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Timestamp: 12/15/2007

Note that these are my last notes for this session as Jeremy stopped showing up after this.

1.0 Brief Notes/Recap
There were some further adventures not covered by notes. Chiefly, Tora crossed into the Imperator’s territory. He proceeded to take the tunic with the Imperator’s insignia on it and the head of the man who was wearing that tunic. Tora gained contact with the Ska’Haran, who as it turns out has survived to this day. Grayson Nar had decendents as it turns out. I do not currently have the names of these characters, so anything I generate at this point will be the defacto names. In any case, it was explained to Tora that an Orc messenger had come through the area with an importan set of documents. The Ska’Haran had been alerted to his presence, but had been unable to intercept him. He took refuge at a local church of Lorn and was staying there overnight. He would have been able to leave the following morning if he had not been stopped and killed by Tora, who incidentally killed the chief priest of this particular temple. This of course, will not put him in a good light with the church of Lorn. However, since it has been established that the orcs have massacred a good number of the hiearchy in Ehlovar and that the church of Lorn is in league with the orcs, Tora doesn’t really care about that. Incidentally, the two fellows that the priest brough with him to the temple were the local military leaders. They were extremely unhappy to be denied the information that Tora stole. These two will not yet factor into any equations at the moment so I will leave the unnamed at this time.
Tora broke his hip during this conflict, but gained intel on troop movements and sizes that will be invaluable to the Ska’Haran. Finally, Tora got a hold of some cloth/mesh armor while will enable him to actually engage in the kind of fighting that the character seems to gravitate towards. We ended with Tora entering Orkney and contacting the local thieves guilde.
2.0 Overview
Tora is currently guided by two instructions from Cyril. One, find out any information about the keep and two, any information about the “war” in general.
Now, as regards the keep. In the last go around, the ankh was “protecting” itself by influencing events around it. By this point this had gotten Vash involved and Vash was pretty much killing anyone or anything that tried to take the ankh. And rather gruesomely at that. As things were not well though out at that time, this was rather stupid and against the dictates of the faith. So, this time things are a little different. This contradicts an earlier note, but I am reversing myself here to better the storyline.
As it turns out this time, there is a vampire involved. Duke Bayden Sverüll is the duke mentioned previously. He was the last of his line and the last duke of the keep. At one time the keep was important enough for the Imperium to maintain a garrison there and thus it merited noble oversight. But as threat from the north waned the upkeep and the taxes required to maintain the keep became increasignly a burden on the crown. Ultimately, it was decided that the keep should be abandoned. The last sitting duke (Bayden) had no issue as his wife (Dorahté) was barren. This dovetailed just nicely with the Imperator’s plans as he took away the duke’s authority outside the grounds of the keep and gave it to Kaêroon val Morden who resided to the northeast of the keep. Duke val Morden is now the authority in the area and it was to him that all the goings on about the keep were reported. This man is in his 80s and will soon be passing his power on to Kalten, his son.
In any case, at one point Bayden leaves the keep and travels to the town of Vashed (Arnn). The journey is a few days of travel from the keep down long unmaintained paths. As the power of the duke waned so did his ability to maintain the pass. Bayden had no household, no retainers and definetely no standing guard. So, the entire mounain ultimately descended into dangerous territory with all sorts of creatures and people moving into the area. Bayden’s passing did not go unnoticed, although he was unmolested (and clueless).
Bayden bought the ankh and began his return trip home. Halfway home he was attacked in the night by a sadistic brute of a thug. This insidious criminal also happened to be a vampire who had taken to preying on errant souls who wandered onto the mountain. There was some time of strange disappearances in the town of Vashed, but nothing that caused the constabulary any concern. Most of those who dissapeared weren’t “important.”
In any case, Bayden through luck managed to fight off his attacker, drowning him in a nearby lake. Unfortunately for Bayden he was bitten and drained during the fight. He passed out and awoke the next evening – changed. Bayden returned to the keep in a strange daze and with certain appetities which he did not understand. To be brief, his entire household died to satisfy his lust for blood, including his wife. This last sent him over the edge pyshologically. Bayden has since survived, mainly by feasting on the various animals, monsters and other creatures that come through the area. He has also long since learned what he is. Indeed he has a small cadre (6) of lesser vampires that were created by him. They keep to themselves in this area.. Now as to the report of the soldiers that were sent to investigate happenings at the keep. Their report is accurate, but in light of the nature of vampires seemingly at odds. Nonetheless, this did happen and it was caused by Bayden and some of his created at the time. Not understanding who and what they were they created an awful mess. All of that has since resolved itself. However, the stories are out there. And it benefits Bayden and the others for the Imperium to not come looking very hard into the area.
Back to Tora: When we begin tonight, Tora will be leaving the guild house late at night. He will be met exiting the door by a strange fellow garbed and hooded that is leaning against a lamppost outside the hall. This fellow will give Tora a note. The note is from Jaeran Nar, female descendent of Grayson Nar. She is the current leader of the Ska’Haran. By way of her people in the border village she has learned of the great service that Tora has rendered to the Ska’Haran and she understands that he is looking for information on the Keep. The note invites him to visit her.
Now, Jaeran knows nothing about the fate of the keep. Neither does her archivist as those records are “recent” in the scheme of things. However, as the Keep was originally built on the authority of the Perth Theocracy they have the master building plans. It will take Jaeran’s archivist three days to find this and copy it for Tora. This map also notes a secret entrance through caverns at the base of the tower. This “entrance” was actually a secret escape route for anyone that needed to be quietly and quickly moved from the tower, but it serves as an excellent entrance point for the party. As a final offer, Jaeran will give Tora contact names for the Ska’Haran cell in Arnn. These names are Thamson Errit and Imarga Noll, the leaders of the Ska’Haran cell in Arnn. These two will not have personal knowledge of any activities around the keep, but they do know one of their number. An old man named Materus who was present on the day that Bayden visited the village.
Materus had seen the ankh and recognized if for what it was. But Bayden managed to purchase it and walk away with it before he obtain it. Materus tailed Bayden while a group of his people were quickly and silently gathered. The intent being to waylay Bayden and take the ankh from him by force. Unfortunately for them, the local priest of Lorn and his retinue had also decided to visit the market that day. This group easily outnumbered the small force Materus had assembled and therefore it was quickly decided to let Bayden go and disperse the group as the risk to the discovery of the cell in Arnn was not worth it. Thus Bayden walked away and that was the last Materus saw of the ankh. This will be all he can tell Tora.
Now, before Tora can leave for Arnn he must also deal with Azradar and Morgahr, two retainers of Jenner’s that were sent after him. They are to capture him and bring him back to Jenner. Morgahr is a 2nd level wizard and is next to useless in this task, but he is creative in fighting dirty. Azradar is a third level fighter. They will both find out where Tora is within Orkney and will hire a third fellow (2nd level fighter) to help subdue Tora. This battle can play out anywhere and let the chips fall where they may as these two do not matter to the overall battle. However, they will run if pressed and will continue to be a thorn in Tora’s side if allowed to.
Finally, any events that Tora may want to take care of in town can be handled here. The journey to Arnn will not be uneventful and the initial foray on to Mt. Daloa will be dangerous as well. If things are going a little easy, then Jenner’s Type 1 demons can show up as well.
Notes about magic items. Tora needs something that will benefit him. The two idiots stalking him will probably have something as well. Incidentally, their armor will be of better quality than Tora has previously encountere

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