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Just a note that at this time I was using Microsoft Works for recording my session notes. Not that anyone cares, but that's what I was using then.

Note to Myself: For the time being, using the AD&D DMG encounter tables.

Devon Ride

Pierce has seperated from the party. The rest have decided to deliver the old woman's letter to Arrith. Wyndl has agreed to lead the way and Matt's new character has also joined. [The group has now officially stated their intentions to become "men of worth" by getting involved in various abnormal adventures around the Domains. The foundation for the major event has been laid.]

Journey to the Iron Tower

The party will have to go through Carrick's Crossing to get north to their destination. This is a three-day uneventful excursion. The weather over the gorge is bad and the ferrymen will not operate the shuttle until it has cleaned up. The party can wait (2 days), or they can go the old route which will take them to the bottom of the gorge. If they proceed northeast for a ways they may find a way to cross the river (Shaedrys (Dark) River). If an encounter is warranted, then run it.
Once the party is across the gorge in either manner, Wendl will get them back on track. Approximately, half a day later the weather will again turn bad. This is not unusual since they are in the highlands. It will be windy and rainy. Coming out of the hills into 71Y, they will see a large forest beneath them, and a large plateau to the northwest. Wendl tells them that this is Kenwood Forest and that the plateau is known as the Ward's Table. If the group presses him on information, see below. It will take two days to cross the forest and from there a day to get past Jhad's Gorge to the tower.
Encounters in the forest should be rolled for. Once they exit the northern part of the forest they will be able to see the gorge some distance away to the north of them. Perhaps they might also see the tower. The weather is still bad. Off to their left is the large plateau. Their is a small, steep, curving hill that leads up to the top, but the rest is a gigantic cliff of rock. At one point, jutting out over the plain is a small fortress. This was the family home of Clan Ward when it ruled the area, nigh well over 1000 years ago. When the troubles occured (apx 21057) clan Ward, like all the other clans broke up. Some remaining members of the ruling family occupied the fortress until they eventually died out. But time had moved on and the villages were concentrating on surviving the rest of the years that remained in the rule of the Cammorian Dominion. No one has since occupied the ruins, save for the occaisional creature and sometimes roving bandits needing shelter. It is said that clan Ward's family keepsakes are still there waiting to be found.
Since they are on the plains, there is not much shelter from the storm. The fortress is not far off (maybe a couple of hours). Wendl will continue to lead them on if they desire. However, he suggests taking shelter there. The idea of treasure might also appeal to the party.

The Fortress of Clan Ward

If the party decides to go here, then this part of the adventure will run. The fortress is not large, and has retained a remarkable integrity for being well over a thousand years old. It has been built on a large mound that continues into a solid granite over-hang. Next to the west wall is a gigantic living oak. It is well over 1500 years old and guards the fortress' cemetary and a large crypt within the graveyard. The party can take refuge within the fortress, however, if they search they will find nothing. If they look in the crypt within the cemetary, they will find what they are searching for, although it will be tough to get it.
The fortress has four towers, a central iron-gated entrance at the north and tall, crumbling walls. Inside next to the east wall is the remains of what used to be a great hall. The towers are open and the party can take shelter here or along the walls.
The crypt is a large, stone edifice. It is simple in structure, and ivy-covered. There are five steps leading up to a small, two-pillored entryway. The doors are heavy-bronze, green with their age. The crypt is unlocked. It is not a normal crypt. The items that the party are looking for are marked on the GM's map. However, the party does not know this and can only begin to open crypts looking for the items.
The Crypt: The doorway gives off a terrific sense of terror and all those opening the doors are subject to a RR versus fear (10th lvl)[Characters get Self-Discipline bonus]. Those failing the roll are terrified of entering the area. If they leave and then return they may make another roll after their fear wears off. See Dave to determine length of time effect. In any case, it is this fear factor that has keep many people out of this place for the length of time it has been here. The natural tendency for Cyr natives to avoid places of death also factors in. Once inside the party will encounter various minor Wights as they open (if they do) the various crypts. They fight with the weapons they used in life and there are as many of them as there are crypts. They cannot leave the main crypt, and will return to sleep if no life is detected within ten turns after being awakened. The crypt with the Ward clan treasure contains a lesser Wight.

