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Just a li'l thing

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Just a li'l thing

Post Number:#1  Postby The Gibbon » 19 Sep 2008, 09:45

Hey, I'm a 17 year old Rp'er from Scotland, and I'm just looking for some help.
Every once in a while, I like to play about with the Storyteller system from White Wolf and construct a sort of "Game from a game."
Tonight, I decided on a Fallout, Post-Apocolyptic, Radiation-filled setting, and It's coming along quite well.
Altho, I've come to a shtick in the mud, a gate in the field, if you will.
I'm starting to run out of ideas.
The setting is thus, It's 2316, Earth.
A nuclear holocaust has decimated the earth, filling the world with all kinds of decay, mutation, and destruction.
The player, (My friend brian) will start the day, crawling from beneath one of the many still standing nuclear bunkers, the only place to get a half okay nights sleep.
The world is currently in a war state, having survived the first 50 years of nuclear catastrophe with next to no friction, suddenly the factions of the world spark, causing violent, bloody death on most streets.
This is where I need help.
I can keep the sessions running smoothly for a few sessions, but I need somemore input.
Sure, alot of it will come eventually, but I need some more things.
The most I have now is a character sheet, depicting the needed stats (Strength, Dex, Perception, Stamina, Intellegince, Wit, Athleticism, Melee, "Gunz", Animal Ken(Animal Knowhow), Drive, Survival(A mix of stealth tactics and basic survival traits), Knowledges: Base Knowledge, (How much you know, on a basic, common scale) Regional:(Where most things are in a given area), and tech.)
I also have "Pools" for your current radiation, your current "life" and your condition. I also have a Chance pool, which lets you reroll a bad roll, a subversion of Fate points, but with Pluses and Minuses to your roll, depending on how many you have. Theres also the Condition stat, which tracks your hunger, need for sleep, sore bits, and so on, which have effect on how many dice you can roll, (A condition of 2 takes away 5 dice from your dice pool.)
What I need are the more bones of storyline, in a sense.
I only have one faction cooked up, Honor: There aim being to "Recruit" all humanity, for the sake of "peace", who follow a corrupt commander.
I need some ideas for monsters aswell, which are gunna be mutated animals, as opposed to mythical beings.

I know this forum has little input, and I hope to become a part of your community, and hope to make this forum prosper.
Any ideas would be helpful, you don't need to know how the old World of Darkness games work to be able to help, and I hope you all can.

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Re: Just a li'l thing

Post Number:#2  Postby The Keeper » 23 Sep 2008, 12:12

Gibbon. You might try an outline. When I have nothing as far as backstory, history, etc, except for maybe an idea, I'll take the idea and then outline it.

This "corrupt commander" Where did he/she come from? Why do they have the drive they do? What happened to put them where they are. What was their home life like. And when you are answering those questions you'll get more questions — which leads to an outline, because you have to make everything fit and make sense. Childhood can't happend AFTER adulthood for instance.

When you have an outline then you can start filling in the details about things.

For instance. Maybe the monsters were mutated because some secret government program released a chemical into the atmosphere. Maybe that was a result of some government employee who went mad. Well, what government? What was it's name, how big? What was this governments makeup (i.e, how many people, major citys, etc...) With this outlined you can start filing in the details of those questions.

Hope that helps somewhat...

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