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My previous assertation in a previous post that that was the last time Jeremy and I gamed was in error. This posting here is actually the last notes I had on the topic. We were set to game, but he never showed up. Oh well.

1.0 Brief Notes/Recap
Kyriah has been introduced and has made his way to the enemy camp. However, I have screwed up my time frame. Upon further recollection and consulation of my timekeeping book I have realized that the elven royalty/clergy were wiped out by thanes. Further, Ehlovar was invaded by the orcs and the drow simply as Lorn’s part of the bargain to gain their assistance. “Support us in wiping out Ehlovar and we will help you with your war” is basically what is occuring here - but this must happen first before the orcs/drow will assist. The thanes were simply making good on their bargain.
That leaves the simple fact that my order of events is seriously screwed. The murder of the heads of Ehlovar state occurs 1 day before actual invasion.
To mitigate this I am going to freeze the timeline so that when this actually occurs things will shake out properly. I have also realized that in order for this to work an actual army would have to have been at the Ehlovar capital one day before the actual attack. This is implausible. Consequently, I am going to do it this way. The clergy/royalty will indeed be attacked and decimated by the thanes, but it will be a small force that has been infiltrated into the capital. The Battle of Anshalae will mark the actual invasion.
Now the final question is getting Kyriah from point a to point b when travel time is four weeks - through territory that would be completely hostile to him. So, to conveniently wrap this up I have come up with a tunnel device. There is an access tunnel to the underdark in the area where the war council is camped. They will give Kyriah a map and send him through it. The exit will be in the sewers in the human quarter of Ehlovar’s capitol. This tunnel has existed for a very long time. It leads to an ancient city (and several smaller ones) of previous drow inhabitance. This area was created when the drow fled after the Godwar. The elves not knowing about it settled on top of the drow. Eventually, the expansion of Ehlovar became too much of a threat to the drow and they abandone the area and moved farther and deeper. But they have always retained awareness of their former citys and tunnels. This was because one day they intended to return through them and wage war on Ehlovar. This is what is going to happen now.
Kyriah will go through first. He will be followed by the enemy wave of thanes who are assisted and protected by the Circle in Ehlovar (something Kyriah is NOT told about) so that they can be moved into place. A day behind the thanes is the drow invasion force.
2.0 Overview
Kyriah has convinced the war council to allow him and two others to be an advanced party. Already knowing Kyriah’s plans, the two with him will most likely be killed easily. Just to provide stats, these are two 5th level evil fighters.
Now, Xzazhyeth is a suspicious fellow and he was both surprised and annoyed that Kyriah as Crill showed up. Therefore, shortly after he has dispatched Kyriah and the two he will send Ezëran Lamoradd (a 8th level fighter/mage drow) to pursue and keep an eye on Kyraih. Ezëran’s mission is simply to watch Kyriah. He is to avoid engaging him - but if he must he is to kill Kyriah. Xzazhyeth simply wants information on Kyriah. Being a long-lived drow he can then reach out at any time and take care of Kyriah if he feels that is necessary (so he thinks). Have Ezëran make rolls. But the whole point here is to remain undiscovered. Play Ezëran that way. Do not use Ezëran simply to give Jeremy some combat.
The thanes will be a day behind Kyriah. Now, it may be that Jeremy gets it in his head to harass and otherwise hinder the thanes. That’s fine. Roll with it. However, it should be noted that there are at least three Chaos Lords with this detachment. The leader and two of his lieutanants. The leade is 10th level and the lieutenants are 7th. Jeremy will be in for a very unpleasant surprise if he goes after these guys. The other thanes are general thanes of 5th to 6th level.
The drow invasion force is one day behind the thanes, 2 days behind Kyriah.
Underground: In general the path to Ehlovar in the tunnel is inhabited by troglodytes who have been in these places for generations. They moved in and took over when the drow moved out and they hate the drow, the orcs, man, goblins, and just about everyone else. Consequently, they will be the main antagonists confronting Kyriah.
There are also some other creatures, but I will leave those to my maps and map notes for encounters. But there is at least one cave troll.
As far as structures/places, there are of course the general troglodyte encampments, but there is also at least one minor city and the major city itself. These cities are haunted by Elf-demons (with a drow mindset) and various other demon types/creatures. They will begin to be encountered some distance from the citys.
Treasure: Given the nature of time and what used to be in these tunnels there is a certain amount of guaranteed treasure. This is not likely to appeal to Kyriah as he is on a mission. But there may be something he is interested in. In general, however, information would be his treasure. Find out what he wants and lead him that way.
Also, note that his bracers of defense will lost 1 to AT for each week once we begin. This is due to the fact that the bracers are out of their element.

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