Wight (minor) Stats:

Lvl Init Size/Crit Hits AT(DB) Attacks
10H 90 L/ii# 90E 11(30) 90We[Cold]/80LBa/Special/Spells
Spells - Illusion Mastery to its level (assume 10SP)
- Roll treasure type at appearance of monster to determine the weapons that if fights with.

Wight (lesser) Stats:

Lvl Init Size/Crit Hits AT(DB) Attacks
15H 120 L/LA# 90E 16(30) 110We[Cold]/80LBa/Special/Spells
Spells - Illusion Mastery to its level (assume 15SP)
Treasure - Spell: Daily III from Evil Cleric Disease list, 4th level (imbedded in Armor below)
Chain Armor +15
Rod +2 [weight 30% of normal] (Hybrid Spell Adder: 1st lvl spell from Elemental Shields list)
90sp/15gp/Gem (80gp value)
Claymore +10

The weapons found herein (if attainable) are hereditary weapons of Clan Ward and bear their marks. Although little of clan loyalty is seen within the Domains today, outsiders bearing weapons of former Cyr citizens are likely to be noticed, sometimes questioned, and in the case of meeting with those of Clan Ward, asked to explain themselves.
After this sidetrack the party is still two days away from the Gorge. The weather will continue to be misarable on their journey. They will not be harrassed by any creatures on the plains, but as they get closer to the Gorge they will be able to see figures on large wolves (worgs) patrolling the area.
If they go into Jhad's Gorge they will be enageged by the goblins there:

- trapped bridges (collapse)
- 22 worgs guarding the gorge and surrounding area
- tribe of 180: 108 adult female 54 adult male (Hits: 40 Level: 2)
180 children 18 adult male worg riders (Hits: 40 Level: 2)
Chief Blark (Hits: 60 Level: 4)
3 other leaders, 16 assistants (Hits: 50 Level: 3)
- treasure: Disarm trap kit

Goblin Stats:

Lvl Init Size/Crit Hits AT(DB) Attacks
2B 40 M/- 40D 8(30s) 40Melee/20Missle

Worg Stats:

Lvl Init Size/Crit Hits AT(DB) Attacks

Conditional: If the party is captured they will be dragged off to the Iron Tower anyway (if they are alive), so there is really no point to entereing the gorge, although the players do not know this.
Upon arrival at the tower (in whatever way) the group is met by a large war troll who will answer the knock at the extremely large iron door that is the only entrance to the eighty-foot, stone tower. He will ask them their business, but will defend himself if attacked. By showing the seal troll will lead them to Arrith.
Arrith's age is indeterminate, although he appears to be of middle age. [He is of LE alignment.] He is 5' 7", trim and athletic. He has a dark, evil-looking, and twisted face. Red, angry, eyes seem almost to show the fires of hell within. He is sightless however, and his vision is demon-enhanced, giving his eyes this look. His gaze strikes immediate terror. His nose is large and long, with a small mouth and a large, jutting, but square chin. His cheeks are hollow, and his skin, sickly yellow, hugs the bones of his face. His long hair is milk-white and waist-length. He dresses in black-robes (no hood) and his aura of evilness can be felt across the length of a large room.
Arrith will read the message that the party gives him. He will not tell them to sit down. When he is finished he will tell them that he cannot help in this matter. He has other urgent affairs that he must attend to. However, he cannot allow an upsurper to control his goblin hordes. He will allow them one item of power (his choice-for the party) to take care of this matter if they so desire. He will also enchant their main weapons. He wishes the wand returned and will send minions to seek it out if they abscond with it.

Item of Power: Wand of Sleep

If they go after Dhara, he will tell them that her last know location was in the village of Airdrie, which is about a weeks ride to the southwest(NW71Z). Since Dhara is a problem (although minor) to him, he will reward the party if they take care of it.

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