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Petzel Island

Session 3/05/98: Petzel Island is a small island about 75 percent the size of our Catalina. It can be found in the Cerazon Sea, south of the Empire of Minorca. The island is controlled by a governor from the Empire and his Imperial troops (a company of 100). This small tropical posting is one of the more prestigious postings in the Empire since the island is home to Natoth, the Imperial Wizard, hence it's nickname, "Wizard's Isle."
Natoth has resided on the island for a considerable length of time. His duties are to seek out the best of the magically gifted from all the countrys on the continent of Fyn. Traditionally, only three of these gifted are brought to the island. Here they must face a test to prove their worthiness to be taught by Natoth. This is a great honor and even those that are turned away may hold their heads in pride to even have been considered.
Natoth trains his charges over the course of several decades, releasing them finally, when they are ready, back to their homelands. Here they traditionally take up the job of Grand Wizard of their seperate realms. It is this job, indeed that Natoth is training them for.

Nander is one of the lucky few who have been selected for this honor. He has the gift. It only remains to be seen if he has the ability to be taught. Nander is from the Empire of Minorca, city of Gron (a minor and unimportant little hovel of a town). His former master, Tarcem, brought him before Erin, one of Natoth's traveling seekers. After speaking with Nander, Erin took him with him to Jaquan (THE merchant port in the south of the Empire). From here, Nander boarded a MerkÅr windship taking him straight to the island.
Once on the island, Nander journeyed south with Erin to the Wizard's tower to be met by Sammael, the keeper of Natoth's householde. At this point, the narrative switches into present tense experience.
Sammael will escort Nander to Natoth's study. The study is suitably impressive, although a bit of a let down from what rumors have always said. Natoth will greet Nander and will give him a message to deliver to Qazi, the native high-priest of the island. There, Nander will be tested. Natoth will provide an escort, a young native named Mynbasa. Qazi can be found at the shrine on the south end of the island, a two-hour walk. Mynbasa knows the way and the path through the forest is well marked. There will be no problems.
At the shrine Nander will face his test. Qazi will lead him to a trio of stone-arches (small, medium, and large) in the center of the shrine. He will be told to prepare his heart and mind and then to enter the small arch. He is only to enter the small arch as only disaster will result if he enters any other.
Once he enters the arch, Nander will encounter a blackness for a few moments. Shortly he will be met by a wizened old man with a staff. This fellow will announce to Nander that he is the guide to this place and to follow him. He will say nothing more. The guide will then lead Nander through a series of experiences that will feel real; they are defined by the following questions. As he makes his choices an arch (the same as the one he entered) will apear before him leading him to the next experience, until all have been answered and the final arch appears. He will return to

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