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The following is from a different scenario with Jeremy that had spun off once he discovered what type of character he really wanted to run.

1.0 Brief Notes/Recap
After last week’s session, Jeremy and I discussed the direction of his character and he decided to start a new character this session. He is now going to play a High Warrior Monk (focus on Martial Arts). His new character will be drow. Currently, the character is not named.
Following further consultation with Jeremy we are going to start the new character to the north of the Keep of Mt. Daloa. Section 2.0 will have further details, but as the previous session would have been challanging for Tora, it would be overpowering for the new character.
2.0 Overview
In the absence of a character name at this time I will refer to the new character as J and the NPC that he will be replacing as J2.
J’s background. This background will also correspond with the chain of events that leads to the overrun of Ehlovar by the drow, assissted by the orcs. J’s mother (he may also name her) was pregnant with him when she discovered this radical plot to take over the peninsula in force by the drow, the orcs and the church of Lorn. J’s mother was a member of the Sei’tarük. The Sei’tarük are those drow who have become disillusioned with and turned their back on traditional drow society. It is not an organized resistance. It is a term used to describe the malcontents and irregulars of drow society. The term is not nice and even among those who bear the label it is only quietly whispered.
In any case, J’s mother was discovered and she was forced to flee Uzbaëron, her home city. Uzbaëron is a moderate sized drow city, but it is several citys removed from Menzoberonzan. Menzoberonzan is not involved directly in this conflict. J’s mother was pursued by Xzazhyeth (Zazzyeth). Xzazhyeth at the time was a minor noble. He is now one of Uzbaëron’s generals and a powerful drow. J’s mother barely escaped his clutches inside the halls of Sethanon (69X). She was able to by escape by using the Duergar of the area to hinder Xzazhyeth. Interrogating another Duergar she was able to escape into the Cyr Domains. Knowing only that Ehlovar laid to the west of the Domains she set out from there – in the dead of winter. She only made it as far as 68X. This was approximately 3125 – 200 years ago (depending on the age Jeremy chooses for his character)
Unknown to J’s mother, her distress had attraced the attention of Ellahna Avanrei (Mother). Ellahna has long hidden herself in the Cyr Domains and as her patronage knows no racial boundries (only the heart matters to her) Ellahna saw this drow woman and gently guided her throw drift and blizzard to a very small and hidden canyon. Thus, J’s mother arrived in the dead of snowy night at Ska’Lorethe. Ska’Lorethe is one of the Ska’Haran’s many hidden monasteries. This particular monastery studies the martial arts. Now the monasteries were founded in the following way.
After the massacre at Mt. Daloa, the church of Kellina realized that the church knights, more so then the clerics, were highly vulnerable to the forthcoming holocaust by the church of Lorn. The knights were quickly disbanded into small groups and sent out to organize the initial resistance. This created a resistance on the local level which was quickly adaptive to local conditions. From this came the cellular organization that characterizes the Ska”Haran. Most cells are aware of other cells, but do not have any solid information that would lead to the discovery and destruction of anything other than their own cell. Now the monasteries historically had supplied men to serve in the knight order. This they continued and continue to do. Many the church of Lorn knew about and destroyed and some were found out when some church knights fled to their “safety.” But many remain and are now still the source for Kellina’s church knights. Ska’Lorethe is an interesting case because it was founded jointly by both church knight survivors from the Perth Theocracy and those from Thanetia . The primary focus of this monastery is hand to hand fighting – the Martial Arts.
Now J’s mother arrives with a rather plain looking woman in brown robes (Ellahna). The monks are nonplussed, but are curious as to how a drow female would find her way to their hidden monastery in the dead of night during a major blizzard. But as true church knights they render aid. J’s mother is feverish, but lives long enough to deliver her child. She keeps mumbling something about a plot, but the monks never get any more from her than this before she dies. Ellahna sees to her delivery and with some intervention on her part manages to divert her soul from Lolth’s clutches. Lolth doesn’t care about any one particular rebellious female drow, so other than some bargaining she doesn’t take issue with the matter. Finally, before she departs she charges the monks with raising Jeremy.
This matter the monks take seriously and in many ways Jeremy is raised as a drow. The monks search far and wide for the information that helps them to raise him in this manner. What is not taught to him however, is the vile evilness part that comes from actually being raised in the underdark. There are certain aspects that are a part of him because of his race, but he does not have the drow conditioning.
The scenario itself: J’s mother was from a minor house. This house has grown in power since her leaving. Enough for the house to be involved in the planning and actual execution of the plot that J’s mother had discovered. To this end the house has been ordered to provide an emissary to be present at Maerkün (69T) by the time of the planned invasion of Ehlovar. This will place Jeremy’s starting at Tuesday Shadeth 22 (June 22nd).

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