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Fragment of old outline

History files for Kell.

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Fragment of old outline

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 04 Feb 2011, 11:45

Before my computer, which had my campaign/world files, was stolen (and I learned the value of backups) I had been outlining the more current back history of the age. Whenever I wanted to see hard copy I would save a file out, copy it to disk and then transfer it to my mom's Mac which had a printer. In that way I'd proof my work. I usually just deleted the files on the disk afterwards. After losing the files I did what I could to scavenge those disks. The following is one fragment of the outline that I printed.

*Please note that the text is still in it's rescued state and has not been cleaned up. Also, note that my time reference uses the first number in the parenthesis as the number of the AGE, not the year. So in the first line the Perth Theocracy was invaded in the second age, year 857. Finally, there was no set end to an age – it was just generally agreed that a new one had started. So an age could be anywhere from one thousand to possibly over a million of our years. There was also several eons of years BEFORE the first age where time was not recorded at all. Mostly that was the activity of the gods. The First Age was slightly different in that it's time was recorded in a BCE (Before Common Era) format. 10 is the last year of the First Age. Also marked as 20, i.e., the first year of the Second Age.

4)Perth Theocracy invaded (2857)
a)Conquered at Perth (2877)
b)Theocrats executed (2878)
c)Government dismantled (2878)
d)Cleansing of Perth (2878-2886)
2.Rise of Rupert McRory
a.Born at Ryadahn, abbey of Ordis (2841)
b.Ordained (2858)
c.Joins the Sammaelites at Ivonn parish (2859)
d.Departs Ivonn with companions for Perth (2860)
e.Arrives in Perth (2860)
1)Forming of Jubayl sect
f.Joins invasion party at Seirte (2860)
g.Tarrys in Perth (2860-2887)
1)Battle of Orkney (2864)
2)Battle of Etaru (2865)
3)Siege of Zunai (2871-2874)
a)Zunai falls (2874)
4)First battle of Perth (2875)
5)Second battle of Perth (2876)
6)Third battle of Perth (2877)
h.Joins the Cleansing of Perth (2878-2886)
i.Founding of the Avatars of Lor (2880)
j.Avatars of Lor sanctioned (2882)
k.Bosra Uprising (2883)
1)Four Avatars of Lor are slain
2)Rupert is badly wounded
3)Bosra is burned
l.Recovery (2883-2886)
1)Abbeys established
a)Loch (2884)
b)Orkney (2884)
c)Perth (2885)
d)Umea (2885)
2)Zunai monastery founded (2886)
m.Rupert is recalled to Banchary (2886)
n.Return to Banchary (2886)
o.Archbishop of Banchary (2886)
1)Construction of Shaidan Dar
a)Dark pact with Miklos
b)Pandion order given charge to protect
2)Construction of the Pentyx at Shaidan Dar begins
a)Jubayl sect given charge to protect
p.Founding of the Keepers of Lor (2887)
1)Forging of the first Gar Shad at Carendaul (2888)
q.Breakpoint (2890)
1)Shadowclash (2890-2893)
2)Pontiff Fal declared heretic (2893)
r.The Dark War (2893-2896)
1)Final battle at Carendaul abbey (2896)
2)Rupert slays Fal (2896)
3)Rupert proclaimed Pontiff (2897)
4)Preceptor Danrion Finn appointed King (2897)
s.Ascendence of Rupert
1)Lorn bestows demi-godhood (2901)
2)Rupert turns insane
t.Benrit Inshrei proclaimed Pontiff of Cammoria (2901)

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