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Chronicles of Daine #1

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Chronicles of Daine #1

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 01 May 2011, 12:10

ADMIN NOTE [03/21/2014]: Moved from a retired world forum. The character was too good to remain unnoticed.

I am Daine Artemus Shyer, youngest son of Taius Maxion Shyer and Endara Aen Shyer (né Ruél). My father is the Coronet of Rolkalin (my birthplace) in the Durakin Alliance and I have two brothers (Aithe and Iral) and two sisters (Eolan and Aila). My mother died when I was six, victim of the red fever. I was raised mainly by my two older sisters (Aila and I are close), my father being constantly on campaign and my brothers with him when they were of age (which was not long after my birth).

Martial arms instruction began for me when I was seven. At first, my father thought to have me instructed by Lanat, the household master of arms. This proved somewhat inadequate when two weeks into my initial instruction my father required Lanat to join him on one of his many campaigns. I shan't say I was raised and taught everything I know by women, but with most of the household guard, my father and brothers and their retainers gone from the house there was ought left to see to my training at arms. This is when my Aunt Sharan stepped in. My aunt retired as a captain in the service of Lord Nathan's house. Lord Nathan as you might know was present in many of the Alliance's campaigns. My aunt Sharan is the reason you've probably heard of him. She kept him alive as was her duty. I can't say the same for my aunt's three husbands, all of which died fighting at her side. She never talks about any of them, but I know she loved all of them.

So my aunt stepped in seeing as there was no one to train me. Considering all the campaigns the Alliance has seen and the fact that my aunt and her Lord are still alive and have all their original body parts I'd say it was pretty good training. She also discovered my magical talents and helped me there as well. Did I not mention my aunt Sharan was also a mage?

Now my aunt is the older sister of my father, so my father really had no way to object to the form of my training, especially as he had no other alternatives. Although he did object to the type of arms I was being trained in. My father and brothers prefer the longsword and the broadsword. My aunt is very good with the claymore and that is what she taught me. But after one particularly ugly argument with my father, she acquiesced to instructing me in the used of the broadsword. Upon completion of my training I received the broadsword and full shield of my father's cousin Davrel. Yes, that Davrel, leader of the Bretheren and Conqueror of Tarshek. If you've ever been to Tarshek though you'd see that Davrel is such a fraud. Little hovel on the borderlands. Hard to believe it could have offered the kind of resistance my cousin always claimed! Well, the Durakin Alliance honored my cousin, so my father passed his items along to me. Oh? Well, yeah, see Davrel didn't need them anymore on account of dying of Syphilus. They didn't mention that in the royal books did they? Yeah, little thing he picked up at Tarshek, blasted boil on the Alliance's ass as it is!

My aunt gave me a claymore though when I completed my training. But not just any claymore. She gave me the one she used. Told me that swords should continue to be used if they were to be useful at all and seeing as she was no longer using it she'd be proud to see it continue in service. That was an an honor to me I tell you. My father looked like he wanted to sick up, but he kept his tongue. Guess it must have been the real hard eye my aunt was giving him.

My crossbow? Well, that's just mine. I figure why cross blades with someone if I can just shoot them from a distance. I'm pretty good with it too. Like to think that I am almost as good as my mother with the shortbow. Yeah, my aunt told me about that. She was good friends with my mom. My mom took up archery as a sport when she was young and was really good at it according to my aunt. So I guess in a way, I am honoring my mom. My aunt has lots of stories about her and my mom.

Ahh, Urell, my father's servant has just informed me that a letter about my military service has arrived and my father wishes to see me about it. Theemus is here too Urell says. What, I haven't told you about Theemus? Ah, another time my friend as I have just run out of it now.

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