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Brief Notes/Recap

This adventure is to pick-up where it was left in the AD&D setting. Hollin Then, is now a Rolemaster Archmage and is in the new system. Previously: Hollins rescued a flock of children from entrapment upon an old abandoned estate. They were comatose. Hollins spoke with the ghost of the estate, who was merely seeking a state of rest and was not ultimately responsible for the state that the children were in. Hollins was allowed to depart with the chilldren, several texts', and the solution to solve the fate of the children. He then proceeeded to return the children to their parents in a village to the north of the estate. Same village is the one that Nigel Learoyd will visit to bring back General Zahn.
If memory serves correctly, the solution will be for Hollins to find a potion that will waken the children. The ghost I believe, said that it could be found in Elven territory - if memory is right.
Some notes on the original mission. I believe that Hollins was originally part of a caravan seeking to establish trade routes to Ehlovar. Somewhere along the line, the van was jumped, a giant was fought, and only Hollins survived. The potion being in Ehlovar was a way to get him where I wanted him, again if memory serves.
[After Review w/Matt] The original mission was also him journey to Ehlovar to complete his training by a friend of his master's.
The ghost: As I recall, this person was an evil character that had been cursed to wandering his estate for eternity by other nefarious persons during the time of the Cammorian Dominion. I believe that Hollins also promised this poor soul to return with the same potion that he will carry for the children, as it will free him also. Although, I have yet to work out, how an immaterial ghost can drink a material potion. No Potion, but a promise to go to his new master to see what he could do.
There are some loose ends here that must be cleaned up before Nigel comes through in 3326. I will deal with this in the following manner. It is vital that Hollins returns with the solution for the ghost and the children. The children will be set free and the ghost will vanish, his estate crumbling into nothingness as the time-stop in the area gives way. In this manner, there will be nothing for Nigel to find in six years. Further, Nigel will know nothing about these events when he was in the village, because he never asked and they never told him. If this is not the way things go! Then, the following is FACT!
Ephriam was one of the scouts in the Koros Empire's preliminary invasion plans. They (Ephriam and his scouts) discovered said village, and took refuge one stormy night at the ghosts estate. Ephriam is a dark-soul, but is not so black-hearted that he will not help others. His sorcerors abilitys awoke the children and vanquished the ghost, who had recognized them and engaged them. See above about the time-stop. This event was also not mentioned to Nigel, because it was none of his business.
Lastly! But very important. Trade routes to Ehlovar are open by 3325. It is important that Hollins gets to the nation. The fact that he is an ArchMage and can deal with them on their level is a benefit. He will be known as the man who opened trade with the elves (he doesn't know it). To this end, the rest of the adventure will run. Elven merchants have been looking to market their product outside the borders for a very long time by this point. Hollins is their answer.


This particular adventure will focus on Hollins getting to Ehlovar, and the events that surround that journey. He is currently in the village of Koray (v6), apx. ½ week of fast-riding from the border with Ehlovar.
Currents: There are wandering patrols of Thanes! Standard patrol setup, but they are not wearing the uniforms they will be wearing in the future. Also! Given that it was an orc and drow invasion that surprised the eleven nation, there are drow and orcs wandering about the border. They too are disguised (as much as an orc can be disguised). These are all very small bands that are merely scouting for intelligence purposes. These are the major conflicts that Hollins will encounter, along with any wandering monsters.
North of the border, he will find roving bands of elven armsmen, who will not appreciate his being there, but will not kill him outright.


There is one small Thane patrol of five that Hollins may encounter. This is Sepheus, the captain of the patrols in the area, his lieutenant Arakis, one mage (Dogar), one sorcerer (Axariah), and one evil-cleric (Hazael) with a necromancer list. There is a 25% chance that if encountered, Hollins has found their camp, versus finding them on the trail. The importance of these players is in setting the stage for future events. They have no idea why they were sent to do what they are doing, but they are doing it. Nor do they have any knowledge of invasion plans. Hazael and his ilk, know only a few specifics, such as where and who the orders to be out here are coming from.
The drow and orcs are immaterial to the stage setting, although Hollins may like many PC's force me to make a new NPC out of somebody. In any case, they know less about what is going on then the thanes. Also, the orcs only come out at night and from their tunnel networks that Hollins might encounter. This is such a labyrinthian system, however, that Hollins will soon get off course if he wishes to investigate any tunnel he finds.
Any elf patrol that finds Hollins will deliver him to Fairinahr, which is ultimately where Hollins wants to go. This will be covered in the next writing.

NPCs/Creatures & Treasures [Stats]

Sepheus: * DARK SWORD *
+30 DB / +60 hits / +10 move bonus / +30 initiative
2 geas: Fearless - never runs from a fight
Wings - but cannot fly or glide
2 chaotic traits: Natural talent with Demon/Devil Lore (24 ranks)
Aura, +1 PP/level

Treasure: (As per RMCIII) bp:27
* Tebuje (as Dark Sword!)
* Short-Bow, made of ash, but otherwise normal
* x3PP multiplier (Channeling) - bracers
* Pipes of Haunting (AD&D)
- RR = fail, nervous/scared
- -10 to morale
- -5 to surprise
All others: See RMCIII for treasure if defeated.


Last session saw the slaughter of all those elves. This was not coincidental, but a result of an elven patrol running into an Orc patrol where they did not expect to find them. The elves fought well, but were ultimately caught and sacraficed to Gruumsh, which is how the party found them. The party is now in an area where they will encounter regular bands of these creatures, including the Drow. They are very close to the border. 3320c1c.wps will cover the details of getting to Fairinahr. This session will deal with fighting with the patrols.

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