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My campaign letters now skip over to H. F and G I believe were filled, but I haven't apparently filled them back in with the files I managed to rescue from the ZIP250 disaster.

In any case, this session was played once with David. It was a day session that had been planned for him and Matt and as I wanted something fresh I chose a different part of my map for it. Zunai is technically in the Imperium, but because of local geography (a large desert) it is effectively cut off from any active administration by the Imperials. It was conquered during the invasion of the Cammorian Dominion and in fact after the Battle of Mt Daloa a lot of male Atans settled here. But as the Zunains have consistently and punctually always sent to the capitol of the Imperium the money sums that the Imperium has demanded there's been no real reason for anything other than a token force of Imperial soldiers to be based here. I might add that those soldiers all tend to be local Atans with no real interest in enforcing Imperium laws and policies.

So, effectively Zunai is left to it's own affairs having "bought off" any Imperium rule. As will be shown below Zunai is based on a middle ages Persian society.

Brief Notes/Recap

This campaign is set in Zunai, the far western Imperium city that has not as yet been developed. Zunai is governed by the Sultan of Zunai and the nine princes (there are ALWAYS nine). They owe their alliegance to the Imperium, but this is often difficult to enforce. Zunai is a major trading port that conducts business with Perth, a fact the Imperium is forced to overlook since most of the quality goods come from there. Zunai is a duchy. It’s runs south along the coast to the border with the Duchy. It’s eastern border is the Makaai Desert through which the Great Trade route runs. There are other trade routes that skirt the desert and a few farther south, but the GTR is the most direct.
The Sultan is the Imperium’s representative. The area was settled by the Atans that remained after the battle of Mt. Daloa. It was decided early on by the Imperium (after several lethal mishaps) that takeover was not going to work. An alliance was forged and Zunai has been a duchy since that day. The Sultan has always been male since many of the surviving Atans were MALE! The Sultan has always had nine princes (gender varies). These are the nine vying for the seat after the current Sultan dies. They are ranked and each spot is competed for. Thus the guy at the top must always be watching the other eight as well as his own affairs. The guy at the bottom is conversely NOT safe from the guy at the top since eliminating him can do away with the plans of several of the others.
The nine have their own areas to govern and thus have their own power structures. These officials are the true power of the duchy as they implement not only the rulings of the Sultan, but their prince as well. They are the nine governors and they also have their own structures and men answering to them. These are the Emirs and their underlings are the Maliks.
The Sultans have longed allowed the operation of the duchy in the manner that the princes see fit. So long as there is no trouble, trade is profitable and there are able-bodied men to meet the Imperium’s demands for soldiers in time of conflict, the Sultan does not interfere. The Sultan concerns himself with matters of trade and diplomacy, particularly with the Seven Nations, of whom the rest of the peninsula are largely ignorant of. The Seven Nations are the purveyors of many of the weird things that are found on Kehnon as well as archaic items. Their history was relative non-violent.


The party works for Malik Esfahan. Their Sab (master) is Saraaj. They themselves are known as Rajs, since they are the “prince’s men.” They are on the lowest rung of the ladder, but have been serving their master(s) well. Consequently, Saraaj will have a job for them. It seems that the merchants of the Dajai district are refusing to pay their taxes. As an independent merchant you must pay for the privilege of the prince allowing you to make your own profits. Sometimes this generous policy backfires and the people think they have a right to keep all the money. The party is sent to do several things.
One, remind the merchants that they have a master. Two, to get the money owed.


The Dajai district borders the harbor on the northwest in and the beach on the west and southwest ends. It extends to the city limits on the south and borders the Srinigar district on the east. The northeast and north edge border the Pegu district. Dajai is home to many independent merchants who are the medival equivalent of upper middle class. Saraaj wants the party to “break a few heads, a few bones and collect my money.” The debt is 200 gp. 170 gold for their one month debt and thirty gold for the inconvenience. The party will get 1 gp per person for their efforts, plus of course, whatever they feel like taking. If they find something that is very or extremely valuable, then the merchant(s) have been holding out on the prince and they are to confiscate it and pay the merchant in kind, unless the merchant can prove that he has “priviledge of ownership.”
In effect the group is free to do what they wish as long as the money has been collected. They have one week to get it and they should not return unless they have all of it. It also looks good if they come back with more than what they were sent for or things that might be valuable to the higher ups.

The Merchants: They have banded together and their young men are the “foes” the party will be facing. The merchants are trying to organize some form of co-op (even more illegal than their defiance). The foe is level one and has no proficiency in any kind of weapon. Only the Raj have the honor of being weapon-trained. Their brawling skills are poor (+12) at best and this should be a romp for the party with treasure finds. Information is also paid for by the Sab, if the party wishes to go that route.
Note that although the group might get the money and break up the alliance, the problem is not going away. The Saj will give the party this district to “enforce” if they do a good job in this matter. Since the problem will keep recurring, then the party will have adventures. However, after experience is gained, the larger plot needs to be brought in. Eventually, the party will find that the interests of their prince will lead them outside Zunai and into the Imperium itself.

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