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Ellahna Avanrei

History files for Kell.

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Ellahna Avanrei

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 17 May 2009, 11:45

The following is an unfinished summary of one of my created goddesses for Kell. Originally she was thought up as an explanation to a one of a set of figurines that Dave's character (Larry in my Karthinian campaign) had come in to possession of. It was my intention to use Larry as a vehicle to bring her back in to current events. It would also tie Larry to a loyalty of which I was sure he would not be unhappy with. Alas, we did not get back to the campaign.

Ellahna Avanrei

Ellahna is also known as the “Mother.” She is the goddess of mothers in difficult childbirth and the protector of orphans and the truly in need. During the GodWar she committed the one great act that united evil against her by allowing the grandfather of Gabriel Alexander to be born. His mother, Erica Tunega suffered a tortuous labour and in her ultimate hour of need called on Ellahna. The gods being gathered at this birth with a truce in effect, turned as one to Ellahna. Although, technically because Tunega was human this was Kellina’s territory, the decision was left to Ellahna. Knowing the ultimate fate of her decision, but also the rightness of it, Ellahna answered Tunega’s call, delivering the child and his mother from certain death. Further, she issued a blessing on the child, announcing that his son’s son would be great among the world. It was these last two acts that ultimately infuriated Nehkron, Lorn, Kull, and all the others. Thus, she was forced into hiding.
Ellahna resembles a plain-featured, but somehow beautiful mother. She is full-figured, but due to her status is often portrayed as a mother dressed in simple peasant robes and hood.
Role-playing Notes Ellahna stays well hidden, but her hand is evident at every difficult, but successful birth. She is also present when the desperate and truly destitute invoke her aide. This has caused her several close calls, but none has succeeded in killing her yet.

Ellahna’s Avatar

Her avatar when she appears on the physical plane resembles her above description. She can of course appear as any woman, but this is her desire form. When she is in this form, her abilitys are immediate and direct. She carries a small vial of mother’s milk and her symbol is a cradle. When waving the latter in answer to someone’s need, rescue is not far behind.

Duties of the Priesthood

Ellahna has a very limited supply of priestesses, although the common Wisdom of many towns and villages often invoke her aide unknowingly when administering to their charges. She has no known paladins, but the ones of history were strong, courageous men meeting the prayers of her faithful when and where they found them. These men defended the holdings of the goddess, fighting inumerous small battles now lost to history. Known duties of her clerics, were simply to be on the alert for the desperate and in need and to meet their needs, and also to help (midwife) mothers having difficulties in labor and birth.

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