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This is my "E" campaign. I start at E2 because the original session was hand-written notes. This was my very first stab at running RM for the group of guys I was with. The scenario was set 5 years before current events (3320) and had to do with the church of Kellina (in Thanetia) sending missionaries to Cyr. The PCs were there to protect the clerics. The whole series of events was meant to have one major situation, mainly the disastrous crusades here. One NPC becomes a zealot and starts converting people at the end of his sword. Ultimately, the church has to respond by putting this person down, which happens in a major battle that has no victor. Any unity in the Cyr Domains is irrevocably lost (as has happend MANY times here in the past) and this gives rise to Durvin and his whole campaign to take and hold the keep and esablish some sort of rulership of the Domains (though it never really went much beyond the borders of the keep)

As a group we played this for awhile and then went on to other matters.

Devon Ride

Captain Taraan has decided that with his current defeat, prospects are better elsewhere at the time. He can and will return to this particular village at a later time when the prophet and his group will not be there. Conditional: If Matthew is not there by the start of play, Pierece will be assumed to be off on the errand that Lenore has for him, which will take him to Carrick Crossing.
Although the bandits are gone, neither Delane, Briat, or Fraser will know this. Delane will wish for Fraser's help in finding the bandits and disposing of them; an act that Delane considers to be helping the village. This will prove fruitless however, as any villager could have explained. After a few days of humping around in the bush, no more than their tracks will be found. If they go too far from the village (and they will Fraser will not be willing to pursue). Roll for encounters each day (4) for hilly regions.
Meanwhile, Delane has been talking with Fraser. Although he does not see what is in store for him with this man, Delane will join with Fraser. As this is the case, when the party returns to the village he will release them from their bond. They are free to go with him, return home, or do what they wish.
Whatever, the group decides, another option will be laid before them. Sometime after their decision, an old woman will visit Maleg. Her name is Cassandra McGregor and she is a powerful, former, Wisdom of a village called Derry. The woman has been sent by the witches council to approach the party. Their dealings with Lady Dhara have not been successful. She seems to have an unnatural control of a large amount of goblins which has prevented the council from getting to her. Meanwhile, she is still wreaking havoc, although the council has been able to keep this secret. The party does not know any of this, however.
Cass will ask Maleg if he and his friends would run an errand for her, concerning the Lady Dhara. They are to take a message to a man called Arrith at the Iron Tower, north of Jhad's Gorge in NE71Y. Show the seal to the creature at the entrance and they will be shown to Arrith. The party can either take it or leave it, she will answer no questions about who or what she is, or about the council. If they wish to bring Dhara down, they will help.
If the party goes then roll for encounters on the six days (week) it takes them to get there. If they go into Jhad's Gorge they will be enageged by the goblins there:

- trapped bridges (collapse)
- 22 worgs guarding the gorge and surrounding area
- tribe of 180: 108 adult female 54 adult male (Hits: 40 Level: 2)
180 children 18 adult male worg riders (Hits: 40 Level: 2)
Chief Blark (Hits: 60 Level: 4)
3 other leaders, 16 assistants (Hits: 50 Level: 3)
- treasure:

Goblin Stats:

Lvl Speed: MS/AQ Size/Crit Hits AT(DB) Attacks
2B SL/MD M/- 40D 8(30s) 40Melee/20Missle

Worg Stats:

Lvl Speed: MS/AQ Size/Crit Hits AT(DB) Attacks

Conditional: If the party is captured they will be dragged off to the Iron Tower anyway (if they are alive), so there is really no point to entereing the gorge, although the players do not know this.
Upon arrival at the tower (in whatever way) the group is met by a large war troll who will answer the knock at the extremely large iron door that is the only entrance to the eighty-foot, stone tower. He will ask them their business, but will defend himself if attacked. By showing the seal troll will lead them to Arrith.
Arrith's age is indeterminate, although he appears to be of middle age. [He is of LE alignment.] He is 5' 7", trim and athletic. He has a dark, evil-looking, and twisted face. Red, angry, eyes seem almost to show the fires of hell within. He is sightless however, and his vision is demon-enhanced, giving his eyes this look. His gaze strikes immediate terror. His nose is large and long, with a small mouth and a large, jutting, but square chin. His cheeks are hollow, and his skin, sickly yellow, hugs the bones of his face. His long hair is milk-white and waist-length. He dresses in black-robes (no hood) and his aura of evilness can be felt across the length of a large room.
Arrith will read the message that the party gives him. He will not tell them to sit down. When he is finished he will tell them that he cannot help in this matter. He has other urgent affairs that he must attend to. However, he cannot allow an upsurper to control his goblin hordes. He will allow them one item of power (his choice-for the party) to take care of this matter if they so desire. He will also enchant their main weapons.
If they go after Dhara, he will tell them that her last know location was in the village of Airdrie, which is about a weeks ride to the southwest(NW71Z).
fear factor that has keep many people out of this place

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