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A History of the Known Universe

History files for Kell.

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A History of the Known Universe

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 16 Jul 2008, 16:06

One of the earliest pieces of information concerning Kell is my original outline. It is completely devoid of any originality as I was attempting to fit my world into the AD&D universe and not the other way around.

Here it is:

A History of the Known Universe
I. Beginning
A. Kirin creates Zhantu
B. Kirin creates the Elder Gods

II. Exodus
A. The Elder Gods depart Zhantu
B. Kirin creates Julian and the Avatars

III. Creation
A. Moradin, Soul-Forger creates his World
B. The Seldarine are created
C. Gruumsh One-Eye begins the Godswar
1. Corellon Larethian defeats Gruumsh
2. The Elves are created
D. The Elder Gods create their own races
E. The Worl is divided
1. Elves draw the forests & woodlands
2. Dwarves draw the mountains
3. Gnomes draw the hills
4. Halflings draw the fields and meadows
5. Humans draw the total environment
6. Orcs draw nothing
a. Gruumsh becomes angry, draws his spear and strikes the mountains, hills, and meadows
b. The Orcs dwell in these places and make war to this day
F. Kirin creates the Faye Creatures
G. Kirin creates the Worlds
H. The Elder Gods inhabit the Worlds
I. The Goda war between themseles
J. Kirin, in distress creates the Promise
1. Dworkin is created to record the promise and all events
2. The gods begin the game

IV. Kell
A. The Elder Gods populate Kell
B. The Elfwar occurs
C. The Godfeud errupts
1. Lorn recruites worshipers of Kellina
2. Kellina retaliates
3. The Great Cataclysm
4. The Oracle of Cammoria is written
D. Kirin creates the Lesser Gods
E. The 1st Age of Man
F. The 2nd Age of Man
1. Rise of Lorn
a. Rise of the Cammorian Dominion
1> The Massacre of Cammoria
2> Vazrin Fahl declared Pontiff and King of Cammoria
b. Start of the Abolition
1> Cammorian armies sweep through Byzmir
2> Atana is overrun
3> Ehlovar is overrun
4> The Koros Union is overrun
a) Exiles flee south into the Cyr mountains
b) The Cyr Domains are established
5> The Kingdom of Thanetia is enslaved
6> The Perth Theocracy is overun
a) The theocracy is dismantled
b) The clergy of Kellina is put to the sword
c. Rise of Rupert McRory
1> Ordained in March, 2209
2> Arrives in Perth, January 2208
3> Founded the Avatars of Lor, August 2208
4> Avatars of Lor sanctioned, January 2207
5> “Cleansing” of Perth, January 2207
6> Bosra Uprising
a) Four Avatars of Lor are slain
b) Rupert is grievously wounded
7> Bosra is set to the torch
8> Rupert is recalled to Cammoria, July 2207
9> Arrives, December 2207
10> Receives commission for Silar parish, February 2206
11> Creates the Keepers of Lor, April 2205
12> The Dark Abolition of Cammoria, May 2205
13> Pontiff Fahl declared heretic, November 2204
14> The Dark War, November 2204
15> Rupert proclaimed Pontiff, March 2201
d. Ascendance of Rupert
1> Demi-godhood, 2200
2> Rupert goes mad
e. Age of Power and Chaos
f. Decline
1> Alliance between Kellina and Corellon Larethian
2> Kellina acts
g. Perth Uprising
1> Rupert orders re-invasion of Perth Theocracy
2> Battle for the Keep at Daloa
a) The Keep is lost
b) Cammorian army moves south
3> Ehlovar Cleansing
a) Lorn becomes occupied with the sudden and massive killing of his worshipers
b) Lorn orders Rupert to decimate Ehlovar
c) The Cammorian army turns around
d) The Cammorian army is attacked from behind
h. Perth Victorious
1> Vash, Avatar of Kellina attacks Rupert and his army
2> The encounter is fought for nine days straight and levels the southern Daloan mountain range.
3> Rupert is imprisoned in his bottle
4> The village of Arnn is renamed Vashed
2. The Settling
a. The Cammorian Dominion falls
1> The defeated Cammorian army settles the land between Mt. Daloa and Perth
2> The Perth Theocracy is renamed the Lorn Imperium
b. Byzmir reverts to a barbarian culture
c. Cammoria dies out
d. Ehlovar frees itself
e. Atana sells itself to the Koros Union
f. The Koros Union makes a northwards land grab and renames itself the Koros Empire
g. The Cyr Domains declare themselves no longer part of the Koros Union and deflect a small Koros invasion
h. The Kingdom of Thanetia returns to pre-invasion life
3. Civil War
a. The Ducy of Perth decalres autonomy from the Lorn Imperium on the basis of slavery which the Cammorian army had brought with it when it settled the area
b. The Ducy of Umea is ordered to put down the insurrection
1> The Duke of Umea manages to kill himself while ineptly handling the situation
2> The Imperium grants the split for fear of further embarassment
G. The 3rd Age of Man

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