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Dawn Swords

History files for Kell.

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Dawn Swords

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 17 May 2009, 09:50

The following history of the dawn swords is pretty much all you need to know about them. Specifics were gory and horrific and best left to forger and wielder. Note that as mentioned in the text earlier versions of these swords were indeed wielded by Thanes, but only in the first defintion. I will expand on the difference between the two types in a later post. However, the short version here is that early thanes were simply men (or demihumans) who were landowners with titles. They may or may not have been religious. This covers the first use of them in my old AD&D setting. Later versions of Thanes are Chaos Lord, period. Evil and in this setting completely entwined with the Lorn church.

The main identifying element of the dawn sword is it's black metal. The original forging process was laid down during the time of the rebellion of Vaergan Liahl against Kel. It was detailed by Ymn Azak who was a Serui mystic/alchemist. One sword was made – out of living metal. It was given to Vaergan and in his bending it to his will the metal was perverted, turned black and died. From then on it had a malevolent unholy, undead aura about it.

After Julian defeated Vaergan, he took this sword and with all of his strength broke it in half. The two halves were then melted down and the anguished spirit of the previously living metal was given it's rest. The rest of the rogue Eowor-Serui were hunted down and cast out. This also meant that all that the rogue Eowor-Serui posessed was utterly destroyed. Ymn Azak was also killed, but before his dispatch he hid his writings and they were not found – until a very long time later.

During the early days of the Lorn church, many of the clerics were involved in evil, esoteric, extra-planar, demonic research. One of these clerics, during his work was speaking with some creature that had seen a particular book in his travels. Interested the cleric undertook a dangerous journey and ultimately returned with the particular writings of Ymn Azak that pertained to the forging process aforementioned.

Many years of toil and labor passed to translate this book. Understanding of the basic concepts came generations later. It is this process that in it's first use yielded the early versions of the Thane swords. Due to a misunderstanding of the texts, the forgers were expecting to get black metal as the result of the forging process, not realizing that this was simply a notation in Azak's texts stating what had happened when Vaergan took possession of the sword. The swords were named Dawn Swords by the Lorn church at the time because of the age of the texts that led to their "rediscovery." Ultimately because of the misunderstanding and the way in which the metal that was used was forged, the forgers did indeed get what they THOUGHT they were supposed to get. Only generations later when the church started revamping this process for the Chaos Lords did the church begin to understand the errors in this process - through the death of many contributors it should be noted.

Dawn Swords

Short Backstory: Weapon developed for Lorn knight orders. Weapon is specific to a particular knight, although others may attune to it and it will attune to the new owner if carried long enough. Appearance is dark-steel, evil and malicious. Often made in saw-tooth patterns. A living, volantary, evil, soul is bound into the sword by evil magical procedures which turn the normal steel-blade it's distinctive color. The soul's body is destroyed. Soul is aware and continually strives with it's master, thus the sword is intelligent (IQ of 90 on average). Forger wields sword in first kill to "imprint" the weapon's 'natural enemy.'
All stats below are for general sword abilities, without any chaos spells being stacked on.. There were and are more powerful ones made, including those bound with demon souls. All swords will go dormant after a period of non-use, until first blood on "foe" is made again. However, going dormant is usually a result of the sword being lost, since Chaos Lords are hardly pacifists. *Note* There are other normal "Thane" swords. These were merely normal weapons created at an earlier time period. Any special abilities that these weapons may have were applied after forging.
Abilities: +10 (average)
+15 (average) against "foe"
- Some weapons were imbued with "Chaotic Strike#" upon forging.
Construction: Normal, Cammorian steel
Device of Lorn stamped on quillons
Leather-wrapped hilt
Normal pommel

*Note* Not all Dark Swords are long-swords. Other blades were used as well, including some ridiculous looking daggers!

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