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Ket Overview

My newest campaign world.

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Ket Overview

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 16 Oct 2010, 12:14

What I have on Ket so far:

The Mechanics of Ket (including a pre-history)

1.0 The Dynamics of Ket

1.0.1 What it is:
First and foremost, Ket is not a being. Ket is not a god, nor does Ket have sentience. In fact, the name Ket is a label. Ket is a cosmic force that exists in all places, all possibilities, and all times. Those that are aware of Ket and have a limited understanding of this force have called it Ket. It has no name in and of itself.
The cosmic force of Ket seems to exist for one two-fold purpose: to create and to destroy. It is a force in opposition with itself that by it’s nature maintains a balance in the universe. It is constantly renewing and destroying itself. It is constant.

1.0.2 Creation:
In keeping with its nature the cosmic force of creation caused a genesis to occur in the area of the universe that the planet Ket now occupies. All manner of things were born or created and within the parameters of their own type were left to their fate.

1.1 A beginning:
Ket’s begininng started with the forming of the planet. The planet itself evolved first in the span of about 630 million years. During that time the various flora and fauna life evolved into what now exists with the dawn of the humans. During the first 250 million years or so there was a sweeping wave of creation/evolution energy that imbued a limited form of intelligence into a small number of trees. These trees have since evolved into the giant oaks that are now present. The giant oaks possess a great undertstanding of Ket and deep knowledge, although their mobility is limited. Yet they were a dying breed from their birth, because their offspring does not receive their intelligence and are normal oak trees.

Sometime around the 330 million year mark the first elf seedling awoke. His name later became Lólindir Eärfalas and he is the “father” of the elven nation, but at this time, he was unamed. He is the first elf by virtue of the fact that when the rest awoke shortly after him he had already gotten up. There were fourteen elves at creation, 7 male, and 7 female. They became know as the Aör. All were fully formed at their prime and they all had “memory” of Ket. Of all the races, the elves are the most in tune with this force and live the most in harmony with it.

The place of elven birth was called Essël by the firstborn. But it was only named thus after much time had passed. The Aör were born with the ability to speak, but with no language. But they had their own thoughts and as they began to think for the very first time they applied names and labels to their surroundings and to what they experienced with their senses. This gave rise to actual speech, each Aör speaking in their own manner according to their thoughts. Obviously then, since the Aör were all speaking in their own tongues there was no communication between them since none could understand the other. Thus the Aör turned to hand gestures to communicate.


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