is a straight fighter. Dermot tends towards blacks and greens in dress, but otherwise is about as non-descript as Fynn. 1st level fighter.
Felonius Reehut – Jeremy’s character (the 1st Jeremy). When dressed in church garb, he has long midnight blue robes (the color has been changed) tinged with silver for rank. 5th level cleric. Felonius is a high elf, apparent age of 40 (true age 200). He is 6’5”, weighs 120 lbs with a slender build. He has green eyes, white skin, and brown hair. His demeanor is cautious, alert, kind, and curious. He has piercing gray eyes. Felonius will not continue advancement until he gets back to Kensington Parish.
Cyril Argus – Cyril is much like Fynn and Dermot. Unremarkable but steady. He is a 10th level Trader.

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